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O-0: Atom


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Atom King, a person with an abnormally high endurance, yet low strength. Sadly for him, his life was cut short, although for a cause that was deplorable. How will he feel waking up in a new time, with a completely different mentality? How will he feel when he realizes this world defies all types of physics he thought to once be true? How will he feel when it becomes clear that the only way to not live life like prey, is to become the predator? Read along, and you might find out. ___ This novel was made when I got interested in things like scps, but I was too lazy to research and read up on stuff. Instead of doing all that extra work, like the lazy person I am, I decided to create my own verse, with different classifications, powers, beings, etc. You'll probably find similarities with the scp stuff, but everything that is used in this novel is purely from my imagination! ___ Ps: I really don't even know much about scps besides for the scarlet king and 999... I don't even understand the danger classes or anything else... ___ Extra Ps: I'll probably post pictures for people and places, and those might end up being pictures of scps!


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