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I want to run away. I love my mom but I don't want to be around her boyfriend anymore. He's mean and she's been taking out her anger and frustration on me. I want to go away where they can't find me anymore.

If they can't find me they can't be angry with me, but I don't want to be alone. I know I can leave but I don't know that I can protect myself. Having money isn't always everything. If I run right now I'll have to get a new job a few villages over or maybe go to the capital, I haven't really thought out where I'd go or how I'll get there. I just have known I can go if I need to. I won't end up like my older brother. Maybe that's what I'll do if I run, make it to the capital or a big town that has a guild. Then I could try and find work there since they would need translators and maybe I could find someone there to teach me to fight or how to use a sword and shoot a bow. Then I can hire someone to find my brother. Mom never said who they sold him off to, but I can use what information I have about how he looks and what region he's likely in to find him since I'm sure it's a noble who lives somewhere near our home town. Mom doesn't have enough money to go find someone far away to buy him.. I know he's 13 now since he was 3 years older than me. I don't remember his birthday so maybe he's 14 already but that she should still be close enough that he could be found. Whoever bought him did it 3 years ago about a month before he turned 11.

My brother was smart and remember everything he learned. He was also super strong and athletic or his age so it wouldn't surprise me if he was bought to become a knight or guard.

That's what I should do. I could take a carriage to the capital or just ride a horse the entire way there. After all I can buy a good bread horse for 50 silver.


Horses and live stock are less expensive than most books. Dogs and cats are also relatively the same price as simply book about our empire. Feed for a horse for a month is only 20 coins. Still most commoners can't afford to buy them. But some commoners buy horses and then start breeding and sell them to nobles. During the world war that sent everything back to the old hierarchy a lot of technology was lost including that for transportation and computers and internet. With the loss of computers and internet there was no longer instructions left to build things such as cars since it was all online. There was no paper copy and most cars were destroyed during battles. Those that weren't didn't work and weren't fixable so they were soon destroyed. That's the official story but in order to take power the people who are consider nobles got ride of the advantages that people would have over them. They own business and everything is done by hand to keep commoners at bay, so most electricity and things of that nature have been destroyed. Keeping things hand made also makes it so there are more injuries and deaths on job sites which help keep the commoner population down and in check.


It would be a long trip the capital though. One of the people at the mail office said it takes 2 weeks of riding to get to the capital. I'm not really sure what other towns are big enough that they have guilds though. The closest one is likely in the Duke of Cornwall's territory. They are the second largest town just smaller than the capital. After that it goes the Duke of Devonshire, Duke of Bedford, than finally the Duke of Norfolk. The Duke of Norfolk holed territory in the north which is the coldest part of our kingdom where the Duke of Cornwall territory is in the south and is the warmest of the territories. Duke of Bedford territory is in the west and the Duke of Devonshire is in the east.

It's broken down pretty easily the Cornwalls have a white stag as there crest as they have the most profitable farming lands. The Bedfords have the eagle as there crest, and have the profitable land when it comes to cattle. The Devonshires have the black panther as there crest and have the best hunting ground. The Norfolk have the blue wolf and the most profitable mines. Which is why the wolf is blue, due to the stones found there where as the stag is white due to the amount of sugar they grow. The panther is black due to all the hunting in the area. I don't truly understand the eagle part but it's also the only one who doesn't have a specific color. Our kingdom is very specific about most things but I believe the the Bedford were probably the least help during the take over, they didn't get bad lands but they also didn't get great lands. It meant that didn't have to much power to start off with so the king could keep them near and they would know that all they had was due to him. Enough time has passed since then that it simply doesn't matter much to them anymore. They still have there loyalty to the crown but they aren't as dependent on them as they used to be.

Although all of the Dukedoms all have a capital of there own Cornwall's or Devonshire are the easiest to get into since they run more off trade then the other two. All rely on trade but those two are better know for it due to tourism, making it easier to find a room to rent. It could also be easier for finding work as a translator. Although it's going to be hard to find someone to hire me since I am only an 11 year old girl. I also stand out a lot from others.

Most people in our country have light brown or blond hair, but my hair is black. I have a rare disorder. It's called Alexandria genesis, it's a rare mutation. It makes it so I can't grow pubic hair so aside from the hair on my head and my eye brows, in my ears and my nose which are all necessary for an evolutionary purpose I won't grown hair anywhere else no matter how old I get. It also turns your eyes into a shade of purple. I was born with gray eyes which a person with black hair and gray eyes only happens to 1 in every 150 thousand people. Unlike normal kids when I hit puberty in the next year or so my eyes will darken even more and become dark purple or a dark violet. It makes me stand out in a crowd since most people don't have purple eyes or jet black hair. My brother was also born with black hair but he has black hair and grey eyes. I don't like being so different from everyone it always made it so I don't make friends at school since I look different. Some of the other kids call me a witch. That's fine since I don't pay attention to them or want to be there friends anyways. It'll also make it easy for someone to find me or my brother. Since black hair is so uncommon it'll make it even easier to have someone from a guild try and track him down.

The only good thing about my purple eyes is that I can see better in the dark my eyes are a little more sensitive to light so at night even the smallest amounts of light are enough to see the entire area I'm in as if it was the day time. My eyes aren't that sensitive to where I am blinded by light during the day. I get the best of both world sometimes if the sun is to bring I'll get a small headache but nothing that's ever bad. That's just the way things go.

I sometimes wonder if my brother removers what I looks liked or if he has an imagine in his head about how I would look now. If he ever tried to find me or if he's able to even try and find me.

My mother just didn't care enough to worry about where my brother was going or what he would be doing. I have only heard a little about our father and that was that he was a good man. I guess he was a knight, he died in battle though which is why my mother has to work so much. She despised me and my brother for a long time I remember her getting mad and saying if only we weren't born then she wouldn't have to live like this. She could go be a nobles mistress. She wasn't wrong. She is very beautiful even though she is 28. She's still skinny and looks as if she is 20. She has blonde hair and blue gray eyes. I have a picture of my father, my gramma gave to me. He had dark blue eyes that almost appeared black, and her black hair just like me, he was in very good shape. He had a uniform on but no seal to signify what house he was a knight for on in the picture. His uniform was black and blue with golden accents. He likely was a knight for noble house that was a vassal for either the Duke of Norfolk or the Duke of Devonshire.

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Vassals are appointed nobles who help the Dukes rule over there territory since its vast. Dukes usually appoint a 2 Marquess, 3-4 Viscounts, and 4-5 Barons. As notice the Marquess is the second highest position right underneath the Duke, the smaller the amount of people there are of each group the more limited it is, which also plays into the amount of power they hold. Since each Duke needs help ruling over his territory he chooses 9-11 others to be his vassals and give them an estate and land to rule over within his territory. They also help advise the Duke and duchess on matters that may effect the territory such as raising taxes or fixing roads. No matter how long your family has been in the position you can be replaced if you do something that upsets the Duke. Within the territory of the Duke he can prosecute any noble that he has and he can choose to simply strip them of there title and land or he can choose to execute them. The Duke is the judge and jury when it comes to anything in his land. He can't prosecute a noble from another territory though. He can have them arrest and escorted to another Duke and inform them of what he wishes to happen along with the crime and the other Duke can punish his noble himself. A Duke also can't punish another Duke, that is something that is taken to the imperial pale fr and left up to the king or crown prince. Also to start a territory war over a problem you have to have the king/ empires permission.


Everything is designed a certain way for a reason. My mother feel in love with my father and for that she married for love. When she should of married for money. Now she has children and no commoner will take a women and her children and support them, so although she's beautiful she is simply left with what she can get. She doesn't want to be alone and so she has her boyfriend who's a piece of shit, where if she hadn't given birth to us she could of already been remarried to a man who could provide and take care of her. She wouldn't be experiencing all this hardship.