9 Splitting the Team

York still doesn't know what's going on. She doesn't feel like Shipman got shot but here she is with the others in a hospital. When she chose this job, she thought she would be relatively safe. Just one day and one kill. She was okay with her arm being shattered, but this wasn't okay.

She had plenty of ideas of who's fault it is for this. Null, the soldier that shot her, and Booth. They could've just dropped Null high out of the helicopter, she thought, but instead they had to do it flashy. Looking at Booth in the waiting room, York sees him just sitting there, sleeping. This must be some kind of apathy for the potential death of her friend, she thought.

York couldn't think of the idea of not having Belle with her. Belle helped her get a job when she was at her worst. She was someone who seemed to care for her. Booth was arrogant and Maria seemed to just only care about murdering Null. They shared each other's names and talked about where they came from. Shipman was the best member and now they might lose her.

"Maria Katarzyna?" a Doctor with a name tag that says "Dr. Pakiki" on it.

Booth, Maria and York get up, and follow the doctor.

"It seems that she had been shot in the pelvis." Dr. Pakiki tells them while walking with them down a hall.

"Hoh," York sarcastically says. "Tot sey ust ad a flue!"

"Well," Dr. Pakiki tries to ignore her. "Miss Shipman is alive, but only barely. I wouldn't suspect her to gain any sort of consciousness anytime soon. Still, very lucky and we'll try our best to keep her well."

"Well," Maria awkwardly says. "Can we see her?"

"Sure." Dr. Pakiki nods. "First I need to know what relations you had with Miss Shipman. It's for safety reasons."

While Maria thinks, Booth butts in. "Co-workers, Maria here's our boss."

York grumbles something incoherent as Dr. Pakiki writes something down and points toward a door. The group enters the room.

York looks at a cot and sees Shipman without even noticing another doctor next to the cot. Shipman has a blanket covering the area where she got shot. She has a strange tube going into her face.

York was used to seeing bodies, but this was different. Shipman was alive and well just a couple days ago, talking about her time in the Australian Department of Defence. Now, Shipman looks like a husk. While the heart rate monitor says Shipman is alive, York still is scared. Scared, sad, confused, and angry.

York breaks down into tears as this unknown mesh of feelings overwhelm her.

"Shipman's alive, cool, cool." Booth arrogantly interrupts. "If you can EXCUSE ME, I have a radar to check."

"T...his... his es uor ult!" York struggles to stand up, tears and snot running down her face. "TIS AAS UOR ODEO!"

"Look Pork," Booth insults York. "Number one, I feel bad for Shipman, she didn't deserve this. This is why we need to find Null and make sure It hurts nobody else." Maria nods. "Number two," Booth continues. "I have no damn idea what you are saying, get some speech therapy next time you break down. Last, what I think you're saying is that it's my fault for this, and that is wrong on so many levels."

"Okay, Booth I think that's enoug-" Maria tries to stop him.

"I got brain damage because YOU wanted to save some idiot king. You don't see me breaking down because of my newly acquired narcolepsy! NOW that your girlfriend gets grazed by some buckshot, it's a BIG DEAL!"

"Booth!" Maria shouts at Booth. "Booth, York and Shipman were close. I know you got hurt as well, but I don't think York should come with us." Maria turns to the emotional british mess known as York. "York, if you want to stay with Shipman, you can. Me and Booth will go by ourselves."

"T...hank...s" York mutters while wiping away her tears.

Booth and Maria walk out of the room, leaving York alone with Shipman.

"Why they hell did you say that?!" Maria berates Booth. "That didn't help us with Null at all!"

"Null is heading east, but it's too soon to know where he's going." Booth ignores her. "You want to destroy this monster, now's the time."

Maria took a look at the tracker and saw that Null had already started to leave South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

"Why can't they just bomb Null?!" She asks, this was more interesting to her than York's problems.

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"I think that breaks some sort of international law on destroying foreign territory or international territory." He continues to distract her. "I do know, however, our friends from the UK caught some people who were conversing with Null. They'll tell us when they get new in-"

Booth gets a message from an anonymous source. He takes a look at it and it says.


"Well speak of the devil." Booth says to himself.

"Murphy, did you get the milk?" Booth texts back to the number.

"New Zealand" Murphy replies.

"Thanks." booth texts back one last time.

"Null's heading to New Zealand." Booth looks back up at Maria.

"All right then, let's go!" Maria dashes off in a rush.

"Hold on..." Booth takes out his phone and texts the number back. "Which island?" He asks Murphy.

"Huh," Murphy replied. "I guess we should have asked that BEFORE we executed them."

"You idiot." Booth texted back before turning off his phone. "Well, it seems that we have no clue. We are going to have to guess." Booth tells Maria.

"We aren't going to find him, are we?" Maria loses hope.

"We are just going to have to hope Null's at one of the main islands." Booth plans. "I'll go to the north island and you can go to th-"

"No!" Maria stares aggressively at him. "Your plans got us to lose half of our team. I'm going North, you're going south! We are also taking a boat."

"Wh-" Booth tries to ask.

"Because we are going with my plan now!" She interrupts him. "Also, we could sneak weapons past the border. Now let's go!"

The two of them head to a nearby harbor before a helicopter arrives. Someone with the Union Jack on their uniform tells them to hop in.

"You were really planning on taking about from the Falklands to New Zealand?" The pilot laughs.

"Wha- What?!" Booth stutters. "Did you... That's my personal infor- How long?"

"Calm down," The Pilot slowly stops laughing. "We were told to keep tabs on the strange foreigners that are taking on someone we never fought prior. I saw that conversation and I was in the area, sooo."

"Whatever!" Booth flushes. "You know where to take us, so if you aren't taking us anywhere, you can leave!"

"You got it!" The pilot chuckles..

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