4 God Save The King

"Dooblin, locks as creppie as I remenberg." York says to Shipman as they exit the airport. It was a long flight, but they made it. "I don ce wyh Da Kang wood wan a even vist a sitehol like dis." York continues, still shaking her cast, hitting it on a rail, then holding it.

"Well this place isn't that bad," Shipman says. She's a little jittery after the flight, but also that fact that they have to come into contact with Null in just a few days. "I've been to New York."

The two talked to each other on their way to the Oscar Wilde Hotel. It had been a few months since the attack in Rio. Most countries consider the fact that the attack was such a good amount of time ago that Null was taken care of.

The Darecays are not as excited to confront Null again. York's arm is still in pieces, but they are planning on getting it cut off and replaced if things don't get better. York is still more confident than Shipman about the confrontation. Shipman was dreading meeting Null again, even trying to get York to stay in brazil. She knows that Null broke York's arm into millions of pieces, and she can't make a compromise anymore.

As the two make it to the apartment, they can see Maria waiting outside, reading Sallow's Journal. She looked tired. As she saw the two, she waved.

"York, I'm surprised you wanted to come all the way over to Ireland." she sleepily mumbled.

"Well, odar dan da facd dat I 'ave to pay dae 'ospital bill, I want reveng'." York claims, shaking her non-broken left hand.

"Oh yeah," Maria awkwardly said. "after Null is killed."

All three of them stood there awkwardly for a good twenty seconds.

"Let's just go to the rooms." Maria says, breaking the silence.

They head up the elevator and are shown their rooms and then go to the hotel's restaurant to talk about the plan Maria has.

"Operation Wino ziemniaczane." Maria exclaimed proudly. "Now I don't actually have a plan, but we can make one with the information we got about Null. We have 7 days to think of something."

Before she could continue, a waiter arrived. They were finely dressed. And handed over a menu to all three of them, without saying anything. Then they just left. Shipman thought that the waiter looked like someone that they have seen before.

"Anyways," Maria continued. "We know that they call themselves 'Null', they seem to be attracted to places that have a high density of people, and they can transform into different people."

"I saw dat Ull 'ude can me wit a wach." York added.

"Ok, that might be how they transform." Maria theroized.

Shipman didn't really want to have a plan now, she knew she could make one while they enact it. She wanted to divert the conversation to something else.

"Where's Booth?" She asked.

"He has been sleeping all day and up all night" Maria responded.

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They continued to plan the operation, during which the waiter came back with a notebook, and stared at them. Everyone ordered something except Maria, Who just ordered coffee. After a couple hours, they headed toward their separate apartments. Before York entered her room, Maria had to tell her something.

"Hey!" Maria whisper shouted. "I want to say something I did have time to earlier," York turned around to listen. "I don't think you should go out and hunt," She continued. "I'll be taking over for you, you will stay here."

"'Kay den" York responds. "Will I still be paid?"

"If we take Null out," Maria sighs. "Of course.."

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