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Read NOW LICENSED UNDER POPINK novel written by the author Blackpaint on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering vampire, sliceoflife, superstar, lovetriangle, showbiz. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved



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Very Interesting!! The concept of indulging boy's band and Vampire is a unique concept.The emotions the FL felt were well described. All the characters are well characterized too and a balance was maintained, while describing each one of them. Keep Going!! Waiting for the next chapters!!!


Well, Well Well! I'm really interested by the story and waiting for more !! So I just read all the chapters available and so far the story is really good! Story development: The pace is good! since the first chapter the reader is immersed in the story. I love the fact that the writer shows us what the story is about from the start and it made me want to know more!! Writing Quality: There are not many grammatical mistakes, Characters design: Well I already love all the boys. Waiting to discover more about them. Keep going!!!


Wait this was such a cute story 0.0 Writing Quality (4.5/5): Everything is easy to understand. And while there are issues with compound sentences (there should be a comma before and if it connects two independent sentences) as well as with tenses, I just wanted to pump this up to a 5 because of how much I enjoyed the story. Story Development (5/5): I love how easy the plot is to read! But saying that, I just wanted to say that it was definitely a page turner ^-^ There's pretty speedy developments that keep you on the tip of your toes, but it's not fast to the point where you're going like what did I miss Character Design (5/5): Ahahah my favorite part tbh. Each and every one of them is so distinct, and I love how their actions (subtle ones too) and their dialogues reflect that. I think my favorite is Rain but shhh World Background (5/5): Realistic yet fantasy-like, the perfect combo Good luck with the story, and I'll wait for the new updates ^-^ I think it has a place to stay in my library


Hello people. I'm the author of this story. I hope you liked this book. Don't forget to add it in your library so you can get the latest updates. The updates will be up more regularly in the future. Please don't be shy in voicing out your thoughts , I don't bite at all (unlike the boys of this story😏). If you want to, you could also vote hehe. This is one of my favorite story out of the ones I've done so far so I would be happy of you give love on this book (。・ω・。)


The book is a page Turner, keeps the reader on the edge and wanting more, I like the main female character Arete , 😁 And am also a vampire fan girl, the world building is a bit off but nothing the author can't fix, it's a great book well done author 🥰.


Yay! I love this book! I don't usually read boyband fiction but this one is definitely fresh and fun with the vampire twist! The writer has great flow and writing quality! It makes reading the story really easy and fun, even the characters are very relatable! I'm sad there are only 4 chapters! I'm going to add it to my library and come back to it when it has more chapters! The only thing I would recommend changing, is the cover for the story. When I saw it at first I assumed the story was horror or thriller and I wasn't sure if I would like it. But the story is not like that, I was wrong though when I started reading it! Good job Author keep it up!


Whoa, author, I'm beyond impressed! I thought I would read four or five chapters, but heaven I could not stop. I wish there were more chapters! I'm really going to keep reading it. It's really interesting! Good job, author!


This novel is pretty cool, I'm a sucker for vampires lol no pun intended. Being obsessed with a boyband group myself I can easily fit myself into Arete's shoes. There are a few grammatical errors here and there but this quality of the novel outshines all its flaws. A book worth a read 👍


Okay, we have a famous boyband here with a twist that they are actually vampires! Cool! I love vampire novels and it's not your usual vampire romance that you usually read. I want more of this novel! ^_^ No issues for writing and it's understandable for me. Keep up the work, author! ^_^


Overall : the story was great and the plot seemed interesting with the famous vampires. The story flow was fine and the paragraph sentences, some were long and some were just fine, well it might be just me but it’s okay! Writing quality : the story had little to no mistakes in the story! Updating : the updates I would say stable and on track as now it only has 5 chapters and I hope for more~! Characters : the characters seemed unique and interesting. Arete, a girl who can’t be compelled by any vampires and seems immune to them. The vampire boys, I can’t wait to see how the characters in the story develop as it goes on! World background : There wasn’t any much descriptions and details about the world background(?) but so far it seems like a modern vampire and human story! My thoughts : this story intrigued me, the story seems relatively new since it only has 5 chapters but the chapters were great! Though I really hope to see more of the story~! Hope you keep up the good work and good job author!! ✨✨


Excited to read more. Boyband + vampires= awesome hotness. Really looking forward to the character interactions between the idol vampires and their manager. Keep up the good work author.


Vampire and love. A tale as old as time. Here, it’s been made one for the ages. Amazing characters, A slightly new spin. And a female lead you just know is in for a wild ride she could not have expected. That’s part of what makes it so compelling. A very well written story. A fun story. Well done author.


Your work is the third time I'm reading a romance this month. Most romance usually doesn't hook me but this one did. And I also do like the vampire angle. Also when I review writing quality I usually look at the dialogue and whether or not it feels natural, so I will give you a kudos there, a 5/5 in writing quality.


Eh? Only ten chapters? And it is this interesting?? Author! I am waiting for more! I can't wait to see what else will happen. This is such a unique and intriguing concept!


I really liked the story. Narration is very well done! Every member in GALAXY have a distinct characteristics which was honestly pretty enjoyable to read. I also liked how the story moves with a certain pace and doesn't feel too fast. But I do think Arete's character needs more exposure! Other than that I really liked reading this novel. As there is only 8 chapters now, I'll be eagerly waiting on the future chapters. KEEP IT UP AUTHOR!


AWESOME !! Giving five stars to novel, Would have given ten if there were. Tstory is amazing with twists and keeps reader engaged. I read three chapters and then i was in !! keep up the work, Author!![img=update]


Great story and have a rather unique concept. Vampires being boy band stars is something that you would never think of. So, it was interesting reading about them. And I liked the fact that all the characters had their back stories. Writing style is great, precise, cut to the chase, and that's what I like most. The only problem is the stability of updates. I hope author would update more chapter faster, like chapter a day or two. Beside that, I liked everything. Keep up author.


I don't usually give high ratings of 4.8 stars, but this is an exception. I don't have anything to complain about... but the only reason this wasn't a 5 star is because the update rate is kinda slow. Give us more chapters! Keep it up, author-san, you're doing great.


Wow, such captivating work! The author had done a great job in writing this novel, everything from the characters to the writing style is nice and interesting.


I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and found the characteristics of them to be easily distinguishable. Just from reading them for a second and the way they talk, you can understand what kind of person they are. However, there is a problem with the formatting of the paragraphs and grammar used in this story. Even though it improves the longer the story goes along, the first chapter specifically suffers. Other than the formatting, I didn't find too many problems. Overall a good book.


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