1 why am i writing this.....(Coiling dragon

The reason for me doing this is cause im bored. lol think i will just write shit to this every once in a while cause why the fuck not, since school is so bloody boring and my Pc broken :( but its ok cause i read Web novel .I think im just gonna name books to read after this cause why not u know.

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So where will i start,hmm how bout Coiling dragon its cultivation novel with some medival Europeans aspects and its not premium since its basically stollen from wuxianovel.The story is about a young prodigy called Linley and his friend (that is a rat) called bebe . Their personalities go really well together with linley being very diligent and hard working whilst bebe is lazy and like to joke around. If i was to rate this novel out of 5 it would get a 4.36. but I might just be biased as this is one of the first novels i got into. But either way the novel is really good although at times things can get a bit boring as tis is one of those novels where the mc gets Op but for some of the arcs you have to wait a long time for it to happen and it feels like it was also rushed sometimes as well.I not gonna delve into much more about this novel in fear i may spoil some things but i'll say a little bit more. One of the aspects which i loved about the novel was how everything felt like it was planned from the start before being made rather than just making up stuff as they went along which in my experience has ruined alot of novels I've read . I'm not gonna lie though, because although everything felt like it was planned from the start, the end of the novel was still quite boring compared to the first half of the novel. Except for the last two chapters which summed up everything

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