2 I Am The Battle Pet!


Well, the trial read has a lot of novels about the pokemon like novels. But instead of pokemons they just say battle beasts/pet. Well, how about uno reverse?

- - - -


The MC is the battle pet instead! Trying to curry favor of his owner for cand- resources! Fighting for his owner! But what he is? Idk, a hamster? A dog? A dragon? Your choice.

- - - - -


Not too difficult, why not pick something similar to the battle pet novels you usually see? Of course the novel will go to a whole different direction because the MC simply isn't the trainer.

- - - - -

MC's background:

Well, the simple way is reincarnation, death by truck-kun.

- - - - -


Totally possible, at the end of the novel he will gain human form or he will gain a human form midway as you shuffle a romance triangle in it (Just don't fu*ck up the execution). As for harem? No. Just no.

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Add a system:

I want to say no, but having a system novel is easy to write, but please try without it.

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