6 6th Test : Red handed

She found her feet take her to an apartment building her legs started climbing the stairs and after a while she found herself stopping to door 27 and the door quickly open , throwing her inside and closing automatically and as she was about to erupt in anger she saw a ton of chocolates in the table she quickly tried to move near it but her legs won't move, it only sat her in the chair. She tried to reach it with her arms but as she was about to get on, she felt a cold aura envelope the room freezing her hand holding the chocolates, it last for a while until she heard a door closed. Continuing her action Li Qiaopi finally grabbed the whole bowl of chocolates and started eating. She put some chocolates in her pockets before she started eating hastily as if someone's chasing her.


The lights surprisingly turned on and Huang Jilong stood in front of Li Qiaopi. She caught her red handed , sitting at the opposite chair Huang Jilong looked at Li Qiaopi coldly.

"Who are you and why are you following me ?"

Huang Jilong asked as he stare at Li Qiaopi coldly. Caught off guard by the question Li Qiaopi started to tremble in fear 'How do I answer him, I can't say I'm on an exam right ?. What should I do LI QIAOPI YOU HAVE TO THINK' she kept squeezing her self for answers and an awkward silence started for quite a while.

"Im sent by the Jade town officers to accompany you " Li Qiaopi said while looking at her right and twitching her fingers. Listening to her answer Huang Jilong let out a long sigh. "Name" he said as if a command , Li Qiaopi quickly answered. Feeling her legs unfreeze Li Qiaopi thought that her lie was bought unfortunately.

"Follow me " the Ice King ordered her to follow him and it looks like he's going back to his family house.


'After taking Lan Keung to the hospital, I finally captured that chocolate thief ghost who flicker my head previously. I made her walk to my apartment that my dad arranged for me. I arrived in the apartment and she's eating chocolates again. '


'I said in a low voice but she only froze in place , and after a few minutes she still proceed in eating my chocolates while hastily storing some in her pocket. Why the hell is this ghost addicted to chocolates!!!.

'I made her follow me in the family house to make sure that this ghost is really clean. Ghosts who are asymptomatic are the worst they would be able to corrupt other ghost without them being one and this ghost had the guts to lie. Which is suspicious'

Huang Jilong once again controlled Li Qiaopi's legs when they rode to his house. He made Li Qiaopi sit behind his motorcycle before he drove. Arriving at the family house, all of the members sense Li Qiaopi's arrival except for Huang Jilong's dad since his dad married into the Huang family. Entering the front door Huang Nuan made her husband hide MeiMei in her room.

Arriving at the living room Li Qiaopi felt like there is a blizzard happening inside as she felt her frozen legs become more frozen along with her arms that now she can't move. 'Is this the power of exorcists and how could they be so good looking too ' Li Qiaopi admired their power and looks as stars started to twinkle in her eyes. Li Qiaopi still is still defenseless to beautiful things which made her forget her current situation.

Looking back at her, Huang Junhua tried to look at her thoroughly using her gift and she can confirm that this ghost is just a random ghost but what bothers her is that why would an F rank ghost be in the human world when corrupt ghosts are still wandering around.

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"Why are you here ?" Huang Junhua asked like a cold wind in the blizzard. Li Qiaopi snap out of her stars struck moment and repeated her answer. "THE TRUTH !" Huang Junhua stated as she looked at Li Qiaopi while un-freezing her. Li Qiaopi still refuses to answer the truth until. "A new mission have arrived" Mineki the white statue cat said , startling Li Qiaopi's making her hold at Huang Jilong whose sitting beside her.

Surprised her action Huang Jilong stood still in place. Huang Nuan sensing the approval of her little sister she quickly gave Li Qiaopi a warm smile "Did you ate yet ?" she asked making the previously star struck Li Qiaopi became awe struck at Huang Nuan's beautiful face.

As it turns out the mission Mineki was giving to the Huang's was to take care of Li Qiaopi in the whole year for she is under a mission and is in need of somewhere to stay Mineki explained to the Huang's.


In a dark room in front of a floor to ceiling window a man with curly hair stood while holding his wine. Watching the street lights in the city of Wisteria. Black fog started to rose from certain places as the man see them clearly in the window.



"Come in " the mans ludicrous voice sounded. Noticing the presence of the person the man started to raise a smile as his red piercing eyes started at what his men bought.

"Young master we have caught another new ghost" his men said as the crescent moon on their forehead reflected in the moonlight. Loud screams can be heard coming from the newly bought ghost as they become corrupted due to the conversion.

After that a voluminous woman emerge from the dark with her red pencil skirt and white coat. "Young Master " she seductively called while looking dispirited "Another one have failed " she said while trembling fearfully.


The wine glass that the young master was holding flew out in his hands and hit the wall inches away from the voluminous woman's face. The shards pierce some of her skin , but young master anger didn't dissipate until.


The voluminous woman head fall in the floor with her blood sprawling and staining the white carpet. "DIDN'T I TELL YOU THAT ONCE YOU FAIL IT WILL BE THE END !!" Young master shouted scaring the 15 people that is present in the room. Bending their knees and lowering their head they started to seek apology to young master.

"Young master we won't fail again and we will cure young miss body " they said in chorus earning the bloody glare from young master .