5 5TH Test : Red handed


Lan Keung screamed as Huang Jilong looked menacing at the female Horror Goddess. Another mission have been put out by Maneki for him to handle and by the looks of it, the ghost is a "K Rank ghost ". Ghost in the human world are ranked by letters 'A' For the highest and 'Z' for the lowest and as the ghost rank goes up so are their abilities to connect to the humans increase. But the thing that bother him the most about this ghost is how the heck did that Lan Keung guy happen to see her ?.

Using his paper dolls he ordered them to look for a crescent moon in the ghost body. This is what Huang Jilong least wish to see in a ghost for it is the sign of being corrupted. His paper dolls quickly dash behind the infatuated ghost as she kept licking Lan Keung, the paper dolls quickly climbed the back of the ghost until it disintegrated in a certain part of the ghost neck. 'She*t ' Huang Jilong cursed as he confirmed the ghost as a corrupted one.

On the other side of the storage room, Li Qiaopi stood near the window peeping at Huang Jilong. She noticed that after leaving the Huang's she have not completed the mission as her checklist set by Miao's book is not cross out. She noticed the female ghost looked back at her with her rotten and hideous smile arcing down as if she was angered by her action.

"HELP MEE !!! " the student quickly yelled while the female ghost looked away from him, attempting to escape he noticed a slippery consistency covered the whole floor. Making him slipped and crawl his way out. The female ghost noticed this quickly holding Lan Keung's waist with her arms. "Sweety where do you think you're going now ?" the ghost asked as he glance at Lan Keung lovingly.

Quickly Huang Jilong's paper dolls started to scatter around the female ghost making her alert. She looked back to Li Qiaopi as if she's about to attack her when.


Huang Jilong cut one of her arms that is holding Lan Keung. Looking at her arm lying on the floor the ghost quickly jumped back and put Lan Keung to sleep by her slimey consistency while covering his whole body with it. The female ghost turned her attention back to the fight "Lets continue " and with a quick dash as she was about to reach him a flickering light shot out from the window towards her making her lose her focus on Huang Jilong. With the turn out of events Huang Jilong quickly grabbed his sword uppercut slashing the ghost attempting to quickly finished her . But the ghost quickly side stepped to the left just enough for her to dodge his slash that only tiny hairs where cut. As if by prediction a small smirk started to emerge at Huang Jilong's face.

Quickly before the ghost could respond with a follow up, a wave of paper dolls covered her whole face sparking a crescent moon appeared in front of Huang Jilong. Slashing the ghost solar plexus the crescent moon began to crack until it became to pieces and completely disappear. White particles started to emerge as the ghost also started to disintegrate, her hideous appearance started to turn back to normal.

"Thank you "

The ghost said before disappearing to thin air as the slimey consistency also begin to disintegrate leaving only an unconscious Lan Keung in the floor. Meanwhile on the other way , after Li Qiaopi shoot a beam light she quickly regretted it as she felt the cold aura of Huang Jilong freezing her legs. She tried her best to break the ice but she can't seem to break it , she also tried to go through it but it also didn't work. 'WHY AM I THE ONE BEING CAPTURED WHEN IM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE TO CAPTURE HIM!!!' Li Qiaopi yelled her self.

Forced to watched the fight Li Qiaopi held her breath when Huang Jilong finished the ghost in front of him without breaking a sweat. 'Will I really fail this test , I DONT WANT TO FAIL WAHHHH ' Li Qiaopi cried as she saw the events unfold. Looking at Huang Jilong picking up the student she noticed the familiar face, 'Isn't that the guy who she copied in her 1st test !!!!' . Felling her back sweat to buckets 'Did he know what I've did ? Why are the examiners not responsible waahhhhh ' she cried internally again. She started to imagine the worst possible scenario of what Huang Jilong could do to her.

(*Strips one by one , he stripped them slowly but surely. The amazing scent of sweetness and cream inundated the whole room as Li Qiaopi was chained in the walls with tears streaming down her face as she look at Huang Jilong as if she was hurting by his action. "No please ..... No Stop..... Not there .... Please..... " She said while wetting her cheeks with tears as she felt pain in her chest. "Ahhhhh" she screamed as blood started to drip from her. She begged Huang Jilong once more as his chewing and licking could be heard over and over again . "PLEASE STOPPP ... PLEASEEE....." Li Qiaopi plead once again as she felt his cold hands grabbed her neck which is covered with chocolate. "Oh you want this ?" Huang Jilong asked while having a small knife pointing at her chest. Huang Jilong continued to eat her chocolate in front of her with such satisfaction "HUANG JILONG YOUUU DEMONNNNN ~ !!!")

Snapping out of her day dream she noticed she was not in school anymore and she found her own legs walking without control she tried stopping her legs but to no avail they can't be stop . 'Where I'm I going !!! ' she flushed in anger because of it 'WHO THE HELL FROZE MY LEGS AND CONTROL IT WHEN I PUT MY HANDS ON YOU I'LL SCARE YOU TO DEATH AGHHH !!?? 'she declared agitated.

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She found her feet take her to an apartment building her legs started climbing the stairs and after a while she found herself stopping to door 327 and the door quickly open , throwing her inside and closing automatically and as she was about to erupt in anger she saw a ton of chocolates in the table she quickly tried to move near it but her legs won't move , it only sat her in the chair. She tried to reach it with her arms but as she was about to get one , she felt a cold aura envelope the room freezing her hand holding the chocolates..

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