4 4TH Test : Red Handed

'Is this the end for us ' she asked the heavens mentally crying as she looked at the chocolates she have in her hands like its her lover 'Will it really end like this , will it really be the end ' An imaginary chocolate speak at Li Qiaopi's mind as if convincing her of not breaking up , putting her knuckle on her chest she imagine her tears have fallen as she quickly turn to look at Chocolate-kun , in a windy place she imagine her hair sway with the wind while looking at Chocolate-kun with a sadden face. "Good bye my love till we meet again " Li Qiaopi said out loud before disappearing to thin air leaving a flustered Huang Jilong.

A white and cold mist were left after Li Qiaopi left the room. Leaving a flustered Huang Jilong staring at the mist, 'Why are there candy wrappers in my bed '. *skkk skkk the small crack in his cabinet sounded as Huang Jilong turned his head and *smack A small hand flickered his fore head timingly after Huang Jilong looked at it "MISSION accomplished!" Li Qiaopi shouted before really leaving the Huang's House for real. Looking around him , Huang Jilong find him self randomly in his room. 'What's this , why are there candy wrappers in my bed ' he looked at it annoyingly as he kept remembering just how did he got there yet finding no memory of this .

"Brother!!!" a little girl shouted surprising Huang Jilong , the little girl whose not more than 5 years old with twin tails on quickly run to him and perk her little nose up and looks like she's smelling something. "Brother why does it smell like chocolates in here ? " she ask looking at his unfinished cleaning the little girl got shocked by how may candy his brother has eaten. 'Brother is a chocolate eating monster 'she thought quickly shielding her little bag that's full of chocolate candies. "Mei mei , your favorite show is on !" Huang Nuan her mother called. Quickly jumping off of her brother's lap , he looked at his brother and made a face saying your my 'how could you eat all of my chocolate friends'. "You'll never get my friendies(1) brother !!" Huang Meimei said before dashing off , leaving Huang Jilong with a worried look. 'What did she mean by that ' he thought as he started picking up the cartoon charactered candy wrappers.



In the all boys school of Huang Jilong Wisteria High School. Gym lights were still on as endless sounds of running and ball hitting could be heard the, school's volleyball club is still training even at this hour. Each members were covered with sweat with their t-shirt sticking to them due to it. The team practiced and practiced until the sky darken and stars started to peak when the coach announced to end that day's session.

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH !" the team chanted as the juniors of the club remained and started cleaning the gym. Lan Keung the aspiring junior player where assigned to take the equipment to the storage room and as he where about to finished putting all the things the only one left that is needed to storage is the net. Putting it in the cabinet Lan Keung started to feel a chill down his spine and he remembered the picture Rong Shuang sended last time. 'Sh*t , why did I think of that' quickly brushing it off and trying to be brave he quicken the pace of his walking in exiting the storage room until suddenly.


The door in the storage room quickly closed leaving only Lan Keung inside. "HELLO IS ANY ONE OUT THERE, OPEN THIS DOOR IMMEDIATELY!!!. ITS NOT FUNNY ! " he said as he kept knocking on the door, he tried to look for his phone but he forgot it in his bag.




Until he felt something touch his legs the hands were cold which made Lan Keung scream in terror. "AHH !" He felt his shirt being raised from the back and the cold hands softly touching his abs slowly climbing up. Which made him run away from his previous place. 'Sh*t , why can't I get out of here' "HELP! HELP !!! " He screamed agitated by his situation, Lan Keung grabed a bat from one of the shelves. 'I can't die like this ' he chanted as he heard a female voice coming from his previous position. Making him hide in terror.


"Sweety~ you can't hide from me" the female voice softly said as Lan Keung hid in the shelves.

Lan Keung is only left with 2 choice of escape its either he escaped to the door or to the window above the shelves.

'I can still feel her cold touch to my skin' Lan Keung said to his mind as he griped the bat tightly and slowly and silently trail the nearest window to him. Looking again to his previous place he did not saw the girl anymore. Quickly leaping to the shelf he felt something cold breath near his neck .



"Lan Keung your gonna leave me ?" the voice asked as if a damsel in distress.


'I intuitively hold my breath when I heard the voice called to me. I keep telling to my feet to move but I felt like my body is frozen in place '

" Lan Keung ~"

'The voice still called me making me wanted to call my mom, but I also can't move my lips. I don't know what's happening to me. I felt her cold tongue touch my ears when I found that I could move one of my arms, holding the place that she have licked I found my ear wet .'

'She kept calling my name until the voice got nearer and nearer to me. I find his voice became bigger and bigger '

* Bang

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Lan Keung fall from the shelf and as he found his body being as to move again he shockingly stared at the random white and smooth looking toes in front of him. Slowly looking up he found himself looking at a gentle beauty whose lips pressed together in a smile.

'WHAT A GODDESS, IS SHE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE THAT GOD SENT FROM ABOVE' Lan Keung thought as he looked at the maiden dazed until it talk.

"Lan Keung ~ "

Rotten teeth with blood stains with an obnoxious smell showed when the female goddess started to talk or so Lan Keung thought. As the female Horror Goddess smiled happily as she saw Lan Keung's broken face as if he was hit by a truck.She happily looked at her dinner as she started to hold both Lan Keungs hands and kabedon him.


Lan Keung screamed as Huang Jilong looked menacing at the female Horror Goddess.

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