3 3RD Exam: Good bye my love till we meet again

*Ring *Ring

*Ring *Ring

"Hello who is this ?" Huang Nuan answered the phone as she quickly grasp it after the 1st ring . A manly voice emerge at the end of the line as it answered Huang Nuan. "Honey , the business trip ended early than expected. Mei'er (1) wanted to go home quickly after a day at the amusement park , she played so much" Huang Jingyu answered his wife .

After listening at her husband whining and short stories of their daughter , Huang Nuan quickly left for the super market to prepare for dinner but before she left she suddenly stop at the staircase that lead to the house second floor, climbing up she felt a little eeri in the door facing at her , it was Huang Jilong's room . "Son ? " she quickly called but unfortunately there was no reply. As she is half way there .


As if by timing Huang Jilong finally arrived at the front door . "Son ! You're here ? Oh my " Huang Nuan quickly replied leaving the unclimbed stairs. Looking back she saw the door crack a little and felt like someone looked back at her sending a light chill to her spine and as she was about to summon her bonded spirits .

"Mom ?" Huang Jilong called again .

Quickly brushing it off , Huang Nuan just hope its not a corrupted spirit before putting it at the back of her mind .

On the other side of the door Li Qiaopi heaved a sigh of relief as if a storm had passed and she finally survived it . 'For a second there I thought I was gonna get found out ' she thought to her self. A light poofed in front of Li Qiaopi as Miao the golden cat appeared again this time he appeared while wearing a Hawaiian shirt. 'Wow ! , this cat really have a lot of time in his hands ' Li Qiaopi thought before listening to the feline.

"Miao~ , Your next mission is here . Gain any physical contact from the targeted human and the reward will be an additional month for the duration time of the test" Miao miao said before officially handing out the direction on how to have physical contact to a human 101. But what Miao didn't notice is that he gave the magazine that he was reading entitled 'How to seduce human girls 101' that is covered to disguise as 'How to have physical contact to a human 101 '. But Miao Miao wouldn't notice this until he get to Hawaii and find a girl there to use his learnings. 'Hawaiian girls here I come grrrr* ' Miao miao fantasized before leaving Li Qiaopi alone

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'Now its prepping time' . A small mischievous smirk emerges at Li Qiaopi's lips as she planed her first trial in making Huang Jilong scream in fear and also to get revenge for not leaving even a piece of chocolate behind'. Just you wait Huang Jilong hahahhaha ' , she laugh whole heartedly while thinking of her scheme .


Leaving the house at Huang Jilong's hands. Unlike his mother who's unable to sense any aura , Huang Jilong quickly felt the unidentified presence in the 2nd floor. 'How could this be , aunt's protective barrier can't be broken down easily' he question as he climbed the stairs slowly .

Corrupted or infected since young those are the types of ghost Huang Jilong encounter scaring him and traumatizing him to the core. Everyday he just wished that he wouldn't see them at all and there were times that he plan to blind himself because of the ugliness of his surroundings. Its either her aunt cleanse or exterminate them or him avoiding them with the help of her mom's spirit, but not all the time it can happen since bonded spirits can't be away of their master for too long . For a very long time this happened and at school he's been branded weird and crazy for the weird things he have been saying. Making him build walls around his heart and cold to the people outside his family, becoming an ice block void of any emotion. Until at the age of 8 when his great grandfather have returned. He assessed Huang Jilong's eyes and became surprised after his assessment. 'You have the luckiest eyes in the family , your eyes can see every light in the mist of the darkness ,your eyes will be able to find beauty in the dark '

Huang Jilong remembered his great grandfather's assessment on him having the luckiest eyes in the whole clan . As he approach his room he felt something tug at his heart , like a warm string that came out of his chest going inside his room . He stood outside of his door and remembered his mom's eyes who have a hince of worry before grabbing the knob . 'Its either I exterminate it or cleanse it .' He thought.


His whole room was covered in darkness even the light from his window can't be seen like all of the possible place for light to seep in is covered with this dark presence . But still Huang Jilong approach his room without any hesitation "Paper dolls of the Huang's I call thee , a holy summon is ordered to decree. I order you to answer me " Huang Jilong called , as a small light appeared at his hands and dolls started to emerge from every where absorbing the dark light that surrounds his room .

But as it was about to finish he once again felt his chest warm , and as if by cue he saw a crack at his dark and lonely world then there emerges a ink colored hair of a woman with hair reaching his floor seating at his bed facing him backwards . The red thread slowly crawled to the girl , 'I finally saw the light great grandfather' Huang Jilong said to himself for a split of 3 minutes his faced showed a soft and warm smile .Like a statue made for the gods .


After knowing from ' how to have physical contact to a human 101 ' . That humans tend to want someone to hold them when its dark . Li Qiaopi quickly set up this illusion of darkness that eats on humans fear although she didn't maximize its effect . Li Qiaopi still wanted that human Huang Jilong to get scared but not totally giving a traumatic experience since she still wanted to seek her revenge , and after him falling to her plan she would quickly hold him completing her 2nd mission .

But to her expectations, she didn't thought she would be one of the people who would be infected of the expectations vs reality syndrome . As she found a box full of chocolates in his bed .


The sweet smell of chocolate covered the room as chocolate wrappers were all over Huang Jilong's bed . Li Qiaopi felt a warm feeling at her chest as she thought it was just an effect of the chocolates fulfillment in his heart until . "I've found you,at last " Huang Jilong's cool yet warm voice sounded as he walk near Li Qiaopi while smiling. But due to his ice cold aura he looked like a walking danger .

'Why is he smiling so menacing 'Li Qiaopi thought as he look at him like a maid caught stealing .

'Is this the end for us ' she asked the heavens mentally crying as she looked at the chocolates she have in her hands like its her lover 'Will it really end like this , will it really be the end ' An imaginary chocolate speak at Li Qiaopi's mind as if convincing her of not breaking up , putting her knuckle on her chest she imagine her tears have fallen as she quickly turn to look at Chocolate-kun , in a windy place she imagine her hair sway with the wind while looking at Chocolate-kun with a sadden face. "Good bye my love till we meet again " Li Qiaopi said out loud before disappearing to thin air leaving a flustered Huang Jilong.

(1) Mie'er - Er' is the pinyin for the word '兒' (simplified, '儿'), meaning 'child'. As such, it is used as a diminutive marker; in a name, it is equivalent to the English '-y' or '-ie' ending, and used as a term of endearment.

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