2 2ND Exam :That is Huang Jilong!

Blessings are double edged swords it can be good but it can also be bad , yet in the peculiar house of the Huang's its always been bad luck. " A new mission have arrived, I repeat a new mission have arrived " the white cat statue said as he kept his paws moving downward and upward .

" Mission opened, Content: exterminate the corrupted spirit located at exactly latitude of 12°xx Z and longitude of 110 ° xx Y. Complete it 10,000 spirit coins will be minus to the debt of 100,245,789 spirit coins equals to 100,235,789. But fail it debt will be added of 10,000 spirit coins. " said the white cat with a cute voice but in contrast of his cute and energetic voice the people that he's giving the mission to, look like they're about to die . A pale and tired but good looking lady started to twitch her lips . Her hair going everywhere like she didn't have time to brush them . "Understood, Maneki (1) give me the proper address" Huang Junhua replied, with a cold voice while burning with rage .

"Junhua are you going out again?" Huang Nuan asked as she just put down their breakfast on the table while wearing a cute pinkish apron with a side pony tail executing a warm aura , she look at her little sister concerned. If only she was blessed to have exorcism abilities she would be able to help them. Abruptly standing up and leaving, Huang Jilong flamed more of his Aunt's anger "Im going too" he said, earning a cold and piercing stare from his aunt . This was supposed to be a great day as Huang Jilong got accepted as a transferee in his dream school while Huang Junhua is starting her first day on the job yet those mission simply crush their plan today and the previous mission just ruined her newly bought clothes. "Jilong go to school , I'll take care of it " Huang Junhua said as the two ice block members of the family coldly stare from each other not wanting to back down. Huang Nuan who's watching on the side line before was just beautifully smiling but after feeling the chill , a burst of annoyance made her open her eyes and exclude a much more terrifying aura than the 2that made her smack them.

*Bam *Bam

"Aren't the 2 of you underestimating me so much , even though I can't see ghost or can't sense their aura. I can still summon spirits you know, let me take care of it and just eat your breakfast and go to school. No one is allowed to have left overs on the plate or else " Huang Nuan said with hands on her hips after smacking both of their heads .

This problem of theirs was caused by their own childish grandfather. Although the family have its own blessing from the god of life and god of death , its members never really thought of abusing those blessings. One of the gods blessing is for all heirs to have the ability to cross between the spirits boundaries and for all the members to have a certain ability that could connect them to spirits. Yet after all those years of peacefulness without their grandfather, this happened he didn't even return back to the house after 10 years but also gained a huge debt in Jade town(2) .Now nobody knows whether he is right now all they know is that he's alive in the mirage realm (jade town) and having fun while they, the descendants are stuck on his debt , well even though they would want to beat that old man to a pump they can't do anything about it the old man is already 100 yrs old already he might as well enjoy his life , plus their other relatives are all in jade town so he might as well just stay there and live life .


Stepping on the platform once again , Li Qiaopi prepared for her 2nd test . "Li Qiaopi ,Li Qiaopi " Old man Ling Pei called her rushing before her . " Old man Pei , what can I do for you ?" she asked as Old man Pei opened a red box with a silver necklace in it with a simple string and a silver little flower hanging from it . "We want you to have this , my wife got it for you yesterday after knowing you passed the 1st test , the 2nd test will take a lot of time and you're gonna have to stay in the human world , we want you to wear this all the time its a protection charm from all the corrupted and infected along with the humans exorcism." Old man Pei said while tearing up a little at Li Qiaopi, making a face like his daughter is finally getting married look. After putting it on and saying her good bye form the old man she quickly entered the human realm and started her 2nd test .

"Test number 2 , get the fear of this person while following your test cat ,within a time limit of 1 year in human realm time or a week in jade time , exam taker 327 is allowed to morph or become human and is given official abilities of a F rank ghost temporarily. That is all Miss exam taker, here is the persons info and you may start your test now " said the examiner before poofing in to thin air .

Opening the folder , a white light started to seep out *Poof a golden cat appeared with his arm going upward and downward, "Hello exam taker 327 , your target host will be Huang Jilong , I repeat his name is Huang Jilong he is 19 years old and he has the ability to see ghost so be very careful his address is at #xxxxxx no.xXxX and to be efficient in finding him this is his portrait. And if you have further questions be free to ask me Miao. For this day mission you'll have to find him in 24 human hours if you fail, your 1 human year of scaring him will be reduce. That's all Miao , your time starts now " The golden cat said before disappearing, 'Sheet just when I thought its gonna be easy , that cat came and ruin it .Hayst I knew it this test are tricky ' she thought while mentally preparing her self she quickly memorized the little info that the cat left on the folder . Like all of his dislikes and etc . After a while she teleported to the 1st school near her and it turns out to be an all boys school . 'How will I be able to find him now sheeet ' she chant while feeling z little bit down at her mission. Starting early , she didn't lose the optimism that she had from the 1st exam .Going each and every classroom until lunch time hits .


Flocks of students started to walk out of their rooms scaring Li Qiopi as she quickly tried to avoid them,for she's scared that she might give them chills and violate a law.After the student avoiding madness, she found herself in the school's garden.

*Twitch *twitch

She started to smell something, something sweet and enticing . 'It can't be , it can't be ' she said to herself . Quickly following that scent, she found a student with large glasses eating chocolate under a tree . 'I knew it , its chocolate! .Its chocolate~ ' she felt proud at her right prediction. Walking near the guy she sat in front of him and look very closely at the chocolate that he have in his hand only, centimeter away literally .She was so close in the guy's face that her looks of drooling can be really funny. She watched the guy eat the chocolate little by little. Following his lips and his every bite, she started to lick her lips as she stare at him, it was a torture for her to watch. As if noticing her gaze the guy stood up and walk at the other side of the tree, leaving her with an annoyed face.

Sitting there Huang Jilong just can't get enough of the girls luscious stare that's why he left his previous position now sitting in the other side he just hope the girl wouldn't look at him like that again. Starting to read his book , he saw the girl approach him again but this time she didn't sat on the side of his but in between his legs that are parted . Since Huang Jilong covered his face he never really notice if until .

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*tack *tack

"Why do you read like that I wanna look at you , wahhh " Li Qiaopi said after knocking at the book with her finger . Hearing the sad yelp of the girl as if natural, Huang Jilong brought down the book a little and finally Li Qiaopi could see the chocolate that he's been eating, he bite it in his mouth like a lollipop yet Li Qiaopi still want to have it . She stared at him like a hungry woman that looks like she wanted to have *** , yet the infamous ice block seems like he can't notice her . Li Qiaopi started to use one of her abilities the cold wind, but it seems like the guy in front of her can't be affected and when all hope is lost she saw the man held out the chocolate and just when she was about to bite .

*Ring *Ring

Afternoon class starts . She stood there frozen , as if her soul life have been suck dry . 'He just eat the whole thing as a whole , HE ATE IT AS A WHOLE AND FINISHED!. How could it be like that he didn't left any behind ' she thought after witnessing the chocolate bar eating scene in front of her. Her face look like she'd seen something horrible. Minutes have past and Li Qiaopi still didn't move ,until *Poof "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED EXAM TAKER NUMBER 327 , YOU FINALLY LOCATED YOUR TARGET YEYYY " Miao announced, while looking at the lifeless Li Qiaopi . After hearing Miao's announcement, color started to return to Li Qiaopi's face smiling tenderly , " Ohh that's Huang Jilong " she said .

'Wait for me Huang Jilong I'll finally have my revenge . I'll get your scream and scare the hell out from you ' she thought .

"FOR CHOCOLATES " She shouted , surprising Miao. Li Qiaopi stood up and looked really mischievous before vanishing to thin air .But in the near off classroom the guy Li Qiaopi is staring at can't seem to forget her , 'Why did she look at me like that ? She is a little cute but still am I that , handsome for her to stare at me like that ' he said to himself while remembering her face , pushing it at the back of his mind .He started to pick up his focus back on the class .

(1)Maneki literally meaning "beckoning cat",figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.

(2)Jade Town a town between mortals and the after life.

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