10 Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

Being Confused

I woke up yawning as the sun rays entered from my window through the slight gap between my curtains and fell on my eyes. "What time is it?"I mumbled and raised my head to look at the clock kept at my nightstand.

4:01 A. M.

It read. I got down from my bed and walked to the window and pulled open the curtains. The sun rays entered my room as they marked the beginning of a new day. Birds chirping. Dew on the grass shining as bright as pearls when the rats fell on them. I smiled. Turned my back and walked towards the washroom. My hair was a perfect mess. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I walked into the shower. Warm water running on my skin, making me feel better with each passing moment.

Like washing the stress and tiredness off my body. After having the shower I wore my bathrobe and walked out of the shower and looked into my cupboard for some clothes. I found a knee-length black frock and a black demin jacket. I quickly dressed up in them and then did my hair and applied a bit of lipstick on my lips not too much just a little. I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Great now I just have to act all happy and act as if yesterday night never happened. I won't cry. I am strong.

I gave myself some prep talk as I walked out of my room after dressing up and went to prepare myself some breakfast. I quickly made scrambled eggs and some toast with a cup of coffee. I ate as fast as I could. Then I checked if I have switched off all the lights and the gas as soon as I found everything was alright. I walked out of my apartment and locked the door as I  started making my way towards the cafe.

I was on my way to the cafe when I saw Arena walking by me. She smiled at me and said, "Good Morning Diana." I too smiled at her and acknowledging her greeting I said, "Good morning Arena." Just as a sly smile covered her face and I new she was going to question me about something. Gossips.

"By the way yesterday night while I was passing by a young lad asked me for your address and he also had roses in his car. I wasn't able to see his face clearly but from the look of the car and his dressing sense he seemed pretty rich. Is he your boyfriend?" She asked me.

I knew it from that sly smile. She just needs some tea why don't you tell her he's your boyfriend. I bet her reaction would be worth it. My subconsciousness said.

No way. Shut up. You have became a lot corrupted. I said back." Diana I asked you if he was your boyfriend or not?" She repeated her question snapping her fingers in front of me. "Oh no not at all Arena. He's not my boyfriend just a nice man that helped me in trouble." I replied and before she could open her mouth to spit any other nonsense I said, "I should really get going. See you later Arena." She smiled at me and said, "Okay see ya." And we both started making our way towards our destination.

As I reached the cafe I walked inside changed the sign from closed to open and then went inside the kitchen to start my work. While I was kneading the dough. I heard the bell ring. I walked towards the basin washed my hands and walked out from the kitchen to the counter to see who had entered. It was Zayn.

"Good morning, boss." He said with a bright smile on his face as he raised his hand and saluted me.

"Zayn." I said glaring at him while crossing my hands over my chest.

"Okay. Sorry, no boss just Diana." Hr said raising his both his hands in defeat. I smiled at him and said good morning.

"Listen can you take over the counter, I will just finish baking the cake for Miss. Martin and brownies for Dakota." I asked him.

"No problem. I will handle it."He replied with a smile on his face. I smiled back. He sure is a sweet guy. I wonder when will he get a girlfriend.

I went back in the kitchen to finish my work. After two hours or so I finished everything up in the kitchen and went to check on Zayn. He was handing a cup of cappuccino to a girl.

Just then the bell rang again. I saw Dakota entering. I got a bit confused as she was early. I then saw her whole family coming in and sitting in the family section of the cafe. I was a bit confused. I looked at Zayn and he just shrugged. I made way to their table.

"Good Morning, everyone. What would you all like to have?" I asked them with a smile on my face.

They started looking at each other in shock, the person behind Amelia was about to say something but she pressed his hand lightly as she shook her head lightly at him. Then she turned her gaze towards me and said,"Ummm Diana can you sit with us?  We actually we wanted to talk to you." She had a sweet smile on her face.

Now I was more confused than ever. But then I compiled to her words and sat down on the empty seat next to Dakota's.

"Look Diana, I know you are confused but give us some time. Everything will make sense." Amelia said with a small smile on her face.

"Okay." I said returning her smile but I was still confused.

"Diana you know who we are or are background?" She asked looking me in the eye.

"No. Should I?" Why were they asking me this? Am I supposed to know about my customers background?

"Well then you have a lot coming up." She said looking at me with a smile of encouragement on her face . I looked at her with a confused expression not knowing what's coming up for me.


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