Nothing without You(On Hold) Book

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Nothing without You(On Hold)


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Blurb: How does it feel, when you can’t be who you are in front of others? How does it feel when you ask yourself who you are but you have no answer to give yourself? What do you think, when you can’t think of anything else but the but the anger and betrayal you’ve been through? What you speak, when you don’t have anything to say? What do you do, when you don’t know where to go? All these questions raised inside the mind of Diana but she wasn't the kind to suppress the questions her mind raises and so she went to seek her answers. To find her past. To find herself. An orphan becoming adopted, him becoming a billionaire. Woman at his feet. People there right at his whim to serve him. All of this would have been more than enough according to everyone else but then it wasn't about everyone else it was about him. He neither wanted money nor any other woman. He just wanted her. What toll will their life take when these two worlds clash together? Will they make it through or will they break apart? Find out.


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