709 Move On

Dear Readers, Fans and Friends,

We had been offered a contract to be featured on another platform and sadly to say, we would be leaving this writing platform for good. The continuation of this novel would be in Ringdom, a subsidiary of STARY and Dreame and frankly, the deal is too good to be passed up.

There would be promises of a wider audience and the three works of ours would be featured, starting from Quantum Leap Vol 1-7 (QL), Reincarnation of Audemars (ROA) and lastly 'Til Kingdom Comes - The Banished Prince (TKC).

Please do note that TKC would be separated into 2 works, one concentrating on the initial kingdom building while the other would be on the system that the MC had acquired after chapter 431.

We sincerely hope that those who had picked the novel up here would continue the storyline there as well. Thank you for your support and we hope to be able to meet there in Ringdom soon.