Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING] Book

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Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING]


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They say you can't force love, You'll most likely find it when you're not looking. Just like how the Fetridge's Law works. Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking. Most important things in life really do happen when we least expect and it has happened to me. Love found me when it was the last thing on earth I was searching for. But what if Love isn't everything we compare it to? What if love isn't roses that blossoms? What if love isn't a fairy tale that brings magic to our lives? What if love is not air that you never get tired of breathing? What if love isn't rivers, and oceans that flows without end? And that we're just swimming in seas of depthless metaphors? SEQUEL STARTED IN THIS VERY BOOK