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Not Your Average Female Lead


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***Put on hold*** A mafia heiress and an Abandoned daughter switched souls. "Do it right, you're not a commoner anymore!" "I can't believe I gave birth to you" "Your lucky to even be living here" "You can't even compare to your twin" These were just a few of the things Kathrine had to hear after being reunited with her parents. Being manipulated by her sister, publically humiliated, bullied, a disgrace in the eye of her parents, and even having her boyfriend stolen. "Nothing can get worse than thi-" "CRASH" Just had to jinx it "Well RIP Kathrine Faye but don't worry I'll get revenge for you." Courtneys lips turned upwards forming into a smirk saying those words. Infront of her was a human-sized mirror showing... KATHRINES BODY?! -Dominate the business world -Get revenge for Kathrine -Find who killed me -And most importantly find Love! "The ugly fatty is a beauty!?" "Yes she is our little princess" "I still love you, babe..." "My dear sister~~~~" Watch Courtney/Kathrine's life as it takes a 180 turn from zero to Hero(ine) Not your typical story where ML saves the FL 24/7 or his money overpowers her Nor is it an FL who can't get out of dangerous situations without princess charming ML: "You can't escape because I have money" FL: "Money? But I have that too! anything else that can convince me *wink?" This time it's not just a shameless ML but FL as well! 'I guess those novels came in handy!'


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