Not Your Average Female Lead
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Not Your Average Female Lead


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What is Not Your Average Female Lead

Not Your Average Female Lead is a popular web novel written by the author gnazbhullar, covering REINCARNATION, REVENGE, ROMANCE, CODING, HACKER, BADASSFEMALE, CEO COUPLE, MAFIA-MC, BUSINESS EMPIRE, ACTION-ADVENTURE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 5.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 1 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 4 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


***Put on hold*** A mafia heiress and an Abandoned daughter switched souls. "Do it right, you're not a commoner anymore!" "I can't believe I gave birth to you" "Your lucky to even be living here" "You can't even compare to your twin" These were just a few of the things Kathrine had to hear after being reunited with her parents. Being manipulated by her sister, publically humiliated, bullied, a disgrace in the eye of her parents, and even having her boyfriend stolen. "Nothing can get worse than thi-" "CRASH" Just had to jinx it "Well RIP Kathrine Faye but don't worry I'll get revenge for you." Courtneys lips turned upwards forming into a smirk saying those words. Infront of her was a human-sized mirror showing... KATHRINES BODY?! -Dominate the business world -Get revenge for Kathrine -Find who killed me -And most importantly find Love! "The ugly fatty is a beauty!?" "Yes she is our little princess" "I still love you, babe..." "My dear sister~~~~" Watch Courtney/Kathrine's life as it takes a 180 turn from zero to Hero(ine) Not your typical story where ML saves the FL 24/7 or his money overpowers her Nor is it an FL who can't get out of dangerous situations without princess charming ML: "You can't escape because I have money" FL: "Money? But I have that too! anything else that can convince me *wink?" This time it's not just a shameless ML but FL as well! 'I guess those novels came in handy!'

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Don't mind me I'm just a shameless author writing my self a review! Anyways, Hi! So I'm sick of those 'overbearing CEO' stories where they think they can by MC's love, so I'm making an MC who has either the same or more money than ML, she can basically do anything! This story includes, Laughter, betrayal, plot twists, action, and romance!


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