1 Chapter 1: Voices

Life's a bitch

So learn to fuck it.

I've lived my whole life doing that.

My childhood was a mess, that's all I could say to that. World war 3 started, and the world almost ended, The Governments collapsed, The world is still in disorder after WWIII. The consequences of the war make living for us much harder.

I don't blame anyone for what the fuck happened. So don't blame me for what I've become.

I've done atrocious deeds like plunder, ****, murder, and many other things.

I slightly felt guilty, to be honest. My father tried to raise me to be a good boy, but he died early.

I've become an orphan, wandering around until I got captured by some group.

They raised me, I never knew the exact reason why they keep me, but thanks to them, I lived and I learn how to survive this broken world.

I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. Food and Fuck, that's all I wanted. Unfortunately, The group encountered this human-like creature with speed and strength no ordinary human should have.

The group shattered and that creature hunted us down one by one.

The good news is that I survived. The bad news is that I'm all alone.

In this wretched world, I'm all alone. I wandered around, scouring for food and water. I improvise, adapt and overcome.

I fought many kinds of creatures, I learned their habits, strengths, and weaknesses. How did I survive? I find other groups. I slowly integrate myself and then betray them at the end. I did it a couple of times but it seems I can't find another group after the last.

Slowly but surely, I got tired of this world. Tired of fighting and running away, I could not find another group for a very long time, and I could not find food.

So I put a bullet in my head. It's better to die this way instead of being killed by those fuckers.

Finally, I could get some rest...


So, this is the after-life. Just black space, no Heaven nor Hell. I got no place to go but it seems ok.

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Just a tranquil place where I'm all alone. I can't feel anything, but I could still have my thoughts, weird, How can I?

Hmm, will I just wander around in this Black space forever? This place seems nice, but I'm not sure if I can keep my sanity in check.

I guess I'll slowly lose my mind in this dark space. That seems sucks. Loneliness and isolation could drive a man into madness, especially with a man without any end.

Maybe right now I'm still sane, but eventually, I will slowly lose myself in this darkness.

Good luck to me.


After a while in this darkness, I'm starting to have my weird thoughts.

Like, What was my favorite food? That would be a chicken, but unfortunately, Chickens are extremely hard to hunt and rare. I could die just from a single error if I hunted that delectable food. I heard that chicken before the post-apocalyptic is being domesticated, I could not imagine those terrifying creatures being domesticated for livestock.

Man, Life before the post-apocalyptic would be a paradise for me. I never got to fully experience it.


I don't know how much time has passed. Time doesn't really matter anymore.

God is real? If he is, does he really care about us, his creations? why did he leave us? Why did he let the world burn? why did he leave me alone in this dark space?

maybe God never cared about us? He never cared?!!!! If he did care about us!!! he'll never let us go into ruin!!!!


Is this my punishment? For my sinful deeds in the past?!

Is this place my Hell?

Is this my deepest fears I never knew? being left alone, nothing to do, nothing to feel, nothing to think.


"Hi hi hi, this is fucking boring?! "

"Shut the fuck up, will you?!"

"No, you shut up! Hahahahaha!"

"Fuck you, little bastard!"

"Yeah, Please fuck me! hahaha, You gay!"

"Damn, you little piece of shit!"

"This is enough! Mask! Wolf! both of you, shut up!"

"Jeez, Roach! both of you are no fun at all. The three of us are all alone in this forsaken dark space you know, tch! We are the Three lonely Musketeers!"

"Ok, Mask, Please, there will be time for playing later, but shut up for a minute!"

"I don't want to play to this annoying shit!"

"Come on Wolf! Does shit only go through your mouth?"

"What did you say, Roach!?"

"I am the original, so I should be the one in charge here!"

"Since, when are you in charge huh!?"

"You're not the original! I am! you fucking impostor!"

"I don't really know what to do..."


. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


What is it? I feel weird.

It's warm, what is this?

A light? where did this come from?

Maybe I should go there. Yes, I must do it!



"haaaaaaaaaah!" I opened my eyes and greedily sucked air.

I immediately tried to stand up but the pain is holding me down, so I just lie down.

Aaah! This feeling!? It's been a long time.

[damn, this feels good!] Mask suddenly said.

[Yeah, freaking good.] Wolf agreed.

I look at the sky and I'm petrified.

[My God, that's beautiful.] Mask suddenly comments and Wolf and I both agreed.

It was a clear beautiful blue sky, the clouds moving slowly, the winds brushing to my body and I felt extremely refreshed.

This feeling, I realized I just shed a tear. I cried not because of pain, I cried because of happiness. I don't know why, but I do feel happy.

My God, This feeling, Kyaaaa! Mask shrieked inside my head.

[Please, just shut up for once.] For a long time, Wolf finally has a sentence without a curse.

[Sorry.] Mask surprisingly apologize, Good things do change people.

"Alright guys, Let's just enjoy this." I murmured.

I ignored the pain and I slowly close my eyes. And then I succumb to slumber.


I feel my body being dragged. I opened my eyes and assessed my situation.

Currently, I am being dragged by a teen-age boy with a fur that covers his crotch, and a bone knife at his side. In front of the guy are another two people. one girl and one boy, maybe around the age of 15 or 17. They look young.

They are silent.

For some reason, I am not tied which is weird because if you capture someone, the first thing first is to tie them up. That's what I learned in the past.

I tried to look more to assess them. Their bodies are skinny and thin but the two boys definitely have some muscles, especially in the legs. They are fast runners, no doubt about that. The girl looks frail and she looks weak. All of them have furs to cover their private parts.

Hmm, I feel my skills are rusty. Fortunately, the pain in my body is gone. Which is extremely weird.

What should we do?" [Mask]

"Let's fucking kill them, even though we may be rusty. It shouldn't be too hard, [Wolf]

"I'm not sure, maybe they belong in a group and if we indeed kill them, they will surely search them and eventually finding us." I inwardly said.

"So what? What if they are cannibals and they will definitely eat us?! Why hesitate to kill them!? How in the hell did you become a pussy?!" [Wolf]

"Please don't jump into conclusion, Hawk, They haven't tied us up and maybe they don't mean any harm to us, and they are just teenagers." [Mask]

"Maybe but we are not sure. We can't afford to trust them. It's better to be safe than to get raped. You know you can't judge anyone by their appearance.[Wolf]

"Seriously Wolf, you are being so pessimistic and your mouth is still disgusting as usual." [Mask]

They continued to bicker around but

I think of my choices and possible outcomes, making a simple plan. After a while, I decided to act.

When my left leg is being dragged, I used my right foot to kick behind the knee of the teenager.

"Aaaah!" The boy groaned. He fell down backward and towards me. I use that opportunity to grab towards the bone knife he possessed. After taking the knife, I punched him on the temple.

"Ooh!" the boy gives another grunt. I immediately put away his body from me and stood up.

The other two heard the man's grunt, they were surprised, but the boy reacted.

With a spear in his hands, he thrust his stone spear. Instead of backing away, I went forward and slightly maneuvering my body to evade the spear. 'I need to close the distance.'

I grabbed the spear's body and pulled it towards me. The boy didn't react fast enough causing him to be pulled too.

Now the distance is close enough for me to give him a hook! Hitting his ear to disorient him! He immediately fell down.

The other woman just screamed while I beat her companions. 'Seriously, Instead of helping your companions or at least running away. You just stand there and screamed.'

"This bitch is stupid, Hahaha." [Wolf]

"Poor Girl, She'll definitely suffer if she doesn't toughen up." [Mask]

I looked at the two unconscious boys and towards the girl. She looked frightened and her knees are shaking.

I look at her now more clearly, She looks... pretty.

Enchanting round brown eyes, Her Face is pretty and her alluring lips. Her body is petite and those damn thighs. I want to taste it, I want to taste her. What a pity she's young and quite a little bit too thin. If she grows up and gains more meat, she'll definitely look a stunner. Unfortunately, I can't wait that long.

Dark thoughts started to cloud my mind and already started to imagine what things I would to her, What position I should take her. Hmmm!

I slowly walk towards her with a bone knife in hand. She looks terrified and she slowly tried to move backward, but she suddenly tripped and she yelped. I walked a little bit more faster and I stood up in front of her. I was supposed to hold her but my right hand stopped.

She looked at me straight in the eyes and I froze.

Those eyes,

I... What I am doing? What was I was supposed to do? What a scum I am. I never tried to change, did I? I've seen those eyes many times before and felt nothing, but why now?

My body got weak, and I felt mind searing pain assaulted me.

"AAAAAH!" I subconsciously held my head and fell into my knees.

I looked at the girl again, she wore a blank expression, and I lost my consciousness for the second time.

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