1 Road Trip To a New World

I quietly walked in the driveway. Geum Do Yeon, my best friend, was busy cleaning her car. Being a Doctor she is very neat and punctual. She wouldn't even let us eat packet food as it has something to makes us have diabetes. The two of us are best friends since we were 2, which means we have been friends for 30 years.

I am a Neurosurgeon. I am so proud of myself. Geum Do Yeon is a Cardiothorac Surgeon, who is often referred to as a Doctor send from Heaven. I am no less as well. I not bragging or anything but I have earned the nickname 'God's Doctor'.

I quietly sat next Doyeon. She didn't seem to notice me. To be honest the whole place could be burning up but she would be lost in her own world.

I poked her shoulder. She turned back and smiled widely. I thought she would be shocked or would scream but honestly she os way to calm. "When did you arrive?" she asked calmly. To be honest I have always been the loud one and she has been the calm one in our group. "Just now." I answered with a smile.

"Am I the first one to arrive?" I asked with a huge smile. I am always late in this kind of things, but I am punctual doctor. Today I decided to come early I hope I am not the last one to arrive.

"Nope you are the last one." She said bursting my hope bubble.

"Bora and Yinyin are at the store to buy some drinks and Riki is inside preparing food for the trip." She said.

Bora, Kim Bora. She is also our childhood friend. She is the Military General, Youngest Military General. When she was school she was soo good at fencing and archery. I always looked up at her.

Wang Yinyin, she was a transfer student at middle school. She is Chinese. When she first came to our class I adored her alot because she looked like those pretty Chinese doll. So that she could be my friend I acted like I know Chinese and spoke in an Alien Language with her thinking she doesn't know how to speak Korean, turns out she is fluent in Korean and I ended up embrassing not only me but Bora and Doyeon as well, even though I did that weird thing, she still became friends with me. She us currently a Apothecary. One who makes medicine.

Riko Akiyama. She is Japanese. We became friends as we went to same medical college. While making friends with her I didn't speak to her Alien language, she spoke to me in Alien languge thinking I was a Thai. We bonded over that a lot. She is a General Surgeon.

These girls are not only my friends but my sisters. They are family. Bora is in a 1 month vaccation due to which the 5 of us are goimg on a road trip to Busan. I know it is a long road trip but it'll be fun.

"Eun Bi!" Yinyin yelled as she walked in the driveway along with Bora. She ran and hugged me. "So good to see you!" she yelled while giving me a bear hug.

"Can't...Breath!" I managed to say. She let go of me and blushed a bit. "How you?" Bira asked and hugged me tightly. Okay! I realized one thing. My two friends are Bears.

I somehow managed to escape Bora's Bear hug but I think she dislocated all the joints in my body. I looked at Doyeon, "My joints were already dislocated 1 hour ago by the two bears." she replied. I started laughing at it, while Bora and Yinyin frowned

"Can you guess what we got at the Store?" Yinyin asked getting excited.

"What did you get at The Store?" Doyeon asked.

The two looked at each other and took out two cards from their pockets. "Oh wow!" I exclaimed, like I was surprised.

"Oh my God!" Doyeon played along with me.

"Wait!" I said and the two looked at me. "What is it?" I asked. The two frowned at us.

"This is a photo card of Henry and Oliver from the world famous Webnovel 'I LOVE YOU, I MEAN IT!'. Don't you know about it?" Bora asked us like as we were Aliens or someone who live under a rock.

"Webnovel? I LOVE YOU, I MEAN IT?" Doyeon asked. "No I haven't read it cause I need to do some useful not waste my time." She completed.

Bora and Yinyin frowned while I tried my best not to laugh. "It's a great book. It's a story about 5 princes. They are the crown Princes of a Great Emprie called Areandilina. The Emperor is so nice that he divided the Empire In 5 equal halves and crowned the 5 Princes as the empire and even when it was distributed into 5 equal halves the 5 halves are bigger that China." Bora said.

"Yeah and it sound so realistic." I answered being sarcastic.

"The first Prince, the Crown Prince of The Lilth Half. He is adopted but still the Emperor lives him equally as his other son, but the Prince is so cruel! He marries a nobel girl, who has been his lover her whole life but then another girl comes and he marries that girl and then someone accuses the first girl and he kills her and her family." Someone said from the back. The 4 of us looked and saw Riko with lunch boxes.

"Hey!" I yelled and went to hug her.

"I missed you." I said.

"I missed all of you."


So we are at the car for literally 10 hours, since we were bored Doyeon and I read I LOVE YOU I MEAN IT. All the 4 seasons. And I like it.

"I hate that Lucas!" Doyeon said furiously.

"Even we do it, but he has alot of fan base." Riko answered driving the car.

Riko was driving, I called shotgun and the 3 were back. This is why you need to have good reflex.

I turned back. "I really pity Adrian. Evelyn is the main lead but she called him A Demon and then chose someone else." I said to Bora and Yinyin.

"But at the end they end up together." Riko said happily. "I like Felix and Henry. Those knights are really nice." Bora said.

"But who are the 5 Angles of the Castillo House?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah! They were mentioned in Season 1 chapter 8. The 5 girls. The king said the 5 girls would be perfect for the 5 princes." Doyeon said. "Yeah. The triplets and twins. 3 sisters have silver hair that sparkles like crystals, and 2 hair blue as the ocean. They were said to be the prettiest maidens in the entire universe and even gods are jealous of their beauty." Bora recalled.

"Yeah. Even in the story Evelyn, Ji Su, all of the female protagonist who all were beautiful would be placed 2nd to the 5 of the girls." Yinyin said, "Even Sameul said to Abigail that she may be as pretty as 5 angels."

"Yeah! No one compared them as they are prettier that the 5 angel." Riko said.

"Sadly they were in the story for 2 chapters. They didn't even make a clear appearance." I said. Riko turned back, "Why would the author do such thing?" she asked.

"RIKO LOOK FRONT!" Doyeon screamed. She looked front a truck was there. Riko turned the car. The truck crashed but the car fliped. My head...


"Do you all want to live?" A faint voice woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked around. There was Riko, Yinyin, Bora and Doyeon as well but the surroundings. It looked like we were standing in water.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You all no more. Your soul has left your body and you can't go back." that faint voice said.

"What do you mean?" Riko asked.

"Means you are dead."

My eyes widened. I can't die yet. I am so young, I haven't so many things. I want to fall in love, marry, have kids.

"Since you 5 have saved many lives and got so many blessings. I shall give you a chance to live again. Best of Luck." The voice and a white light flashed blinding my eyes.


"Princess. Wake up." A soft voice said. I can't open my eyes.

"Wake Up or your brother will come to wake you." I opened my eyes. A girl who was absolutely elder to me with brown hair was there.

"Where Am I?" I asked.

"In your room." she asnwered.

"My room?" I asked confused.


"Which place am I in?"

"Are you fine Princess?" she asked worried.

"Could you just that question first." I said.

"Castillo household. Areandilina Empire."


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