Not Normal (Book 1)

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What is Not Normal (Book 1)

Read ‘Not Normal (Book 1)’ Online for Free, written by the author gracekettle08, This book is a Teen Novel, covering HARRYPOTTER Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Harry has been manipulated, lied to, stolen from. He's deciding whether to end his life or not, but will a certain blond...


Harry has been manipulated, lied to, stolen from. He's deciding whether to end his life or not, but will a certain blonde save him?

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My next action surprised not only him but myself. I shifted my seat closer to him, wrapped my hands around his neck, “Kiss me” *** Valerie was paid to keep a customer at the VIP area company, though she's only but a bartender. She agreed to it because she really needs the cash, especially since her mom is in comatose in the hospital bed. Christine Marciano is a multimillionaire. He agreed on an alliance to marry Anita for business collaboration.. Walking into one of his restaurants he was mesmerized by the beauty of a bartender and asked the manager to send her over to keep him company. She never planned to get drunk but she did and just in a blink she lost her virginity to a total stranger; Christine Marciano. But the last thing she expects is pregnancy,but before she knew it, she became pregnant for him. Christine Marciano offered her to move in with him and at first she was reluctant but circumstances made her agree to that. Simultaneously,their lives take a new turn when Anita, Christine's supposed fiancee returns to take her rightful position and Christine's family is hell-bent on sabotaging Valerie's relationship with their son not minding the fact that she's carrying their grandchild. But a mind blowing revelation left the entire family of Marciano in shock when they found out that Valerie is the heiress to their entire family empire. But then how is that even possible? Is there a story behind this mystery?

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"I AM NOT BELIEVING IT !!!! HE IS NOT A MURDERER....MY ANGEL !!! HE IS NOT A MURDERER!!!!!", Tears stained the woman's cloth .... Her hair is a mess, her whole condition is a mess.... Crying and kneeling in front of the big black mansion .... screaming and yelling like a mad man ... yet no one noticed her .... "SISTER RIEL !!!!", an eleven years old boy looking at the figure while trying to escape through the crowds that has been holding him down .... The villagers tied him on a wood pole with flames of burning fire underneath it ... The boy that once just a living 'doll' is currently facing a dead that will never come ... "LOOK! THIS IS A DEMON CHILD! A CURSE FROM THE BRYANS ..... AND TODAY THIS CHILD WILL BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO MAKE UP FOR HIS SINS ... EVERYONE ! LET US PRAY TO GOD .... FOR THIS CHILD PEACE IN HEAVEN !!! Its alright...i will never be able to die ...i just hope sister Riel always be safe and happy WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! SHE IS MINE .... SHE IS FOREVER MINE !!! "LET ME GO YOU STUPID POPE!!! YOU FOOL , YOU AAAALL ARE! .... EVERYONE KNOW I CANT DIE!!! IM A DEMON ... ILL NEVER DIE ! The child's mouth rip apart revealing lots of sharp teeth his silver locks falls showing a half bald head with big red horns pointing in a different ways ... his body's skinny skin falls to the flames allowing it to grow bigger and stronger under his now boned feet .... malicious dripping bloodlust smile creeps on the child's face .... "NOOOOO!!!!!!.....GABRIEL!!!", ------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS IS MY SECOND NOVEL ... I DONT WANT TO FORGET THIS IDEAS SINCE I NEVER WROTE OR READ [ maybe once or twice]AN HORROR STORY BEFORE.... OH ... AND MY ENGLISH IS QUITE BAD SO IF YOU ALL FIND MISTAKE IN MY WRITING BE SURE TO TELL ME~(^0^)~ LOVE _wanime14 enjooooooyy~~~

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A world where even the worst kind of people can reform and become good people if someone gives them a few sympathetic words. A world where friendship and love are the most powerful forces that a human can possess. A world where people can strengthen their bonds and grow stronger together, as long as they believe in each other... How would a man, whose beliefs and strengths center around only himself, behave when he arrives at such a world? While others trust their companions and friends, he trusts only his blade and his sharp senses. While others rely on their friends and family to solve the problems that might arise, he simply tramples upon everything that may arise and erases any possibility of further problems from happening. While others grab each other's hands and face their fears together knowing that they are not alone, he simply grits his teeth and decapitates whatever is making him feel fear, even if the said thing does not have a head in the first place. For such a man, living in such a peaceful and beautiful world certainly won't be easy... Especially when most of the time his first and only option involves killing his enemies. An immortal man, who died thousands of times just to achieve his purpose. An immortal man, who killed thousands of times just to achieve his purpose. What path would he take, now that he had finally freed himself from his shackles? ... ° ° ° Author notes: First and foremost, the Shinobi part in the title does not reference Naruto, just in case you thought it was like that. Some people will probably notice where it comes from, but since not everyone will know the source even if I mention it, I will just make a few mentions throughout the story and will focus more on what the powers of the MC are. You are free to take a guess about which world MC came from before arriving at Fairy Tail. Now, onto the second point. I'm 100% sure that someone that read the synopsis thought that MC will be a very villainous and evil guy that will go to Fairy tail. Well, sorry to break it to you, but MC will be more good than evil. Though his head will be a bit messed up, and that will clash slightly with Fairy Tail world and basic ethics. And finally, onto the third and last point. MC will Join Fairy Tail. Though, I will do my best to make it so that he isn't simply an additional character that changes nothing to the story. So don't worry about this being simply a copy-paste from the original story with an OC acting sometimes in the background, and enjoy it!

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The Power of Morgan Freeman

Sometimes, I ask, what is the point of writing? Do we write to satisfy ourselves? Or, perhaps the readers? I came to the conclusion that maybe it isn't about the fact of satisfaction, but rather the soul of writing. I once had a friend, he was a good friend, he often told me his stories and I would listen to them, he liked to drink soda, specifically pepsi. I asked him why he likes it and he told me because his favorite color was blue, he said he liked blue because it reminded him of when he was hospitalized and all he could see was the blue sky, it was similar to a story about Icarus, Icarus wanted to get close to the sun and he burned his wings because of it. A bird has wings because it is a species that flies, they're avians and avians fly, just like how fishes are aquatic animals because aquatic animals swim in the ocean or large bodies of water, either really. Once, my little sister, she was still very small then, asked why can't they just swim in the air? That's when I realized that maybe I just needed to free my mind from the constraints of normality, maybe thinking outside the box would help me. Speaking of boxes, you know about Schrödinger's Box? Or was it cat? Yeah, cats are cool. They're cute and they're fluffy and they meow, similar to how dogs woof and bark and their ancestors are wolves. Back when we were cavemen and we started domesticating then, we gave them meat we hunted and all of that, we used maybe rock or wooden spears, it has the piercing power and the innate strength of hunters then make killing game easier, nowadays we have guns and rarely to we use melee tools, it's just much safer, but even safer is just getting meet from poultry farm or whatever you call it for pigs and cows and sheeps. We can bring them to those places like how shepherds control sheeps back in the day, it was a traveler job. Nowadays, the only travelers are something like explorers, they use gadgets and all that, I remember seeing a video about explorers using internet explorer and he was watching cat videos instead of the map, boy were they lost. I don't remember what channel I watched it from, but I remember I was 10 years old then. Back then, I liked to play around inside the house and rarely went outside, the outside was full of unknown dangers to me and I was shy, shyness comes from stuff that happens to the kid at a young age, if too severe it can become social anxiety, just like that one guy from the Joker movie, or was it Joker himself? He worked as a clown, and I remember I had a girlfriend who's brother worked as a clown and I would remember how he liked to make corny jokes, and on one of those times we actually were eating corn. It was fresh out of the farm and freshly heated in a pot, just like how peanuts were, I remember the memes about sonic and how peanuts were called peanuts because pee was stored in the nuts. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. So, like I said. What drives us to be writers? No, why exactly do writers write? Was it for the writers themselves or was it for the readers? The answer I got came from the fact that I am writing this ridiculously long sypnosis, the word that sounds like sinus, sinus is like too much phlegm that it goes and stucks deep inside your nose and clogs it, it eventually hurts so much that you can either drink medicine or heal it yourself by using one of those water pumps to the nose. The water should be clean, not like dirty water you'd find under the bridge where people drope their trash, littering is bad for the environment and plastic caused global warming, which makes people turn dark and get falsely called out for Black Facing. Then, they get depressed and think their lives are worthless and commit suicide and then affect other people related to them. The point is, writing is hard and if you don't have the proper motivation, you can't satisfy yourself and the readers leading you to shit there's a cockroach in my room.

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2 Chs
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