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Isn't it every girl's dream, to one day, being married and live an happily ever after? Sophia was one of those girls. Dreaming of the perfect wedding, and forever living with the love of her life.The wedding? She will have it but not as she has ever dreamed, it will be something that she has never expected in all her life.

Back to England, Sophia was in her room, packing her stuff into her luggage, preparing her return to New York. Her place was neither too small nor too big, it was just with the perfect size and perfect decoration: with white and grey walls making the room brighter, with few furnitures, not too much but just enough for her needs, a big window that gives a great view of the town where she would always seat reading her favorite books "pride and prejudice".

Yes, she a romantic one, still believing in true love. Yeah, it may sounds stupid and naive, still believing that this crazy world still has love to offers when it had turned out so badly, where everyone is just in search of their own interest and benefits even if that includes using Love. If once loving someone was something natural, beautiful and marvelous, it has turned to be something scary. It takes a lot of courage to do so. An investment with high risk: giving your heart with no certainty that it would be paid back with the same amount of love that you invest, worst , with nothing.

So few dares to invest in it, settle for some fake loves, and losing hope of the true love. But Sophia was one those rare ones that still believed in it, even if after her heart has once fell apart. She had once fell madly in love with a guy when she was still at high school. She was almost certain that he was the right one for her but at the end, it seems that Sophia was the only one feeling that way. Her feeling was unreciprocated. But despite that, she is still certain that one day she will find her other half, keeping in her mind that it is not because it has once failed that she won't find it. Maybe if it hadn't work out, that means that something better than it was waiting for her. Why making losing hope because of the fake one if the true one was waiting for her she thought.

Yes, it wasn't easy for her to move on, afraid of not finding someone as great as she thought her ex was, missing the beautiful memories, the promises that had been made, afraid of not finding better than what was lost and not feeling the feeling she had felt. But with the time, she had learnt to stand by herself again, having faith in her again accepting that what it lost is lost and just letting it go at her turn. If it hadn't worked out, then it was mean to not to, that it was not the right one. Why keeping suffering for the pain that wrong shoes cause? don't be afraid, kick it off, there will be one that will perfectly feet your feet, with the one that will make you feel comfortable and will help you to walk right instead of the wrong one that will only be a pain in your feet.

There was not that much to do anymore for her departure, just few stuff left to pack.

Sophia had been living in England almost all of here lives. Her father sent her ther after her mother' death. It was hard to a little girl to acknowledge that her dad just throw her away after her mother was gone. She was still too young back then, she couldn't understand anything yet, she just thought her own father didn't loved her anymore. But the more she grew up, the more she understood her father.

Sophia was the single daughter of Lucas Russell, a well-known-figure in the business world, and the late Amelie Davis. Lucas and Amelie were madly in love despite all the differences between them. Firstly the huge age gaps between them, Amelie was 18 when she met Lucas and he was already 30. It was what we call love at first sight. But it wasn't easy for both of them. Amelie was still young, still had her life, Lucas didn't want to hurt her or caged her in something, a life that wasn't hers to bother yet. He then just turn away from her even though the strong feeling that was in him. But at the end he failed, their love were undeniable so they ended up together at the end.

From apart the age gape, the difference in their financial situation were there too. Lucas was already rich, full of success while Amelie were poor. That situation caused them a lot of troubles: Amelie were treated by all names. Well, what to expect from that society? Full of judgments, not recognizing anything pure and true anymore, vision blinded, mind corrupted by all the ugliness of the world. But they overcome that too.

They got married, Amelie Davis turned into Amelie Russell, had their happiness, and when they thought that they couldn't be more happy than they were already, Sophia came into the picture completing it. They had it, their own family and they didn't wanted anything more than that. They were complete. Of course, their life wasn't all sweat, there were their ups and downs but didn't affect even a little bit their love.

Somewhere in the story, Sophia was romantic's side was inspired by her parents 's love story. Wishing that one day she would also find as strong love as her parents had. She was young yet she perfectly remembered and had felt the love between her parents.

As everything in this world, everything has and end and so does their happiness. Sophia was still a little girl when her mother started to get ill and just few days after that she died. There weren't enough word to describe what Lucas felt at that time. He was devastated. He had lost his other half, the person that had brought so much color in his life, the source of is light.

He couldn't take it and had at his turn fall ill, his heart became weaker and weaker each day. Worried about his little daughter, that he won't be able to rise her perfectly, he decided to send her to a boarding school in england.

That was there that started Sophia's hatred for her father. She felt alone, abandoned. She hadn't know yet that her father were ill and he needed cure. Howether , it hadn't lasted too long, soon enough she understood the reason behind her father's act and after her father gained enough force, he moved to England to meet his daughter. Their relation gets better in no time, they became inseparable.

Lucas turned into both Sophia's mother and father and Sophia loved that. Somewhere inside him, Lucas was afraid that one day he would left Sophia alone in this world. He was aware of his state: old and ill. He didn't want to left her alone with the burden of the noun Russell includes. She was his only child, one day she has to take other all the responsibilities. Sometimes he would almost that Sophia was a girl not because she wouldn't be able to run the company on the contrary, he strongly believed that she will be perfectly fine, but because she could be played by someone just for the shake to get a hand on their wealth. The enterprise Russell was one the the best ones, many are those who would give their lives to monopolize it. He didn't want his girl to be someone's puppet.

Finally he made up his mind, determined to not let any harm happen to his daughter. What could be better than to find someone who will protect her? who won't be with her just because of her richess? someone that would actually care for her ? and who would be better than the son of his beloved friend to do that? his friend was a caring person, he raised his son well. No one will be better than him he thought.

He then made part of his fear, and plan to his friend and this one accepted to help without hesitation.

So this is where Sophia was now. She was going back to New York to marry someone that she has never met before.

What did she felt about it? What did she thought about? It didn't matter to her.

How ironic, she wanted her prince charming yet here she was accepting an arranged marriage. But this was not about what she wants, it is not just about herself, it about her father too. A father that loved her, that had given her everything that she ever wanted, that had always done his best to make her as happy as possible and that had always wanted the best for her. It was not something for her to do and sacrifice her happiness and her dream for the shake of her father but she loved him and cared about him more then she cared about herself so nothing was more important for her than seeing her dad happy.

Sophia finished packing the rest of her stuff and her luggage were now ready. She gave a last glance to her room to see if she had miss anything and she didn't except for one little thing: a farm on her nightstand. It was something that she nev get separated of for the only simple reason that it has the picture of her mom in it.

She grabbed it and look down at it and immediately, a look a melancholy crossed her face. HOW She missed her mother. She always tend to ask how her life would be if she was still there with her. There was those moments when she would feel lonely and just wish for her mother to be by her side. In some moments of weakness, she would accuse how unfair life was things that she doesn't usually do. But she knew that despite that, she still has a good life and couldn't be more grateful than she is.

Giving last glance at the picture, she puts it in her hand bag, grabbed her luggage and get out of her apartment.

_"New York, here I come."

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