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Isn't it every girl's dream, to one day, get married and live an happily ever after? Sophia was one of those girls. Dreaming of the perfect wedding, and forever living with the love of her life. Lucas Russell was a sick old man. Knowing the state of his health, he was afraid, afraid to let his young daughter Sophia Amelia Russell with all the burden of the enterprise Russell alone and mostly that someone would play with her heart just make an hand on their wealth. So he finds out a solution: that is to propose to his friend to marry his son to his daughter so that she will be protect and his friend accepted it with all his heart. Since then, the destiny of Sophia and Anthony Ambrose was all set up. They were intend for marriage. There was just one problem, Anthony was already head other heels with an another woman. So the questions are: will Anthony accept Sophia as his wife? will he ever love her cause it seems that Sophia had found the love of her life in him...