Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson
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Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson


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What is Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson

Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson is a popular web novel written by the author Nomed_Forcraziness, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, R18, HAREM, MAGIC, REVENGE, DARKFANTASY, EVILPROTAGONIST, PLOTTWIST, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 13K readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Note: More chapters will not be updated till April due to some circumstances, massive release of chapters will be done on April] Miracle Rennard, the protagonist of this story was betrayed in love. He led a aimless life. Then one miserable day he had an accident. But he was not dead? what happen? He woke up but realized that he was in another world. Was he summoned or reincarnated? He doesn't know himself. He had one task to do. Kill the Goddess who will summoned the Heroes. That task was given to him by the one who gave him a new life and body. But there were so many things he doesn't know and understand. Wait... He finds out that he is the Hero's grandson later?? How will the Protagonist of this story complete the task and in what way. As he faces lots of unexpected twist on his life. A story of an aimless protagonist, how will the aimless one complete his task. Note: This is a Failed Written Novel. The story may not be of your liking, but please bear with it. Written for one's own pleasure(though it is original) The update for this novel will be on a slow pace. The novel will not be dropped but will continue on. This novel is not written for business or earning purposes but for one's own free will and entertainment. Thank you for your time!

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It is a really good book and the write has done a really good job.... I am sure this book is gonna be really good as it looks promising..... keep writing!!!


I love the characters. I like the worlds that where building. The writing is good. However jumping from world to world is a headache too keep up with all the time. one reason I don't like stories that have multiple worlds ... I had the same issue with the pendragon books.


This lady is a bit frustrated right now. I've seen all your works and there's too little chappies. Send me few more. I want to read more. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ This story feels like interesting as well. I'll wait for more updates.


An interesting tale of reincarnation woven in an intricate manner. Kudos to the author for taking the risk and succeeding at writing a paranormal which i never would've tried. You are already a great writer my humble suggestion is to make it a little more understandable to novel paranormal readers


Lucrus, so this is your first book which you said? Well, Its confusing in most of the parts, but great story line, Needs more updates though. I am sure you can do better in the upcoming updates


Wow, Really? The Month and Year thing which you made was awesome, Its nice, I wish there was more novels who haves those thing, but you need to still work on your story Senpai.


Lucrus!!! Hehe again!! I loved the first Episode! it was nice! Sad for the main character, But I hope he gets a better one! and why haven't you update more?! Please update it! I love it!


Story was confusing but good, But where's the 18+ Thing? Needs more chapters! More Chapters! Damn it! Update more!!! You freaking Author!. And I appreaciate the calender system, it was epic


I love it! It's nice! The way how you wrote it actually impressive. To be honest I know you'll get there, Update more, Work harder. And you shall receive it.


The book is soo good!~ I love it. Tragic for the Mc at First Chapter, Brother Nom, you do know how to write stories at touches the heart, I hope I can get more chapters!


The book was awesome. I liked it. I wished you did more Editings and stuffs. But man you did a Great Job. I will see what more you can write. Don't stop I am you biggest fan from now!


Author-San!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write more!!!!!!!!!!!! Needs improvement in writing! But Story is interesting!!!!!!!! PLease Write more!!!!!


Very well written. The setting of the story is magnificent and the main character has a relatable personality. And bes of all, Car-sama is present rather than Truck-kun😆


Love everything you did! It's so amazing that you have this plot inside your head! Like dude! It's so cool. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it😍😍😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨✨


Reveal spoiler


Heya... So I just read the first chapter... and besides some small grammar mistakes there was nothing to complain about really... The only reason I gave it a bit lower rating was because I am not a fan of the harem genre. Overall, Good job on expressing the Main character's pain and suffering.


Woah! Just the synopsis was enough to make me add this book to my library. The start of our MC is somewhat tragic. The flow and writing quality is very good. Everyone just add this gem to your library and read it. You'll not regret it.


Reincarnated is what I always read, but with a twist of the protagonist? Hmm, it was quite strange but also a mystery to me. Heroes are my fantasy, it was like I was reading the next generation of heroes. I kinda like this book after all this book is awesome! Looking forward to reading more about this book. Keep it up the good work author!


The book has a nice plot to provide, the flow of the novel is quite appropriate for readers to flow with it. The story is written in a quite understandable manner for any to live in it and that is what I would appreciate the most. The characters are also quite well written and are understandable. Overall the book quite worthy to be given a chance. All The Best With Your Future Updates...


DISGUSTING_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO BE HONEST BUT CROCO LIKE IT


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