2 Where am I?

Wh…what is this! Where the hell did that god sent me to!? Weren't I supposed to be going to another world? What is this dark place?! Is it a cave?

»Answer. You are on the first floor of an S-rank dungeon created by the old gods.«

»Is that you great sage?«

»Answer. Yes, it is I great sage.«

What a weird way to introduce yourself.

»Why did he send me to such a dungeon! Is he stupid! I'm getting out of here!«

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»Notice. The doors of the dungeon can not be opened from the inside.«

»Then how am I supposed to ever get out of here?«

»Answer. You need to clear the dungeon in order to get out of here.«

»Then I guess I have no other choice but clear it. How many floors does the dungeon have?«

»Answer. The dungeon has 100 floors, It is shaped like a pyramid with de deeper you go the bigger

the floors get, Also the deeper floors have more monsters and the monsters are higher ranked.«

»You said that the dungeon is S-ranked? Is that the highest rank?«

»Answer. Yes, the ranking system was created by humans. The dungeons are ranked based on the monsters in it. This dungeon has never been explored before since no one has made it past the first floor. They declared this an S-rank dungeon and had forbidden anyone from entering it.«

»Then…are you saying that this dungeon could even be above S-rank? I mean no one had made it past the first floor!«

»Answer. This dungeon…is definitely above an S-rank one.«

»I am definitely not happy hearing that…but it doesn't change what I have to do. I'm getting out of here either way! Well, I guess I need to clear this floor first. Hey, great sage would you happen to know what monsters are on the first floor?«

»Answer. Yes, on the first floor you are going to find only one type of monsters and that is iron lions. They are big lions with iron claws and iron claws, an S-rank monster.«

»Ugh…starting with an S-rank monster right of the bat! Who designed this thing!«

»Answer. The old gods.«

»Ugh…it wasn't an actual question I'm just complaining…hmm…I'll need a plan in order to take them out…I should first have another look at my skills and stats, right? Status open.

Name: Shin Chambers

Lv. 1 Class:???

Age: 15-16 Race: Human

HP: 120/120 Titles: The one from another world, Apostel of the evil god

Str: 90 Vit: 85

Agi: 110 Dex: 100

Def: 80 MP: 100

SP: 0

Skills: Language comprehension, 2x growth, Great sage, appraisal, 2x SP, Superspeed recovery, Thought acceleration, Item box, Dismantle, Gluttony

»Hey, great sage what are the average stats of a level 1 like?«

»Answer. The average person has all stats 10 at level 1.«

»Wow so I'm like cray strong then!«

»Notice. You shouldn't get too carried away, keep in mind that all of you're classmates have stats exciding 300.«

»That's crazy! So the reason why I wasn't supposed to get any skills was…«

»Yes, because you are by far the weakest.«

»Well that doesn't matter right now anyway! Hey, why is my Class: ???...Is that also the reason that I wasn't going to get a skill?«

»Answer. No, a class is something you receive at birth and since you weren't born here you never received it.«

»But isn't that a disadvantage?«

»Answer. No, not really, since you are not limited by any class you have the option to pick what you want to excel at. If you want to be good at magic you can learn anything a magician could and if you want to learn swordsmanship you can learn it just like a swordsman, but that will require a lot of work and training, a magician could learn and master basic magic in let us say 1 year, but you would need 2 or maybe even 3 years. It all depends on you're own talent and hard work.«

»Hmmm…so it's not all that bad huh? Even my classmates will need a lot of training.«

»Not necessarily, I heard that the church has a way to bring out people's talents to the limit and with that bestow upon them a class based on those talents.«

»Huh…I see…well enough screwing around! Now its time to make for me to make a plan and kill those lions!«

Hmmm…for an Lv. 1 my stats are great but those monsters are S-rank…how am I supposed to kill them?

»Hey, great sage what are those lions stats like?«

»Answer. All abilities are around 10 000.

Ugh…thought so…there is no way in hell I can overpower them so I need to defeat them using my skills. But I haven't even tested them out yet…All of my skills become useful once I have leveled up a bit and killed some monsters, I didn't pick any skills capable of killing an S-rank monster. Wait, I have my dismantle skill…but I don't even know if it will work! Can I use it on a living being? Does it have a size limit?

There are a lot of things I don't know but thinking about it won't help me any way so I think I should just…yes, I'll find the lion and use thought acceleration, then Ill appraise the lion to see what skills it has, after that I'll need to run towards it, touch it and use dismantle, it doesn't matter if I get hurt since I have my superspeed recovery. At least I'll know where I stand and if that fails…I'll think about it if it gets to it.

»Alright! Let's do this!«

15 minutes later…

Alright, there's the lion…It hasn't noticed me yet. Then I'll appraise it first.



Lv. 378 Rank: S

Age: 245 Race: Iron lion

HP: 18000/18000

Str: 13450 Vit: 13000

Agi: 9700 Dex: 11500

Def: 12500 MP: 1000

Skills: 2x Boost, Iron claw, Alert

Shit! This thing is crazy! What the hell is up with those stats! It's level 378!

»Ugh! It doesn't matter I still need to do it!«

Ill ran toward is and dismantle it!

»Thought acceleration! Aghhhhhhh!«

What!? It dodged my attack!?


What is this!? Thanks to thought acceleration I realize what's happening but I…m…my body cant catch up! Come on the move! If I don't dodge he will rip me apart!


It hurts! Shit! Am I going to die! NO! Please no, not like this! All because I was summoned here! Why!? WHY ME!? It's all that god's fault. Yes its Ukkos fault, he is the one that called me here in the first place it's his fault. He was going to throw me away and he still summoned me. What a shitty god and that stupid evil god who send me to this place its also his fault.

Ugh…how long has it been a day? There is so much blood. It's their fault. Even my classmates are guilty! They are all so great! If only they weren't my classmates' id still be having a normal life on Earth. It's their fault. This is soo not a normal high school life and its…it…its…my fault. What was I thinking with that plan just blindly charging at the lion!? I am an idiot…and now ill just die all because I am too weak! If only id be able to…

»Dismantle.« poof

You have leveled up. You have leveled up. You have leveled up. You have leveled up….

What is that sound? What? What happened? Dammit, I'm losing consciousness…again.

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