10 9. Vian the Perfectionist

K.SA CORP, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

A magnificent building designed by a French architect, soaring proudly in a dense office area in the heart of the business district, Jakarta. This building was designed in European style. The owner of this building deliberately recruited French citizens to design their office, so it looks different from buildings in this area.

The classical European style is clearly visible with tall pillars, as well as typical European carvings. Gold and pastel colors dominate the outside of the building, with a very large courtyard area and a luxurious fountain in the middle of the park with a cupid cupid flowing water at the tip of the arrow it carries.

In front of the building there is a large engraving that reads 'K.SA CORPORATION'. This building is the headquarters of the Adhyasta family, where they manage all their businesses in various fields.

Some people go back and forth into the magnificent building because the employee parking lot is located on the left side of the building while for the owner and board of directors are placed in a special place on the right side of the building.

A white lamborgini luxury car enters the area in front of the building and stops right in front of the door. A handsome man in an Armani black suit wrapped in a black shirt came out of the car in his adonis style. The man has an aura that makes anyone who sees it fascinated. Only that man has that aura. There was no smile on his handsome face, but anyone who would bet the women would have whatever they had to be in the same building as the man. And fortunately, all the female employees at this K.SA CORPORATION.

Without being asked, a parking attendant approached the man and took the car keys offered to him. While the Adonis began to step into a luxurious building with an elegant style like a nobleman.

His steady steps were immediately greeted by greetings from all employees who passed him and a man carrying a tablet in his hand. Vian continued to walk past his employees calmly, the man certainly didn't have to bother answering their greetings as usual. The man went straight to the CEO's special elevator with a wall made of clear glass. Give the order to the Assistant who escorted him from the beginning to give details about his schedule today.

"Jo, what is my schedule for today?" Vian asked, staring at the man standing beside her.

"At 08.00, you must hold a meeting with representatives from MultiDimension companies. Check the filming of the summer clothing collection, then come to the opening of the Department Store at Kelapa Gading Mall. You will have lunch with the Minister of Economy and Tourism. After that you will be free until later at 7 pm, there is a meeting with a client from Singapore on the issue of cooperation regarding the construction of our restaurant in Bali, explained Assistant Vian named Jo.

The tinkle of the elevator rings when they reach the top floor of the building. They both came out of the elevator and then walked to the office of the President Director's office. 2 secretaries Vian welcomed the two of them. The two men answered, smiling faintly past the desk of the secretary. Vian stopped briefly in front of the door of his office.

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"Jo, please check the preparation of the meeting! I'll follow you after checking my email," Vian ordered. "Oh, make me a schedule with Briena before my meeting with a client from Singapore tonight. I want to meet her in the woman's apartment," he added later.

"Good, Sir." Jo left and Vian entered the room with a towering black door.


Vian sat at the end of a long table in the meeting hall of the K.SA building, the man tried to keep his emotions at least until the meeting was over. He leaned back in the chair, crossed his arms in front of his chest and his eyes looked bored at the representatives of the partner companies who were presenting in front of the room. The man continued to ramble on about things that made Vian increasingly bored. Impatient with this situation, Vian decided to end it.

"Let's just end this meeting," Vian said suddenly. A calm but authoritative arrogance makes the atmosphere tense. Nobody dares to talk when faced with a tense situation like this.

"You mean, sir?" The man in the brown jacket looked confused by Vian's sentence.

"What you say and what is written in this document are all 100% the same. So for what you are blabbering, we all know the main points of what you are presenting. And most importantly, I am not interested in the proposals you offer. The concept too standard, the benefits you offer are too excessive and seem unreasonable, the targets are too broad, even in terms of a lack of detailed marketing plans, "Vian said at length.

"But, sir. I—"

"I gave you 30 minutes. I hope you can make this useless file into a presentation that makes me satisfied." Vian threw the proposal he was holding in the middle of the table. "You wasted my time with a boring presentation just now." Vian got up from his chair.

"Mr. Vian, please give me another chance to make a presentation," the representative asked to intercept Vian's steps.

As if he didn't hear anything, Vian had just passed the man. Stepping in with his haughty style without looking at representatives from other companies. The man immediately walked to the exit of the meeting room. Jo followed his boss from behind.

"Jo, cross out MultiDimension from the ranks of the companies that work with our company. I don't want K.SA to collaborate with companies that are not serious about this project by sending representatives as incompetent as him. Including large projects with Japan and Korea," Vian commanded Jo before actually leaving the meeting room. Vian's departure certainly made the atmosphere more tense. Some members involved in the meeting were silent and did not dare to comment.

The feeling of humiliation was clearly felt by Multi Dimension representatives because Vian openly assumed that she was incompetent. Plus the fear that is so dominant because it could not win the tender for cooperation with companies classmate K.SA CORP. Somehow the fate of the man later when he returned to the company where he worked.

Fired? That might happen.

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