9 8. A Reason to Hit Kalvian

The charm of Kalvian is never a gap. This morning he wore a black shirt that added an impression of his appearance, with a red tie, black pants and shiny shoes. Her hair that has never been neatly arranged even adds to the impression of being sexy and seductive. Looks like the figure of this man was created only to tempt women and make men bite their fingers out of jealousy.

At 6:30 in the morning, Vian was already sitting in her chair in the dining room with a cup of black coffee in her right hand and a newspaper in her left hand, a sandwich half lying on a plate. Filling his stomach before starting a myriad of activities - piling up money with all the assets he has. After yesterday's meeting with Kea, in the afternoon his girlfriend decided to return to Paris using Vian's private jet. He is at least responsible because he previously detained him to Paris. So this morning he returned to eating alone like a normal day.

A telephone ring interrupted that morning. The man glanced at his cellphone and immediately answered the call when he learned that the person who called him was someone who had given birth.

"Hello, Ma," Vian said after putting down his coffee cup, shifting his focus to the newspaper he had read before. "Is there a problem?" He added, asking where his mother had called in the morning like this.

"Have you gone to the office?"

"Not yet, I'm still eating breakfast," Vian answered. "Why?" Vian asked later.

"Then you can pick up Briena first, right? Briena's car is broken and now it's still in the garage. It's a shame that she has to take public transportation. You pick her up, huh," begged his mother to make Vian roll her eyes lazily.

"Mom, I have to go to the office. Besides, my office and Briena's office are in the opposite direction. I could be late," Vian refused his mother's request. "As if he only has one car," Vian grumbled, which Mother could still hear.

"Briena's car is in her house, it will take a lot of time if she has to send a family driver to send her car to the apartment. After all, you're a boss, so if you come late it's okay," said Mrs. Adhyasta

"Ma, tap―." The call was immediately turned off unilaterally by Mrs. Adhyasta.

Then a message came from his mother, making Vian even more upset.

Mrs. Adhyasta :

I don't want to know, you just need to bring Briena to his office. Point.

That is the message.

"Damn," Vian swore, annoyed. The man searched Briena's contact name on his cellphone and then dialed the number. "Do you want me to send you a car or do you choose to take a taxi?" he said immediately before Briena even said the word 'hello'.

"What do you mean?" Briena asked in surprise.

"Mama told me to take you to the office. What did you choose? Sending a car or taking a taxi?" Vian said giving a choice, the man would rather send a car package to Briena than drive her to the office. Vian really doesn't like things that are inefficient and practical.

"Are you crazy? I still have a lot of cars in my garage, why did you send me a car? I don't like to take public transportation even though it's a taxi," Briena blurted excitedly.

"So you want me to take you to the office? Huh!" Vian was upset. "You know I don't like to deliver or pick up someone who is not in line with me."

"Who asked you to do it? Hah! I can go to the office myself! You don't need to bother coming here!" answered Briena, also shouting. The woman was upset because the bright atmosphere of the morning must be tainted by Vian's annoying attitude.

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"Good then. Next time if your car breaks down again, make sure your mother or your mother doesn't know, so they don't ask me to do anything useless," Vian snapped.

"I'd better walk than I have to get in your car, asshole," Briena scolded, then turned off the phone unilaterally.

"Damn! His cellphone is turned off. How dare he turn off his cellphone when I'm not done talking. After all, I'm the one who called him, why did he turn off the connection?" Fortunately, his eyes did not have a laser beam that could destroy anything he was seeing. The man then took a suit without continuing to drink his tea because his mood had become messy because of his fight with Briena.

Briena put her cellphone roughly on the kitchen bench. He was upset because the next morning was tarnished by Vian's annoying nagging. Briena was startled when her sturdy arms hugged her from behind. The drops of water from the man's wet hair made Briena tremble slightly to feel the cold. The man had just come out of the room when Briena finished his call. Then stepped closer to the woman and immediately hugged her tight when she saw the annoyed expression on her lover's face.

"Who made you angry this morning?" Ares whispered in Briena's ear.

"Vian," Briena answered simply.

Ares nodded weakly then took his hand off Briena's body. "We go together, I'll take you to the office. I want to meet my business partner in one of the cafes near your office," the man said.

Briena turned to look at Ares who looked charming in a dark blue shirt suit. "Hmmm."

"By the way, I'll meet your future husband," said Ares, grabbing a tie on a chair and then asking Briena to help him wear a tie.

"Vian? What did you meet him for?" Briena asked in surprise. His hands were busy with a tie on Ares's shirt collar.

"Business, what else do you think. I can't possibly hit him because he dares to marry the woman who has become my lover," Ares said jokingly.

"Even if you give him one hit, I don't mind either."

"I really want to do that, Bi, but unfortunately we both know that I have no reason to do it," the answer from Ares made Briena silent.

"We're leaving now." Briena moved to get her bag.

Ares smiled meaningfully then followed Briena who walked towards the exit of the apartment.

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