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Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This airport is the largest airport in Indonesia, located in the Cengkareng area, west of Jakarta. The airport covers an area of 1800 hectares including a golf course and hotel facilities. At the gate of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport on the toll road, there is a Welcome gate with a traditional Balinese feel. As for the departure hall, arrival of spacecraft and other facility buildings, the atmosphere takes the theme of Javanese Joglo but there are some Balinese decorations.

Terminal A is specifically for international flights. Terminals B and C serve domestic flights and other needs. The airport is equipped with modern facilities and equipment to provide security and safety for passengers. Buildings at this airport indeed avoid the use of air conditioners, and the architecture is based on traditional buildings in Indonesia. In the form of a modern building with a Javanese style roof model. Some roofs are supported by stone pillars and wooden pillars.

A pair of feet with the latest Louboutin shoes stepped gracefully into the arrival area at terminal A, specifically for international flights. Beautiful girl with a knee-length black dress with the brand Valentino Garavani, Valentino SpA, and YSL logo brand bag which is one of the fashion labels designed by Tom Ford. The steps are able to make all the people passing by at the airport make women the center of their attention.

Her dark brown hair with a wavy waist wavy as he walked. Coupled with Blanc sunglasses perched on his nose to make his charm look more perfect. Greek goddess in modern times, maybe that's the right name to describe the charm of Briena. The woman with the label is rich in everything she wears today, certainly not an ordinary woman.

Kalebriena Virendra Afkarina.

A young interior designer whose name worldwide is great at turning everything into amazing works of art. Of course the success he got was due to his own hard work and not because of his conglomerate family background. Briena fiddling with her smartphone, someone called her name.

The woman turned her gaze to the front, toward the voice that had called her before. Briena's beautiful eyes caught a man in a bluish-gray Armani suit, a matching shirt covering his sturdy body and matching pants. Coupled with disheveled hair, for some reason makes the charm more stunning.

The bright smile on the man's lips made his dimples color his handsome face in Asia. The man's beautiful eyes must have formed a crescent now because of his smile today. Unfortunately the man's crescent eyes must be covered by sunglasses perched on his pointed nose. With a smile back, Briena began to bring her long legs towards the man standing in front of her.

"Long time no see, Mr. Ares," Briena said, opening her glasses.

The woman then placed her glasses on her head, on the strands of her hair. Briena then welcomed the hug offered by a man named Ares. The man apparently also took off the glasses that covered his black eyes.

"I miss you," Ares murmured faintly because now his face was buried in Briena's hair. "You changed your hair shampoo," Ares added. The scent of Briena's hair isn't like the scent of her hair when they met almost 3 months ago.

"Hehm. I'm tired of the scent of lilies, the smell of strawberries is much fresher," Briena answered, her voice slightly muffled on Ares's shoulder. Although Briena's height is above the average height of most Indonesians, it seems that her height is still below Ares. Briena's height only reached under Ares's sharp nose, even though he had used a 15 cm highheel.

"Um, this is strange," Ares said suddenly, releasing a hug but not reducing the distance between them. Ares's beautiful eyes looked at Briena, the frown on Ares's forehead showed that he was probing.

"Tumben, you want to be hugged for more than a minute, especially if it's in a public place. I'm not mistaken, right?" asked Ares later, there was an amused smile on his good face

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"Think of it as a gift from me," Briena said. "Let us go home!" he added then holding his lover's arm.

The black Ferrari is ready to take them to Briena's apartment because Ares will stay there while in Jakarta. The atmosphere in the car is only dominated by Ed Sheeran's music, which is covered by Boyce Avenue Bea Miller's achievements titled Photograph.

"So, have you met your future husband?" Ares asked straight to the point.

"That's the way it is," Briena answered calmly.

Briena did tell her boyfriend about her match with Vian. For Briena, their match was not something he had to keep a secret from Ares. The man must know that they - Ares and Briena - will never be together forever. Briena did not want to give anyone hope.

Every time Ares decides to separate, Briena will accept Ares's decision. Vice versa, if Ares still wants to maintain their relationship, Briena will also accept Ares's decision. It turned out that Ares chose to remain committed, of course Briena accepted it happily.

"How was the first impression of your meeting?" Ares asked again, the man was not at all bothered by the fact that his lover would soon marry another man. Prospective husband of Briena even one of his business partners in the culinary field.

"First impressions? Yes, quite interesting. He doesn't bore me. You know yourself that meetings that are 100% arranged by the family are very boring. He can match me, me and Vian are the same kind of people ... and I like that fact. , "Briena answered without covering her interest in Vian.

"Ambitious, don't give up easily, genius, um, don't say ego as high as you," said Ares Sarkatis, the man began to slow down the speed of his vehicle because of the red traffic lights.

"That's the way it is."

"I think you will soon hold a new title besides Best Asian. You are the Aphrodite Goddess and she is Hades this century," sneered Ares.

"The story of our lives will increasingly look like a fictional drama if you equate us with a Greek goddess or god, Res. I hate hearing it."

"I hate it more," Ares said as he closed the conversation.

The journey continues without sound, the song playing turns into a song from Alan Walker entitled Lily. They arrived at Briena's apartment a few minutes later.

"20-09-1991. Do you still use your birthday?" Ares said when he saw Briena's fingers pressing the password in his apartment.

"You know, the only number I can remember is the date of my birth or my family," Briena said entering her luxurious residence.

Briena walked into her room to change clothes while Ares lay on the living room couch. After changing into a house shirt and shorts that only covered half of her thighs, Briena walked into the kitchen to drink. Ares followed Briena into the kitchen and then sat in the front seat of the kitchen bench.

"What about my birthday?" Ares asked when he saw Briena let go of her thirst.

Hearing Ares's question just now, the woman just raised her eyebrows in confusion because her mouth was still pressed against the edge of the glass.

Ares makes the sentence clearer. "Do you remember my birthday or not?"

"I remember. Christmas, that's right," Briena said after taking a cold drink can from her refrigerator. The woman then handed the drink can to Ares then he sat facing his girlfriend.

"Tch, if it wasn't for Christmas. You wouldn't bother remembering it, would you?" Ares sneered pretending to be annoyed.

"Um, maybe, depending on the combination of numbers is difficult or not. If it's easy enough, I will definitely remember it," Briena said jokingly.


"Hey, are you sulking?" taunted Briena.


"I can see it clearly."



"Alright, whatever you say."


Vian enjoyed the food in silence. Not paying attention to Kea's sharp gaze. The restaurant where they eat lunch is not so crowded, there are only a handful of people who enjoy the same menu as him. The aroma of grilled meat directly on the table of visitors spread throughout the room. This restaurant not only provides a western menu but also an Asian menu, such as Korea, India and especially Indonesia.

Kea put the fork in his left hand, then the knife on the opposite side. Drinking orange juice, he repeatedly glanced at Vian who was still enjoying the food and ignored it.

"Are you done eating? Why don't you finish your food?" Vian asked, glancing at Kea's abundant food.

"I'm full," Kea said calmly.

Vian nodded and bribed the last piece of meat into his mouth. Chew until clean then drink mineral water in front of him. Wiping his mouth with the provided handkerchief.

"So what's up?" Kea asked after seeing Vian finish his lunch.

Hearing the question sentence from Kea, Vian looked at the woman with confused wrinkles.

"Reason, Vi. You will not hold me to stay here for no reason." Kea repeated the question.

"Didn't I tell the reason this morning," Vian answered, making Kea roll his eyes.

"I believe you miss me, but I'm not stupid if the main reason is not that," Kea said smiling cynically.

Vian who sat in front of Kea only smiled faintly when he heard the sarcastic sentences from his girlfriend, then he drank a glass of juice before answering Kea's question.

"I was arranged married with Kalebriena Virendra Afkarina. You know who she is, right?" Finally, Vian offered his main reason for withholding Kea's return to Paris.

"The only daughter of the owner of Viren Grub. I know. Then?" Kea asked calmly.

"Briena and me will get engaged in three more months, then six months after the engagement, we will both get married. My goal in discussing this with you is because I want to give you an offer. You want to continue our commitment or stop here," he said. Vian stared intently into Kea's eyes with his arms crossed on his chest, an expression that he always showed when he was serious.

"Typical Kalvian, you always consider all things related to you as a business. You don't want to lose, huh," said Kea with a mocking smile, she did not feel offended by what Vian said earlier. "I do not intend to violate our commitments," Kea added.

Until now their relationship had no negative impact on her or her career, so the woman decided to continue their commitment, regardless of how their relationship would turn out.

"Well, that means you still want to commit to me. Still with the same rules and consequences," Vian said, smirk.


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