7 6. Vian's seduction

Pacific Place SCBD, Jakarta, Indonesia.

VIREN GRUB deserves to be called a property master, they have many hotels and resorts in various countries in South East Asia. Even VIREN GRUB began collaborating with the Hong Kong Land giant to build luxury residences in the BSD city area.

AECOM is a well-known master planner for various cities and prestigious projects. The Navapark Gate and Country Club will be designed by the architect company Axis International. People who only have rich labels can certainly occupy this luxurious residence.

Some wealthy customers who don't think about how much money they spend as long as they get high-class housing with complete, ready-made, and unattended facilities designed by the world's top architects such as the Pacific Palace.

One of the rich people is a handsome businessman who will soon be the husband of the only child who owns this magnificent building.

Kalvian Sakya Adhyasta.

This man did occupy one of the penthouses in the Pacific Palace because he was in the right area, the heart of Jakarta's business. The residence he chose was the biggest penthouse in the Pacific Palace with a size of almost 2,000 m2, per meter alone reaching Rp76 million.

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It can't be imagined how much money Vian would have to spend to buy this house. This residence is designed the same as most apartments which are equipped with various luxurious facilities such as 5 empty rooms, private lifts, swimming pools, saunas, private cinemas, and spacious balconies whose floors are made of glass.

VIREN GRUB makes this apartment a masterpiece or masterpiece. Vian designed this house to be comfortable to live in, a work space complete with views because it was made of glass, a simple Vian bed dominated by black and white, then there was a library that had dozens or even hundreds of collections. books of various types.

At the end of the room there is a mini bar with a collection of alcohols of different types, years and different price levels. Next to the bar is a kitchen, complete with utensils and utensils. Although Vian never used the kitchen, the only thing that made her enter the area was fetching water because the refrigerator was in the kitchen. Mini dining room looks directly facing the kitchen. The super spacious bathroom is very clean with white domination and is equipped with super complete facilities too. The family room and also the living room that is not insulated by the wall have a different feel, the living room with gold color and looks classic while the living room looks simple but elegant.

Sunlight shines directly on the wide glass that replaces the walls of the skyscrapers in SCBD. Trying to break through a sturdy wall so that the light is able to illuminate every corner of the room. But unfortunately no matter how hard the light business, still can not pass through the gap because the curtain that closed it has not been opened by the owner of the room.

The atmosphere of the city of Jakarta on Sunday morning like this makes anyone want to curl up in his bed and want to spend time in that place. After almost a week of being tired of working, it would not hurt if a little fun to sleep until noon.

In a room with black and white shades, a pair of bodies are seen hugging each other, warming each other's bodies. The woman in the man's arms opened her eyes slowly, realizing that today was morning. The woman moved slightly to look at the alarm clock on the bedside table. His movements made the sturdy arms that held him slightly inched in annoyance.

"I only slept for 2 hours, Key," Vian murmured softly without releasing her hug to the woman he held tight.

"I know, but it's already morning. I have to take a shower, Vi, the plane that will take me to Paris departs at 09.47 in the morning," Kea said smiling, trying to release Vian's tight hug.

"Mmm, leave it like this first. 7 minutes left, "Vian muttered in a sleepy voice.

Vian tightened his hands to Kea's body, closed his eyes, intending to continue his sleep. He did not have time to sleep well, after returning from the nightclub at 3:00 in the morning. He picked up Kea who had finished his work and that meant that today his girlfriend had to return to Paris because her work here was finished.

"Vi, let me go. My plane is at 09.47 in the morning, I can be late if I'm not ready from now. It's 7:00, "said Kea trying to persuade Vian, his girlfriend is acting strange today. Where is Vian who doesn't want to know and doesn't care about her business trip?

"Why are you laughing?" Vian asked when he heard his lover laughing.

"Your attitude is strange. Usually you always ignore me if I want to go back to Paris. "

"You said 3 days, Key, not 2 days a quarter," answered Vian, still in a hoarse voice. "Can't you go home on time, you don't want to date me first?"

"As per the schedule you mean today, dear Vian," said Kea.

"But the afternoon flight is not morning," Vian said.

"Oh my God, Vi! As I recall when you returned from the club, you were not drunk, but why were you blabbering all morning? You are okay, right? Kea's chat touched Vian's forehead, worried because Vian acted as usual.

Vian pulled Kea's body closer and buried his nose above the top of her head. "I'm not sick. I just want to see you longer," he said in a hoarse voice, more like an unclear murmur.

Other women may smile when their partners say something romantic, but Kea is even more horrified when hearing those words come from the mouth of a man who has been his lover for more than three years. That didn't sound like the usual Vian. It feels strange.

"Kalvian, ka―."

Words from Kea were interrupted by a light kiss from Vian, the man then kissed the tip of Kea's nose while his breath blew right around his neck. Vian then kissed Kea's lips once more, this time deeper and more demanding. Making Kea enjoy the kiss, the woman put her hand on Vian's chest, then slipped her hand into Vian's hair, squeezing and pressing her neck to deepen their kiss. After their breath thinned, they kissed.

Kea then looked up to find Vian's eyes staring at him. The man smiled, using his left hand which he made into Kea's head pads to rub the girl's cheeks. "I just miss you," the man said later.

"All right, you win Mr. Kalvian because I miss you too," murmured Kea.

The woman shuffled again, lifting her body, so that her chest which was only covered by a thin tank-top was pressed closer to Vian's chest. Kea touched Vian's lips with his lips, speaking there.

"I'll go home according to plan," he said, making Vian smile.

"I know," Vian said, this time with eyes closed.

They also continued their sleep. Just sleep together and don't sleep in another sense.

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