6 5. What's Mine is Mine!

"Tsk, your brain is very bad. We have been friends for 7 years and you still don't know how I am. It seems like I have to fire you from my best friend and kick you into your home country," Vian said without thinking.

"Yak, don't blame our brain capacity. Explain what you mean? I don't understand! "Tanya Dino added a nod from Denmark. That person also didn't seem to understand.

"Don't you know that I am a person who dislikes to share things with others. I'm not the jealous type, but whatever is mine will continue to be mine. End of story. So because I'm getting married to Briena, that means she's mine. "

"Damn you, Vi! Stop making us more stupid because of your unclear words! "Denmark is upset because she doesn't understand either.

"Haish, that's because I'm sure you two can never win this bet!" Shouted Vian.

From the start, the man knew that Briena would soon reject Dino and Denmark. Vian only wanted to play with two of his best friends, but now he had to reveal his evil intentions. Tsk, he's not good at playing with other people or his two friends are too stupid.

"I'm very familiar with Briena's arrogant nature. He will kick you even when the first sentence hasn't come out of your mouth. Besides, you know, that I have never lost. "

"Is that so? Damn it! You cheated us! Damn it, Vi. You made us like fools." Dino said and punched Vian on the shoulder, and the man's laugh that sounded very annoying filled their curses.

"You loser. You bet on something you know what it's like and you still call yourself great. Tsk, you're sneaky." Danish taunts.

"Hey, I'm a genius. You don't know that cunning is part of genius, "Vian chuckled.

"Whatever you say," Dino snapped.

Then they only watched Briena's behavior in silence. Only silence was created, Briena's plea made the three of them dissolve in her charm.

"I feel interested in this bet," Danish said suddenly. "We have to try it, Din, maybe Dewi Fortuna is on our side today. In addition, we have nothing to lose, "said Denmark, breaking the silence before.

"So the bet is still valid?" asked Dino, glancing at Vian, also Denmark, who was waiting for an answer from the man.

"Try it. Good luck," Vian said, raising his glass high before finishing it in one gulp, a mocking smile on Vian's handsome face.

The two men will approach Briena, but there are 2 people who approach Briena first. Apparently Vian's future wife is indeed to be excellent for the club's residents here, so that many approached him.

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Seeing that they lost from the start, so they only saw a scene that was going to happen soon between Briena and also the 2 men who approached her. One of them was tattooed on his chest because the man's shirt was wide open, he was staggered maybe because he was drunk. The other man has a well-built body with long hair and an anchor tattoo on his muscular arms.

The three of them can see that Briena is bothered by the bastard. Although they cannot hear what they are arguing about, they know that their arguments cause quarrels.

Briena was seen screaming at the two men because she felt their attitude was annoying. Seeing all these events they — Dino and Denmark — did nothing, remained silent and continued watching.

Especially Vian who seemed to really enjoy this show. Until the man who had the anchor tattoo on his muscular arm touched Briena's hand, then was reprimanded with curses and rough edges by the woman. Vian did nothing.

"Hey, Vi, you don't want to help him," Denmark asked, surprised that his friend only watched the scene in silence and casually sipped his Vodka glass. The man even enjoyed the sight of his future wife being harassed and even touched by the bastard.

"He can handle it himself," Vian said nonchalantly.

"Are you sure your future wife's sexy body can handle two burly bastards like them?" Danish asked doubtfully.

But it turns out Briena was able to defeat the two bastards. Briena gave them a deadly kick, a punch that made her hand slightly bruised, then kicked their bodies that were already lying on the floor.

"Wow, cool," said Dino in amazement. "Briena looks really charming when defeating those two bastards. I wonder if she is also charming when in bed. Have you ever tried it, Vi? How? Is she usually dominant or obedient?" said Dino in awe, tucking a joking tone into his voice.

"Do you want me to crush your handsome face now?" Vian answered flatly. "Get rid of your dirty fantasy if it's my future wife."

"Hey, I'm just kidding. You are too serious, Men. Are you in love with Briena, so you are very serious about this arranged marriage. You are acting like a male character in a drama," Dino grumbled, not thinking over.

"My principle is still the same and that applies to Briena too," Vian answered flatly and then stood up. "Looks like tonight I really have to meet him. I'll go first," Vian said to his two best friends.

"Give my regards to Briena," Dino blurted.

"Tell him if he's bored with you, my apartment door is wide open for him," joked Denmark, making Vian laugh.

Vian walked to Briena's place. Leaning in the bar behind him, his arms crossed in front of his chest and an intimidating look he aimed at the bastards. Then he turned to Briena, who was tidying up her messy hair.

"It's enough to play, Ms. Virendra," Vian said sarcastically.

Briena turned towards Vian. "And you've also paid enough attention, Mr. Adhyasta." Briena's words are no less cynical. "Heh, how can you be crowned as the ideal man in Asia, if you are not brave enough to help your future wife," Briena said sarcastically.

"I am silent because you are stronger than me, after all I just want to prove the skills of someone who has been named the greatest woman in Asia. Tonight you prove that rank. You can fight with your bare hands," Vian replied no less cynically, explained the man mocked Briena.

"You! Heh, my energy has run out because of these two bastards," Briena said, glancing cynically at the intruder sarcastically. "Doing business with you, let's continue next time," he added and then walked past 2 people who were lying on the floor casually, took his handbag next to Vian and then headed for the club's exit.

"Hey, tell your management not to let these two bastards into any club in the country," Vian ordered the silent bartender before leaving after Briena left the club first. But don't offer Briena to go home together because her ego is too high to be with me after fighting with her.

The two couples stepped to their respective destinations, Vian headed straight for the white lamborgini car and Briena towards the red ferari. The two cars immediately split the bustling city of Jakarta at 2:00 in the morning. Nobody knows what curses and insults they say for each of them.

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