5 4. Prospective Wife's Bet

Vian was still staring at one point when Dino returned to their table and sat nearby.

"Vi, aren't you interested in going down to the dance floor or One-Night Stand with one bitches here?" asked Dino, who came to him after making his partner's lips swell. The man's right hand holds a Vodka glass.

"I'm not interested," Vian answered without looking at his friend and staying focused on one point.

"Not interested or because you're afraid of being thrown away by Kea?" mocked Danish, who had just joined them. His shirt was matted and disheveled hair showed that he had just been touched by a woman. "You said yourself that Kea is the only woman who can make you a little unsteady by the principles of love," added the man and then sat to Vian's right. "You're afraid to lose. Kea, right, so you are docile like this."

"Damn! You equate me with animals!" Vian replied and laughed from his two best friends. The man looked at Denmark. "I like Kea, but love is worthless to me. If I want, I can play with one bitch here, but you know that I'm not interested in 'playing bed' with them. I'm not like you," he answered.

"Tch, fine. Do whatever you want," Danish replied, lifting his Vodka glass into the water, followed by Dino but not with Vian because he cursed them.

"Damn, man,"

"Hahahahahahaha." They laughed again, hearing Vian's curse.

"By the way, I have an offer for you guys," Vian replied, staring at an interesting object. Dino and Dinar looked at Vian waiting. "If you can invite her to One-Night Stand or at least dance, the island I bought last week will be given to the winner," he added, pointing to the woman he was focusing on with his chin. The man then took a sip of a glass of Spyrtus Vodka without looking away.

Dino and Danish looked in the direction shown by Vian. They saw a slender back clad in the design of a famous designer with brown hair hanging back. When the woman turned to the side, they could see the beauty of a small but pointed nose. Their eyes shine brightly like a crocodile that gets a big bait.

"Wow, since when did angels like to visit hell," Dino murmured.

"Perfect," Denmark murmured.

"Tsk." Vian just chuckled at the excessive mumbling of her two best friends. "Use your nonsense that doesn't qualify to seduce him. My new island is waiting for you," he added.

"Bet?" Danish asked, looking confused at Vian.

"Kalvian bet on us. You're not drunk, are you?" Dino asked in surprise.

The reason is in the history of their friendship. This creature never and will never want to bet with them, except when in Paris first. He was always a spectator who smiled at the winner and laughed at the loser.

"I'm not drunk, you forgot I'm a great drinker," Vian said. "I just want to see an interesting show because it's very boring here," he continued with a devious smile on his face.

The three of them are still staring at a woman sitting alone in a bar stool with a glass of Vodka and oranges, about 40% of alcoholic drinks made from fermented distilled wheat. He was good at drinking, thinking about the two men who were still watching his movements.

"Ah, don't tell me you asked her to dance, but she refused you. You want us to feel the same fate as you, right? Isn't that right?" Danish snickered at Vian's attitude.

"Danish is correct. You don't want to be a loser alone, do you? "Dino said, agreeing to Danish assumptions. He drank bitter liquid for the umpteenth time.

"Damn! Who dares to reject me?" Vian said confidently, but it was true. There is no normal woman who rejects his charms. "She is my future wife," he continued.

Dino drew a bitter liquid from his mouth. Alcoholic drinks cost millions of dollars. He was shock after hearing what Vian said earlier. Too bad Vian's expensive clothes must be stained by Danish bitter liquid which is also expensive.

"Damn, your mouth, Dude!" Vian said then took off the suit and threw it in the trash.

Danish glared at Vian in surprise with his earlier confession.

"What did you just say?" Danish asked.

"That woman is your future wife? Damn, are you getting married? "Said Dino.

The marriage of the two heirs of the big company Virendra and Adhyasta is not yet known to the public, so it is natural that they are surprised to hear this news.

"Your expression is too much, someone like us will end up with a vorny love story that is as an arranged marriage," Vian said.

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"Tch, you're right. Cliché love stories from people like us are always designed by our parents," Denmark smiled.

"By the way, who is that poor woman?" asked Dino. The woman's silhouette from the side does not describe her identity.

"Kalebriena Virendra Afkarina, the only daughter of Joandra Virendra Gama. The owner of the Viren Group, "answered Vian.

"Wow, Quality, Physical, and the same attitude as you," sneered Danis.

"Wait a minute," Dino said suddenly, as if he had just discovered something wrong. "My God, so what you are offering us is the body of your future wife. Damn you, you are crazy." Dino shouted. " He lowered his voice.

"Damn, that's right," said Danish, after realizing it.

Two people who had just realized the fact that was happening looked at Vian in shock. Although Vian just smirk.

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