4 3. Exclusive labeled men

At 1:00 in the morning. BLC, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta. The largest metropolitan city in South East Asia which is rich in party place for clubbers who want to get rid of the fatigue of daily activities. One of the famous night clubs in Jakarta is in the Kemang area. The most famous bar by aristocrats and billionaires is the Big Luxurious Club on the roof of La Coffin.

Big Luxurious Club is the only nightclub in Southeast Asia that is already on a par with the Red club in London or the Rex club in Paris. This purple club is a club made for executives, business people and also people with thick pockets regardless of what their job is or how they can get money. Legal or illegal.

A dark room that leaves only a little light, music from the DJ that sounds like soothing classical music. Filled with sickening cigarette smoke and also the smell of alcoholic beverages of various types at exorbitant prices.

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Even though it's almost 1:00 a.m., a club will never be lonely. Instead of curling up in bed at home, they would rather hang out with the devil in hell. Unclear dancing on the dance floor without paying attention to the surrounding people, showing off what they can show off. Some people stumble into the bathroom. Nobody knows what they did there when they became cursed humans with abnormal brains.

Rows of tables and chairs were lined up, filled with thick pockets of people. A bartender is ready to give bitter liquids that cost millions of dollars, tens of times more expensive if customers ask for additional pills. In the room's corner there are several couples who flirt, as if sharing saliva in public places is a natural thing. How disgusting to see it.

Ck, next time use a closed place to spread the seeds, bro!

Where do you place your self-esteem to let lust control your brain?

Damn you bitch!

Cursing and cursing people has become a habit in this place, so don't be surprised if this scenario is full of junk sentences. This hell is full of succubus goddesses like them. A female creature that tempts men to touch their bodies.

In the western corner of the room, men with exclusive labels enjoy their popularity in this room. Who is not tempted to make them life partners, if they can promise happiness? Happiness is called luxury. The only thing in this world that can defeat love.

Tsk, who is the fool who uses love in a damned place like this club? For bastards here, money is far more important than feelings called love.

Kalvian Sakya Adhyasta. The only heir to the Adhyasta family, CEO of K. SA GROUP. This billionaire family has many businesses in various fields, for example: Their culinary sector has more than 40 branches of cafes and restaurants spread throughout Indonesia and also more than 70 outlets spread throughout the world.

The K-AXES cafe has become a brand gathering place for students, students, and even young executives. The K-AXES cafe has been transformed into a famous entertainment venue and lifestyle icon in major cities throughout Indonesia.

Then in the financial, insurance and banking sectors which include several leading banks in Indonesia. K. SA BANK has even worked with banks in Switzerland and New York. The total market capitalization in this company reached 20.4 billion US dollars so that the Adhyasta family became the richest family no. 4 in the World. K. SA Group has expanded its business in fashion and consulting.

One brand of the successfully launched by K. SA is Casablanca. Nobody thought they made this perfume in Indonesia. Many perfumes used by young executives are from France.

The second guy is a handsome model who likes to show his charm on the catwalk. Danishwara Dinata. The man who gave up the family throne in the culinary field and chose the catwalk on stage. The second son of Rajasa Dinata, owner of a food market spread throughout Indonesia and also Southeast Asia. One of Dinata Group's business competitors. He has an older sister who also works in the fashion sector. His brother is an international class designer whose work is worldwide and used by elite and international artists. He works under the auspices of his brother's agency.

The last person is a legal consultant, a law degree he got during college led him to become a leading legal consultant in Indonesia. Every soap opera, film, or other matters related to legal consultation must use this person's service. Radino Aksa, MH.,. The Dino family was involved in all fields of law, his father and mother were respected as senior lawyers, the first brother as a notary, the second brother as a judge while himself a legal consultant.

Who is not tempted by this talented man?

Tonight, the three of them want to forget how to buy shares, how to walk like a cat or talk about dizzy laws and regulations. They want to have fun by visiting one of these regular nightclubs. It's been almost an hour since they sat on this luxurious sofa. Vian, the only man who just sat enjoying the atmosphere and sipping the alcoholic drinks served. Unlike the two friends who radiate charm for all the women who's here or hot kisses when some women approach them.

Many bitches are peddling her body in front of Vian, but she doesn't care at all. Doesn't mean Vian hates them, it's just that she doesn't want to be a fool who 'plays' with lowly prostitutes like them. He will only do French kiss and foyer play, not to show his personal assets. He is not that stupid. He better enjoy this crowded room with a glass of alcohol.

While enjoying the music that resounded and the people dancing on the dance floor, Vian's eagle eyes caught the object that caught his attention. Make his boredom disappear and be replaced by a sly grin on his handsome face. Vian was very focused on paying attention to the behavior of a woman sitting alone on a bench in front of a bar table. A 27-year-old woman with a slim body, wavy hair to her waist with a dark brown color, anyone who sees it will know that the clothes worn by the woman look stamped by world-famous designers. In fact, he uses a brand K. SA FASHION from VSA. This shows that the woman came from a conglomerate.

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