3 2. His Girlfriend and Her Boyfriend

After meeting with Vian, Briena chose not to return to her office. The woman instead went to a park located near Deandles High School. Briena has passed her school days in that place. Now everything feels very different, a lot has changed both from the school building or the park since 7 years ago. That means it's been 7 years sinces he last visited this park.

Briena stepped slowly toward the white metal bench flanked by two yellow light poles. Because the day is getting late, the park looks increasingly crowded. Many people spend the rest of the day relaxing, gathering with family, jogging in the afternoon or cycling. The atmosphere that Briena rarely sees because of her work as an interior designer, her world only concerns offices, apartments, malls, restaurants, and other things that make her bored.

Although Briena truly enjoys life as an interior designer, there must be a time when she wants freedom. Do not want to see computers, files, clients, and other things in the office.

"I think today." Briena murmured softly.

Briena rethinked her life all this time. She can always do whatever she wants because she's the type of tough woman and hard worker. She will not give up on anything that she thinks can be changed, on the contrary she will not do anything that she thinks cannot be changed. Therefore, she did not bother to beg his family to cancel this arranged marriage, he did not want to waste time on it.

Marriage will continue. Although matchmaking doesn't make sense according to Briena. Even though she doesn't like her future husband. Briena will continue to follow the scenario offered by the Virendra family for her. There is no point in avoiding this match, if in the end Briena does have to marry Vian. Briena will not give up or run away from this match. She is also not so ridiculous that she has to make a prenuptial agreement with her future husband. Just do it, as long as it doesn't change the scenario that he has set for his life.


At 20.47 WIB, Briena had just arrived at her apartment. Pressing the apartment code that she has memorized deeply, then enters her dark apartment. The woman left her apartment in low light. Stepping into the kitchen, Briena put her bag on the kitchen bench and then took a glass of water from the fridge. She took a sip of cold water slowly until only half were left. The woman then sat in a high chair facing the living room. A noise disturbed the calm atmosphere in this apartment, the sound coming from Briena's cellphone. Someone called.

Briena reached for the black bag on the bench then looked for the source of her voice. After finding what she was looking for, on her cellphone screen there is the name of his lover. The woman shifted the image of the green telephone to the right before then attaching the cellphone to her ear.

"Hello," Briena said calmly.

Actually, they haven't met for two months and haven't communicated with each other for a week. The women out there certainly won't be as calm as Briena. But Briena is one woman who has a high ego and does not want to lose to miss or whatever her name. In front of her boyfriend, she must be able to calm down. Briena and her ego are as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

"Why is your voice so calm? You don't miss me?"

"What is my voice like? Do I have to scream like crazy?" said Briena sarcastically.

Briena could hear the sweet laughter of her boyfriend on the other end of the phone.

"I miss you, too."

The man's reply made Briena smile.

"So what about Singapore?" Briena asked later, choosing to change the subject.

"Still as usual."

"Oh, I think Singapore has changed, considering you are very comfortable there." Briena said nonchalantly.

"I'm going to Indonesia."

"Oh really?"

Beloved Briena is a well-known businessman in Singapore. Ares has to go back and forth between Indonesia and Singapore only to meet his girlfriend or Briena will meet Ares in Singapore. It was very troublesome and also a waste of money and energy, but Briena and also Ares enjoyed it.

"I'll call you later. I have to meet a client, see you later. I love you," Ares said and then the phone was disconnected after receiving a reply from Briena. Certainly not a reply like 'I love you too', but a parting reply as usual.


Vian's muscular hands touched the shoulder of the woman who only used a black bra, the woman sat on her lap. Then the man's hand pressed against the back of his neck so their lips drew closer and made the kiss even more intense. The sigh of the woman who called out the man's name made the atmosphere hotter. After kissing for almost 2 minutes, they stopped the kiss with a breath that was still breathing heavily.

"When are you coming back from Paris? Why didn't you tell me? I can pick you up at the airport." The man spoke without taking his head off the lips of the boyfriend who was already swollen with slightly stained lipstick.

"Tsk, I know you are a very busy person, Vian, so there's no point in offering me, if in reality you will tell your driver to pick me up. You prefer to work in front of your damn laptop," the woman said sarcastically, making a man named Vian laughed.

"So why did you come to Indonesia?" Vian asked, ignoring his girlfriend cynicism, he gently stroked her temples.

"I have to finish the job. I was chosen to be the Renesme RNATION Brand Ambassador. The launch and exhibition will be held in Jakarta for 3 days, at one of your hotels. After that I will return to Paris because I still have a lot of work," said the woman , holding Vian's cheek with both hands before kissing the man's lips.

"Only 3 days? Oh, Kea, come on! Why is it only briefly here? Don't you miss me?" Vian protested because he did not approve of her plan.

"I miss you, it's just that there is a big project that I took after the business ended here. I can't cancel it," said the woman named Kea. Giving understanding to Vian who was sulking.

"If it's a penalty issue, I can help you solve it." Vian tried to hold hi girlfriend to stay longer.

"This isn't about money, Vian, but professionalism. You work in the same field, so don't brag about punishment if you know the main points aren't that."

"Okay, whatever," Vian said nonchalantly.

Kea kissed Vian again.

"Are you sleeping here tonight?" Vian asked.

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"Not." Kea moved from Vian's lap. "I have to stay at the hotel where the event is taking place. It will be very troublesome if tomorrow I have to hurry there because you know for yourself that Jakarta is stuck," she said while wearing a blazer that he had removed earlier. "I'm leaving, no need to drive me because I know you are very tired. See you later." Kea kissed Vian before coming out of her boyfriend apartment.

After Kea left his apartment, Vian decided to take a shower and sleep. Tomorrow morning there is an important meeting with the client. Vian looked at the ceiling of his room which was decorated with dim lights. His mind flashed when he first met Kea. Keandra Vi. Beautiful woman who works as a famous model in Paris. His first meeting with the woman was at a fashion show charity party owned by Kak Dinar. The sister of his best friend.

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