14 13. Briena's game for Vian

Vian looked handsome in a dark blue shirt suit, attached to his sturdy body, his hair a little disheveled because he was often touched, Rolex's watch on his wrist. He was very authoritative to lead this morning's meeting.

"Thank you all. Today's meeting is over," Vian said to all his subordinates.

One by one, the people attending the meeting came out of the meeting room to continue their respective assignments. Vian still sat on his throne and Jo sat on his left. He focused on the LED screen that appeared on the table, one of the most sophisticated things created by Vian when he was still pursuing a bachelor's degree.

"Jo, have you checked the President of Peru? Has he arrived in Indonesia?" Vian asked without looking at his assistant. The man focused on the numbers on the forex trading report this morning.

"Yes sir. He arrived in Jakarta at 7:00 this morning. Now he is resting in a hotel prepared by the president's envoy. His secretary calls me to discuss your meeting with him," Jo explained.

"Then, how?" Vian asked, clicking on the up arrow, deciding to buy some shares from Samsung Corp. "When can I meet him?" said Vian looking at Jo.

"He said after his state affairs were finished, sir. I have scheduled a meeting for dinner later, at 20:00 WIB at the hotel restaurant where he was staying."

"Virend Group Hotel?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, prepare my next schedule. We have a meeting with the KLOOK Division, right?" Vian's order.

"Ehm, Mr. Vian!" Jo stopped Vian who had reached the exit of the meeting room.

"Is there something wrong?" Vian asked, turning to his assistant.

"Actually ... At dinner, you have to come with Miss Virendra," Jo said. His words had made Vian's eagle eyes glared.

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"You mean Briena?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You can give me a reason why I have to bring that woman," Vian said, staring at his assistant, not understanding Jo's sentence. What does Briena have to do with the business plan between her and the President of Peru?

"The president asked him, Mr. Vian. He already knows about your wedding plans with Mrs. Virendra. He wants to congratulate you both."

"Wait! How does he know about my wedding plans?" Vian asked in surprise.

Jo stopped and focused on the iPad in his hand before giving it to Vian. The man reached for the Ipad, his eyes moving to the right and left reading an article about Ipad Jo.


Two heirs of a giant kingdom in Indonesia in a serious relationship called marriage. Vian and Briena will get engaged in May and get married 6 months later. This plan will break the hearts of Adam and Eve because blah ... blah ... blah ...

Vian returned the iPad to Jo, not wanting to read it further, his head throbbing in pain. "Who? My mother or prospective in-laws?" He asked in a low voice.

"I think ... both of them," Jo answered, smiling.

"Oh, damn it!" Vian muttered. The man sighed tired. "Do you think I should bring that woman?" he said, then asked things that even he knew the answer to. Of course, he must bring his 'future wife' for dinner this time because the first thing to do before making an agreement is to win the hearts of our business partners.

Vian resumed walking, enjoying her arrogance for a moment because she would soon request or even beg Briena to accompany her to dinner with the Peruvian leader. The man's steps took him to his study. He walked to the window behind his office chair. Watch the artificial lake below for a few moments then take a short breath, get ready before reaching for the cellphone in his pocket to call Briena.

Oh, since when was Vian confused by something. Is not he always calm in the face of problems. If it wasn't for this big project, he wouldn't want to ask for that arrogant woman's help.

"Hello," said the voice.

"Where are you?" Vian asked without further ado, without even responding to Briena's greetings.

"Bali. I'm busy now, you ..."

"I know. If you are not busy, you will disturb me when you see my ID on the screen of your cellphone. But you even say 'Hello' without cold intonation, so you are too busy even to only see the caller ID." Vian interrupted, making the woman at the other end of the phone rolled her eyes halfheartedly.

"You insinuate yourself for never saying the word 'Hello', Mr. Adhyasta. I always say that word to anyone. "

"I always say that too," Vian protested.

"Oh, yeah, then why don't you say 'hello' to me?"

"I'm in a hurry, so forget it."

"Tch, just say you don't understand telephone ethics."

"Forget it! Why are we fighting over that word?" Said Vian.

"You started it."

"Then why did you answer?"

"That's because ... haish, stop this silly debate." This time it was Briena's turn to lose the argument.

Vian smiled because their scores were the same.

"Now tell me why you called me. I have a little time," Briena answered later.

"I have scheduled dinner with the President of Peru today. Tonight at 8:00 at your hotel. That means you have to be in Jakarta before 8 pm, "said Vian, making Briena surprised.

What did that arrogant man say?


With the President of Peru?


"You are crazy?" Briena asked in a flat tone.

"I'm serious. Go back to Jakarta right now!"

"Did you just force me? Do you think I will obey you? Stop talking nonsense because I will stay here until tomorrow. Don't bother me again, you understand! "Briena snapped.

Vian had to squeeze his smart brain so that the arrogant woman would accompany him to dinner. He must be able to bring his stubborn wife back to Jakarta before dinner.

"All right. Listen to this. I ... a Kalvian Sakya Adhyasta, asked you to accompany me to dinner with the President of Peru tonight. Don't ask why if you know yourself that I lowered my self-esteem by asking for your help, that means" This is the last option "Because I believe that this option is likely to achieve 100% success, so can you compromise with me just this time," Vian explained in the end, trying to explain why he invited Briena to dinner.

"Are you done talking? I'm closing now-"

"I will ask Jo to bring a land agreement in East Kalimantan. Didn't we yesterday argue about the land, "Vian interrupted before the telephone line was closed.

"I am not interested in."

"Everything is there, including plantations, villas, workers and also agriculture there. Agree? "Said Vian, still not giving up.

"I told you, I'm not interested! Are you so desperate to do something stupid like this? You just offered wealth to a rich woman like me. Did you forget that your wealth and my wealth are only a little different? Stop offering your damn treasure, "I already have everything. Besides, after we get married later, all of yours will fall into my hands, so I have no reason to accept the ridiculous agreement you offered earlier," Briena said, no matter the Adonis creature on the other end of the line was ready to explode. Because of what he just did.

"Yak! This is also because of your mother. If only the article about our wedding plans were not released today, the Peru president would not ask me to invite my future wife to a meeting tonight, and that means I would not beg you and lower my pride to keep you from coming. To dinner —

"That's enough," interrupted Briena. "Hearing your voice so pathetic like this, makes me quite satisfied and a little comforted. Well, I want to accompany you to dinner. At least I also have to be responsible for the act created by my mother," he added, making Vian's blood boil.

"Damn it! So, you play with me!" Vian shouted, but the curse had not yet been heard by Brain because the connection had been broken even before Vian opened her mouth to curse Briena. "Damn woman. Vian shouted, dropping her body on the office chair in annoyance. Wiping her face then ruffled her hair that had been a mess since before.