13 12. Lie! There's One Memory You Still Save, Bi!

The first morning in April, the atmosphere of the city of Jakarta is still like the morning in previous months. The roar of vehicles that filled the streets of the capital city, back and forth of the people on the side of the road, also the sound of vehicle horns that seemed to be a song to accompany the atmosphere this morning.

The atmosphere and routine that happens almost every day in Jakarta, oh, actually not only Jakarta, but all cities in the world. The creatures on earth are ready to start the scenario with different storylines, like actors and actresses in a series of documentaries about life. Starting what is becoming a daily routine, getting up early, bathing, grooming, breakfast, working, lunch, coming home, dinner, sleeping. That's the life cycle of people with the title carrier man or woman.

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, Indonesia.

Briena strolled confidently towards the exit of part B along with her secretary Ave. A peach-colored knee-length dress adheres tightly to her proportional body, showing just how far the legs of the Virendra Group's heir are. Her hair that was left loose added to the elegant impression in Briena, coupled with glasses embedded in her sharp nose, making her look even more fashionable.

A matching Gucci colored bag hung beautifully in his left hand, and a sophisticated cellphone in his right hand. His performance is always stunning to make Briena deserves the title of Best Fashion Airport today. Briena got into the white van that had been prepared by her secretary.

The luxury car will take them to the homes of important corporate clients in this tourism city. For approximately 44 minutes Briena and Ave struggled on the main thoroughfares of the city of Bali, the car they were riding in drove slowly through a beautiful rice field area with cobbled streets and several large trees towering along the roadside.

The atmosphere of a typical Balinese village, calm, beautiful and peaceful. An atmosphere that is rarely encountered in almost all major cities in Indonesia.

The time showed 9:00 pm when the white van entered the private road that will lead to a luxury building at the end of the road. Very clearly Briena can hear the sound of the waves because the beach is indeed 2 Km below the hill there is a private beach of the Garindra family ― the last name of the prospective client Briena obil.

The van stopped right at a Roman-style building with towering pillars and looks very sturdy beige. This building is so majestic, luxurious and elegant, the same thing will also be seen when they enter the area in the classic building.

Ave who saw the living room of the Garindra family, almost screamed hysterically when he saw how beautiful the design of this building. Likewise also with Briena who enjoys the charm of this house with sparkling eyes. Briena's beautiful eyes scanned the building with a frown. Isn't this the building that will be his project this time, but he doesn't see anything that needs to be changed here. This building is perfect, even very perfect.

Then why does Mrs. Dista want to renovate this place? thought Briena in surprise.

"Miss Virendra!" calling a voice made Briena's thoughts scattered. An old woman in a wheelchair came from Briena's right side. The old woman came with a middle-aged woman whom Briena believed to be her nurse seen from the clothes she was wearing.

"You, Mrs. Wayan Dista?" Briena asked politely, in fact just once saw she already knew that the old woman was his client.

"Just call, Mrs. Dista. I don't like to make small talk, so we get straight to the point of our meeting today. I know that you're a busy person, so I don't want to waste your valuable time," said Mrs. Dista calmly.

Briena just smiled.

"Come follow me." Because Briena was also of one mind with Mrs. Dista, so without further ado she immediately agreed to it and immediately followed where the client was going.

Even though she is old, the firmness and also the beautiful face of Balinese women can still be seen by Briena in her client's figure. Briena was sure that when she was young, Mrs. Dista had a character like her, a tough girl full of ambition.

Briena smiled meaningfully at the thought of collaborating with someone of her kind. Apparently Mrs. Dista brought Briena to a typical Javanese gazebo that was in a large yard and faced directly towards the ocean beach below this hill. The beauty of this view adds even more value to this property belonging to the Garindra family.

"You don't mind, if we talk only together," said Mrs. Dista later.

"Of course." Briena who understood immediately told Ave to return to the house, as well as Mrs. Dista who also told her nurse to go.

After the two men left, Mrs. Dista asked Briena to help her sit in the gazebo and then told Briena to sit next to him. "Ms. Virendra, what do you think needs to be changed from my building?" asked Dista, staring intently at Briena's eyes.

"To be honest, ever since I set foot in this house,

I also wondered which parts of this house I needed to change, but until now I still couldn't find the answer. I don't think there's anything that needs to be changed from your house, Madame, both interior and exterior. Your house is already amazing, "Briena answered eventually.

"Ha ha." Mrs. Dista's laughter made Briena confused, out of her expectations.

Why are you laughing? Briena asked without reducing her respect for Mrs. Dista.

"It turns out your taste is the same as my late husband. Mrs. Dista smiled jumawa." Actually, your husband designed this building. All. I also like this building, that's why I let this building stay like this, without definite changes, even though the construction was more than 40 years ago," she explained later."

"This households many memories of the Garindra family, starting from the birth of a child. First to the last child, then their marriage until the birth of my grandchildren. All the happiest and sad things I've ever experienced in this house. Beautiful memories that I will never forget, "continued the old woman with teary eyes.

"You will sell this house." Briena said the sentence without the slightest hesitation.

Mrs. Dista turned her head towards Briena. "Why do you think I will sell this house? Didn't I just say that this house is filled with memories of the Garindra family," she asked, then looked at Briena's dark eyes, trying to guess what was in the young woman's mind?

"The proof is that I'm now in front of you. Isn't my goal to come here to change the building filled with memories of the Garindra family to a new building ready to be filled with new memories. Am I guessing wrong, Mrs. Dista," explained Briena expressing her opinion?

Mrs. Dista smiled at the answer from Briena just now. The old woman was convinced that Briena was a reflection of her when she was young. From the start she saw Briena's profile, she was sure of that character. "You're right. I am indeed going to sell this house," said Mrs. Dista, smiling.

"Why did you sell it and not keep these memories until later?" Briena asked.

"Why did you sell it and not keep these memories until later?" Briena asked.

"Sometimes it's better to throw away memories that have happened, rather than storing them for enjoyment. One memory is created to be remembered, then forgotten and then replaced with a new one. I have been storing memories with my family for almost 40 years, I think that time "It took too long to keep a memory, now it feels hard to let go, but I have to keep forgetting it. It's like a law of nature that cannot be passed," explained Mrs. Dista eventually, conveying the philosophy that Briena agreed to.

"Oh, I see." Briena understood what Mrs. Dista felt.

"If you have memories that you want to throw away, then do it, before those memories make you feel the weight of the name of letting go."

"The memories that I want to throw away? Hehm, those things don't exist." Briena smiled.

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Then what about your memories with that man? First love? First lover?

"Um, we should talk about the concept I made. The film is on the laptop that my secretary brought," Briena said later.


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