11 10. My Apartement or Your Apartement

South Jakarta, Building V.Disg Corporation

Briena began to enter the building where she worked after Ares had just delivered it. Today Briena looks beautiful in her white shirt and black cloth pants complete with a beautiful brown belt around her slim waist. With the hand that carried the Prada brand, Briena gracefully stepped her steps towards the brown mahogany door that connected her room to her secretary's room.

"Ave, come to my office right now! Briena ordered before opening the door, turning to the woman who had been his secretary for 3 years since the company was built.

"Yes, ma'am," Ave said obediently.

Briena walked to her national chair, flipped through the files before her before turning on the computer in her room. A few minutes later Ave entered with a tablet in his hand, the woman had memorized that Briena would have told her to read the schedule for today.

"What's my schedule for today?" Briena asked, staring flatly at her secretary, her voice as firm as her gaze.

"This morning, I have an appointment with Mrs. Arum related to her home decoration in the central Jakarta area, then a meeting with the decor, then a video call with our client from Malaysia. Lunch time until the time you go home later your schedule is empty," explained Ave.

"All right, you may leave," Briena ordered when the Ave task was over. But the woman still stood stiff before him as if he wanted to say something. "What else?" Briena asked, looking confused Ave.

"Do you know our client named Mrs. Wayan Dista?"

"Yes, 70 year old woman who lives in Bali, right?" said Briena.

"He ... Ave was silent for a moment. He wanted to ...." Ave hung her sentence.

"What is the problem with Mrs. Dista? Tell me clearly, Ve, do not be complicated," interrupted Briena, the woman knew that there was a problem related to her client. The proof Ave looks nervous when delivering news related to Mrs. Dista.

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"Mrs. Dista wants to meet you in person without going through an intermediary assistant, ma'am. She also doesn't like communication through Vicall," Ave finally explained.

Briena frowned faintly. "Meeting in person? You mean I have to go to Bali? Briena stared at her secretary who nodded. Ve, I already told you that clients shouldn't be offhanded like that. You didn't say that designs can be sent via email and as before clients with far away objects can having a discussion via video call, "she snapped angrily.

"I-I-I already said, ma'am, but he still wants to see you in person," Ave answered timidly.

Briena sighed to control her bursting emotions. "Why doesn't he go to Jakarta?" Briena asked lowering her voice.

"He is sick, Ma'am, not allowed to get on a plane. Besides, He wants you to survey directly the building that will be designed by you later."

Briena paused, thinking of a solution to this problem. How much profit can we get if we cooperate with him? "She asked later.

"Approximately 89 billion, Ma'am, answered Ave. Previously, I already signed the cooperation at the beginning of the meeting with Assistant Dista. If you cancel the project, you must pay a 47% penalty from the promised price," she explained later.

"Actually, I could have canceled the project, but Mrs. Dista's background clearly cannot be underestimated. The first child is a well-known journalist in Indonesia. The second child was a Director in a private TV station in Jakarta and a third child, a politician. Ok, the third child is not very influential, but the first and second children will obviously affect the continuity of the future V.DISG. Discomfort and client satisfaction they can pour in the form of criticism in the media, "explained Briena thought hard.

The final decision is that he must fly to Bali to handle the project. Briena is not uncommon to meet clients who like this and she has to keep this project apart from being penalized. "Alright, order me a plane ticket to Bali for the next few days. Remember, Ve, don't let my departure to Bali interfere with my other schedule, "Briena ordered. "You may go out," he added, letting Ave leave his room.

"Uh, ma'am, there's more. Assistant Mr. Vian called. He said that Mr. Vian wanted to meet you in your apartment," Ave.

"In my apartment? Contact Vian's assistant now and say that I don't want to meet her in my privacy. Just say we will meet at Djournal Coffee," Briena answered.

"Sorry, ma'am, I already said that and intend to replace it in another cafe, but Mr. Vian still wants to meet in your apartment," Ave explained.

"You may go," Briena ordered without giving an answer. She pulled out a white cellphone from her bag and dialed the number of her future husband.

"What is wrong?" asked the opposite voice without ties

"What do you mean by meeting in my apartment? We can meet in a cafe or anywhere, "said Briena.

"I want a more private place."

"We can go to restaurants that have private rooms"

"Never mind, Bi. You don't need to debate unnecessary things. There are only 2 choices, your apartment or mine. "

"I don't want to set my foot in your apartment," Briena snapped.

"All right, then after lunch I will go to your apartment," Vian said before turning off the connection.

"Just wait until you are mossy," Briena grumbled, then tossed her cellphone back into the bag.

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