2 1. Family matchmaking

Family matchmaking. Hereditary diseases passed on by conglomerate families to their children. The ties they say to maintain good relations between the two families. Stupidly, this disease is always guarded and applied even in the millennium era as it is now. Conglomerates compete to find the ideal prospective daughter-in-law for their children. Paying attention to seeds and weights that cannot be said carelessly. Must be of high quality, clear and equal background, both physical and non-material.

Never heard of a classic script like this, whether in a novel, movie or even a TV series. A collection of scenes with concepts that are always the same, where the two main characters are forced to get married, hate each other because matchmaking ties them up and eventually fall in love because they get used to being together. A classic story that is loved by melodrama lovers.

One scene in the drama is the first meeting like this. Two adults who stood facing each other with eyes staring at each other and an expression that was difficult to guess. Then the scene changes where they will scan each other's appearance. The two people looked at each other openly without feeling uncomfortable with their interlocutors. They sort each other, whether the person before them is worthy or not as a life partner.

The man finished first, he glanced at the empty wooden chair beside him. "Can we move to the next scene, Miss Briena?" he asked.

"Of course, Mr. Vian." The woman in black answered elegantly. They then sat facing each other.

After assessing the appearance of each couple, they will start talking about their vision and principles about arranged marriages, as well as views on future marriages. After that, they can only sign arranged marriage contracts. Discuss whether they decide to continue or not. Choose to hang on to this classic scenario or not. Accept their parents' offer or not.

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"Well, I'm not the type to talk lightly, classic characters in novels or non-fiction stories. I don't like to be labeled as a child who is not obedient to the family and also a coward to run away from this arranged marriage. I don't believe the term love comes from getting used to and Finally ... I don't like rejection, "explained the man in a flat, firm, and confident tone. The man named Vian has just revealed his vision and principles about arranged marriage and in conclusion, he agreed to this arranged marriage.

Briena smiled after hearing the man's words, then leaned forward slightly with a gaze directed right at the two men's retina. "Then we are the same," she began. "I believe that marriage is only once in a lifetime. There is no such thing as a marriage contract or any agreement in my life and I also do not accept rejection," she continued in a voice that was no less strict. Increasingly shows that women are not women carelessly. Briena also agreed to this arranged marriage.

"I agree."

Scene complete.

The contract has been agreed.

Both of these people decided to accept the script of the story offered by their parents. Mutually agree that this arranged marriage is a destiny they must live. Arranged marriages are God's way of uniting them in a bond called marriage. Principled that marriage must be once in a lifetime. They don't want to play around with this sacred bond, tarnish it with something that is useless and sounds ridiculous like a marriage contract.

"By the way, how is your lover? If you want to know, he is one of my clients in the culinary field."

The man said casually, leaning on the back of his chair, smiling at Briena who looked like he was teasing her. The expression on Briena's beautiful face slightly changed when Vian mentioned the matter of 'lovers'. But Briena quickly returned her expression as normal as possible, trying to look undisturbed by the man's words.

Briena smiled faintly. "You don't seem to care about this arranged marriage, but it turns out you have found out everything about your future wife, even secrets that are not known to the public."

"Not caring doesn't mean not being alert. I just want to know about the life of my future wife." Briena moved restlessly in her chair and she knew. "I don't expect an independent woman like you to have a permanent partner, I think you will find a partner once or decide to be alone until you finally decide to get married. You show that humans are social creatures," said the man with the family name Adhyasta, who made Briena is getting angry. The woman's self-esteem is underestimated by the damn man who will soon become her husband.

Briena tightened her jaw before smiling meaningfully. "Looks like I have to thank you for your kindness to find out about me, so I don't need to confirm the fable of your informant about me," she said calmly. "Um, how about your next meeting, you tell the story? For example, about your relationship with the 'your lover' who became a model in Paris." This time the spicy sentence from Briena's mouth managed to make the man who was always calm was a little annoyed.

1: 1 for their score.

"Hahahahaha," the man's laughter immediately exploded, apparently he was not the only one looking for the background of his future wife, but the woman in front of him too. Quite smart and the guy likes it. "I was quite impressed with the steps you took. I thought you were a girl—"

"Spoiled, whiny, gentle, easily influenced. Unfortunately all the good qualities of an only daughter do not exist to me. I am quite ambitious, genius, not easily influenced and I am not spoiled much less whiny," Briena said very confidently without trying to cover up.

"Well." The man nodded. "Because we are not the type to complicate matters, so I think in 3 months we can get engaged soon and the marriage will take place 6 months after we get engaged. You don't intend to argue with your family, do you?" ? "

"Not at all. I don't like trying to change something that obviously can't be changed," Briena said calmly and the answer from her mouth made the man smile softly.

"I agree."

"I think our meeting will end here. You must have known everything about me from your information, no need to waste any more time," Briena said standing up.

"All right, see you later."

The beginning of this story has begun. A match between two heirs of a giant company in Indonesia has been agreed. Fortunately both parties involved in this matchmaking followed the rules without any intention to disobey and make their matchmaking stories disgusting like soap opera drama.

As they agreed before, marriage is only once in a lifetime. Without a contract on paper with the signatures and regulations of each party. Without a sickening drama like revenge, hate being love and the like, well, even so, they don't deny that their relationship will not be separated from the name of lust and debate.

Naturally, if they need the pleasure of marriage, yet they are legally married.

They also avoid sickening scandals related to infidelity. It would be very troublesome if there were news that involved embarrassing words like 'affair' in the names of the two of them. Their lives are quite troublesome with unclear news and sometimes the truth is not yet confirmed by the parties concerned. The news seekers look excessive when writing stories that happened to both of them.

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