1 Prologue

I dreaded this day.

After all, it was supposed to be the day of a test on Polynomes ans Diagonalisation of Matrices...which I by no means mastered yet.

However, I didn't wake up in my bed like usual...

I woke up with the smell of blood and ashes tickling my nose, and agonizing screams.

As I opened my eyes, I instantly found out that...My normal life had come to an end.

[Name: William Steel | Lv. 7 Pirate (0 / 800)

Âge: 14 years old | Title: None

Profession: Pirate (+10 base HP per level)

EXP stored: 240

HP: 170 / 170

Devil Fruit: Gamer fruit (Cannot swim)

Perks: None


Strength - 12 | Dexterity - 11 |

Constitution - 10 | Intellect - 15

Charisma - 18 | Luck - 8

Passive Skills: Piracy (Lv. 3), Firearm Mastery (Lv. 2), Persuasion (Lv. 2), Lying (Lv. 2), Knife Mastery (Lv. 1), Stealth (Lv. 1)

Active Skills: Rifle Head Shot (Lv. 2), Biting (Lv. 1)]

I was given no choice.

I transmigrated into the body of a pirate...into the body of a freaking low-level weakling subordinates to a crew of mobs.

I was given no choice

I already had a bounty on my head and no matter how small it was, I couldn't live a normal life.

Well, at least my captain seems a bit strong ...

[Lara Hart - Lv. 18 Pirate

Title - Captain of the Red Ghosts]


I was in a house, and several corpses were lying on my feet. Most likely, the previous owner had killed them, and died in the process judging by how bloody my shirt was in spite of my lack of wounds. Seemingly, the gamer fruit had healed my body like in games, though the fact that I transmigrated upon his death made me quite apprehensive of death.

What would happen if I died? Would I also be replaced by another soul?

Seeing the middle aged guard with a sword in hands and a gaze filled with dread and anger, I had no choice. I was a pirate and the sooner I embraced it, the better it would be.

My hands moved in a flash, as if I had done it thousands of times. I didn't know if it was muscle memory or just my gamer fruit, but...


[You have activated the skill Rifle Head Shot...]

[You have dealt 20*5 damage!]

[Lv. 4 Militia has been successfully killed]

[You have earned 40 points of EXP]

God...the amount of EXP...My body was filled with ecstasy, and my mind was in a frenzy.

I wanted more...much more...

I had killed a man, but nothing but ambition was in my mind.

Was I a psychopath?

Well, I was a pirate, and it was as if a beast had been unshackled in my heart...a dreadful beast

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