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Read ‘NONENTITY ZERO’ Online for Free, written by the author HeavenlyMike, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [DROPPED]His past life was a misery that he wanted to escape with all means... But now things were different, he vowed t...


[DROPPED] His past life was a misery that he wanted to escape with all means... But now things were different, he vowed to rectify his past mistakes and become a better man capable of protecting his loved ones at all costs. With the gift of harbouring two mana cores in his body... Only sole human capable of wielding 'Aether'.... Great Family that supported him throughout his growth from learning magic to swordsmanship... And being able to traverse a pocket dimension to his will known as 'Vanta Black.' Life seemed rather nice for him, until he learned that the very Deities this world worshipped and looked up to weren't as he thought they were. ●DISCORD SERVER LINK IN BIO N/B: The Cover and Character arts are mine

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I am in love with this story. I got hooked from first to third chapter. I do not want to give any spoilers because I am so happy with the way this was crafted. Kudos author.


It's actually an interesting read, it got me down on the first few chapters. You should try it sometime it's a good read


Looks like I've been tripped by gold, again. Another one to my TBR pile 😜


Once again. this is one of those books that seriously needs more attention. the author does say that the chapters are a little slow at the beginning. Can definitely see that, but... I can promise that it's worth it!!!


I read the first 5 chapters and the novel gets interested as it progresses. This novel deserves to be at the top. Kudus to the author.Need more.


Such an underrated novel indeed! The Author has truly poured his soul into writing this, one can easily tell by the way the book is progressing, the amount of vocabulary he delicately adds to his descriptions, the world building, the power system and the character developments! Gambare, your novel has the potential to make it to the top.


what AI generator do you use for your art good sir?


Got me at the first few chapters..Really great read..Big ups man🔥


I love this story. Please don't stop writing .Work hard to entertain us.Already added to my library.No Spoiler......... ............ ............. ................ ... .. ..... . . .. .


Hey, sorry if I'm intruding but i couldn't find another way to ask! How did you upload your character images?! Please respond.


OMG!!! What a great storyline? I love it and can't wait for the other chapters too... I love the writing style (especially the POV) and the progress of the story... I recommend this novel to any reader out there


what an eye catching novel, I do love to keep up the good work


Good writing quality, about the grammar is good too


Premise is interesting, writing style is unique. The pacing could be a little better, but it definitely keeps you paying attention! Definitely give this book a try. It’s clear the writer is working hard and has a plan for where the story is headed!


This is a really catchy story and i suggest that y’all should read it




Amaizing book [img=update][img=recommend]


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