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My name is Harry Potter. I'm 17 years old and just recently graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up being ritually beaten and abused by my obese muggle (non magical) uncle. This was pretty much condoned by the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. My parents were murdered when I was one because I was prophesized to kill a madman named Lord Voldemort A.K.A. Tom Riddle.

When I got to Hogwarts I learned I was famous for surviving the madman's killing curse and somehow defeating him as an infant. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left Hogwarts I faced constant threats on my life. It turns out my potions master himself was responsible for telling Riddle the prophecy that targeted my parents and I. In my first year my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was possessed by the not so dead Riddle. From then on I began researching possession and how Riddle could still be alive in such a bodiless form.

The headmaster gave me an invisibility cloak on Christmas of my first year and I was suspicious that he would give me something so powerful without a catch. I suspected some method of tracking it magically. Researching such methods led to the discovery of a tracking charm on the cloak and then eventually how to transfer said charm onto a rock I left in my room when I used the magical tool at night. From that point on I began reading every book in the restricted section using my cloak to conceal my actions.

Getting around the screaming feature of the restricted section books when they were opened was easy once I taught myself a powerful silencing spell that was in the regular library. I'd learned to become self sufficient after my time at the Dursleys. I discovered books on occlumency and legilimency and quickly taught myself these disciplines when I found out that some wizards can read minds. I already suspected Snape and Dumbledore of it.

By day I read in the regular library and night in the restricted section. There were small rituals in the restricted section which didn't really require much in the form of payment, an animal sacrifice here and there, which made it so I only required two hours of sleep a night. A boy named Ronald Weasley kept on following me around school and annoying me so I used his pet rat first as a sacrifice. The little thing squealed so much that I was very glad I'd learned the silencing charm as I slashed its throat.

I made a friend in a Ravenclaw girl named Hermione Granger. On Halloween Weasley ruined this event as well. He made her cry and run off to a bathroom. Then a troll got into the school. By the time I got there she was barely alive. I managed to kill the troll with some of the battle magic I'd learned from the restricted section. I took her to the hospital wing where Madam Pomphrey was able to save her life. Magical healing can do some pretty amazing things.

Physically Hermione made a complete recovery but mentally I wasn't sure she would ever be that slightly shy but intelligent girl I'd befriended. Her parents took her straight out of school. I sent them a bunch of newspaper clippings I'd compiled about what the Death Eaters (Riddle's followers) did to muggleborns and their families during the last war. Hermione still corresponded with me over letters. Her family took her to America to live where hopefully she would be able to emotionally recover from her attack. I vowed to have my revenge on Weasley someday when it was convenient.

When I discovered the subject of Horcruxes in the restricted section I knew I'd found out what Riddle had done to survive all these years in his current spirit form. I suspected from my curse scar pains that it was in fact a piece of Riddle's soul. In my second year I was able to prove it when I encountered a second Horcrux and destroyed it in the chamber of secrets. I managed to convince the phoenix Fawkes to cry on my scar after I dripped basilisk venom on the cursed mark.

I kept the sword of Gryffindor after that and trained with it. I also explored the chamber more and found books of rare knowledge. I memorized those books with the aid of my occlumency and practiced the magic learned in them within the chamber. Nobody ever knew I removed my scar in the chamber thanks to a glamour charm. A highly illegal potion brewed to remove the trace allowed me to practice magic in the summer. I never let my relatives know because one glimpse into their minds told me the headmaster knew about the abuse and in fact paid them for it.

I learned how to leave the house without being caught and started exploring Knockturn alley and Diagon Alley under glamour charms. I acquired all kinds of books on the dark arts and other ministry restricted subjects. The dark arts only corrupted those with a weak will. Occlumency ensured I wouldn't fall to the dark subject. Most dark wizards never bothered with learning the mind arts. Those that did and still went bad were the worst kind because they chose to willingly become corrupt.

I found out about my inheritance and claimed it after getting emancipated. Dumbledore had been intercepting my mail for years and making decisions for me without my knowledge. I obtained access to my family vaults which contained five million galleons (twenty-five million pounds sterling) and left my trust vault alone to fool Dumbles. I began hunting down the Horcruxes. Researching Riddle's ancestry led me to the gaunt house where I found a powerful ring which contained a Horcrux. I managed to destroy the soul fragment without harming the natural magic of the ring using the dark arts. It required a human sacrifice but I easily obtained one from a death eater I found in Knockturn Alley.

This rather effeminate blonde haired dark wizard claimed being under the imperius and had subsequently gotten away with his crimes. When I looked into Lucius Malfoy's mind I realized he was the perfect sacrifice. He himself had set the Horcrux incident in motion in my second year. He knew another soul container had been entrusted to Bellatrix Lestrange to be placed in her vault and Regulus Black had watched over one before Riddle killed him. I now wore the ring on my finger under a disillusionment charm. I felt more powerful while wearing the cloak after I took possession of the ring. In third year my godfather, Sirius Black, escaped and tried to hunt down Pettigrew. Pettigrew was the one who framed Sirius and betrayed my parents.

I was pleased to realize he was the rat I'd killed in my first year. I managed to scare off the dementors that were attacking Sirius and I with a piece of soul magic which made anything with a soul experience extreme agony. It worked on the dementors really well since they are full of soul energy. I also managed to convince Sirius to return to his ancestral home instead of remaining in the open while on the run. I put the house of Black under the Fidelus charm myself and became the secret keeper.

I found the Slytherin's locket Horcrux in the manor and destroyed it since the locket's inherit magic was relatively weak. Sirius and I remodeled that house over the course of that summer, taking out and replacing the wall which held his mother's portrait. I killed the house elf myself. Getting the Hufflepuff's cup Horcrux was pathetically easy after bribing a goblin named Griphook to retrieve it from the Lestrange vault for me. He thought that just because I gave a magical oath to never reveal what he'd done to anyone that I was helpless.

I had learned quite a bit of wandless magic thanks to my immense power. I used it to make it look like I swore the oath. I only told Sirius what I was doing and we both decided that removing our money from Gringotts if it was that easy to get to would be the best thing. We stored part of our fortunes in trunks and part in muggle currency in muggle banks. I still kept the trust vault at the Goblin run bank to fool Dumbles. I located one of the last Horcruxes in Hogwarts in a very magical room which I could see with my new magical contacts. These contacts could see magical auras, through solid objects, and through most invisibility spells. They would never have to be removed and couldn't be by anyone but myself.

I saw the dark energy of Riddle's soul through the walls of the hallway outside the room. I was entered into the Triwizard tournament being held at Hogwarts during my fourth year. The magical aura coming off of the defense professor's flask showed he was taking a potion. It wasn't hard to figure out it was Polyjuice with him taking it at least once an hour. Looking into his mind revealed Riddle's plan.

I let events play out and made it look like I struggled through the tasks. When it came to the third task I beat everybody through it very quickly to reach the cup. I was portkeyed to the graveyard where Riddle's father was buried. I was met by a death eater named Mac Nair carrying the homunculus holding Riddle's soul. A short duel led to the DE being subdued and the twisted thing being dropped on the ground. Riddle's snake tried to bite me when I went for him but the sword of Gryffindor caused it to loose its head, literally. That was the last Horcrux that I suspected Riddle made.

A short dark ritual later and Mac Nair's life force aided me in banishing his master for good. Obviously when I retold a highly made up version later Dumbledore didn't believe me. Neither did Riddle's remaining DEs. For the next couple of years things were pretty shitty but I survived. In my sixth year Dumbles started telling me about the Horcruxes. He thought he'd found one at the end of the year and led me to a cave. I enjoyed feeding him a debilitating potion and then leading him back to the school where a DE attack was in progress. When Dumbles thought he had me petrified under my cloak I had to try very hard to suppress a laugh.

I was as powerful as Riddle was at the height of his power while I was an infant when he marked me as his equal. Riddle was slightly more powerful than Dumbles thanks to his dark rituals. The old man had experience on him. The very act of marking me as his equal, as a certain prophecy stated, caused me to equal his power at the time of my marking. My power grew until I hit my magical maturity at age seventeen. Dumbles could no more petrify me than he could have Merlin. When Draco came out and failed to complete his mission to kill the old man he was quite surprised when I finished the job for him with a very painful curse in the back. As I picked up a wand I claimed as spoils and recognized as being made of Elder I felt an extremely powerful magical connection form between the wand, my cloak, and the ring I wore.

I tested out the strange power and killed Malfoy. There was nothing left of him from the power of the curse I just hit him with. The ensuing battle with the DEs was rather short as I killed them all with very little effort. I'd figured out what the ring and cloak were when I saw them connect with a wand made of elder. I'd never really believed the master of death part of the legend of the deathly hallows until I could actually see the souls depart from those I was killing.

I particularly enjoyed killing Snape. That night I raided the old man's office and found a treasure trove of books and artifacts, all of which I took. I particularly love the philosopher's stone the old man had kept along with notes on how to use it and replicate the highly magical object. I saw the soul fragment in the old man's wizarding portrait and took care of it with a killing curse.

My seventh year was relatively peaceful besides the incident where Ronald Weasley was killed by an acromantula. I had nothing to do with making him meet the creature, no sir. After graduating I decided I needed to leave England because the wizarding world seemed to fixate more on me now that the old man was dead. In studying prophecy to learn if there was any fact to the chosen one stuff I learned about the Slayer prophecy. One girl prophesied to deal with all of that shit. I decided to help this girl out. I knew how much prophecy could fuck up your life.

It wasn't too hard to track down the current slayer. She hadn't yet learned she is the slayer. Sirius understood my need to get away so decided he was going to go to the Caribbean to find some women. I'd managed to use my fame to get him a fair trial under veritruserum so he was no longer hunted.

I tracked Buffy Summers to Sunnydale California where she had just enrolled as a new student. I enrolled as a sophomore as well. It shouldn't be too hard to pick up what I'd missed out on of my muggle education since I was eleven with the help of my occlumency and legilimency. I could retain just about any knowledge I learn and recall it instantly. I could also pluck answers out of my teacher's heads.

My first run in with Buffy is when she drops her stuff outside of the principles office and I stopped to help her pick it up.

"First day," I asked.

"Yeah is it that obvious," she asked with a smile.

I could instantly tell she is attracted to me. I'd learned to develop that sense about girls when it was possible they would start using a love potion on me. I didn't find the thought that unpleasant because I am honestly attracted to her too.

"Only because it's my first day as well," I reply with a smile I have been told is heart stopping.

"Oh..Wh..where are you from," she stuttered with the effect my smile had upon her.

"England…you," I asked.


"I'm Harry Potter."

"Buffy Summers," she replied as she shook my hand.

"Well Buffy it was nice meeting you but I need to get to class. I hope to see you around."

"You too Harry," Buffy replied as I turned and walked away, feeling her gaze on my backside the entire time.

I was being shown around by a kid named Xander. He was nice enough if not just a bit of a goofball. I did see Buffy again when we had lunch together along with Xander, a nice girl named Willow, and a friend of Xander's whose name escapes me. Our pleasant lunch was interrupted by a snobbish girl named Cordelia.

"I think she likes you Harry," Willow said.

"She's not my type."

"Hot isn't your type," Xander asked in obvious shock.

"Beauty is more than just skin deep," I simply replied.

That comment obviously earned me some points with the girls. I'm much better around them after my seventh year and learning some of the nicer attributes of my fame.

"So what about that dead guy they found in the locker room," Willow asked to break up the silence.

"Don't know much about it," Xander stated.

"I need to go," Buffy spoke up for the first time in a while.

It was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that Buffy had been bothered by the news of the dead guy ever since learning about it. I made my excuses and followed her so she wouldn't see me. Silencing my shoes and activating the charms on my necklace ensured nobody saw me. The necklace contained my invisibility cloak with charms to make it wrap around me or go back into the locket with a thought.

I watched as Buffy broke the door to get into the girls locker room. I sent a silent repairo at the door to cover her tracks. She was obviously dismayed when she discovered the bite marks on the dead guy's neck. The first place she headed was to the library to confront Rupert Giles. This man was how I found Buffy. He was part of the watchers organization which kept track of the whole vampire problem.

I watched her explain to him that she wanted no part of the slaying business. She wanted to be retired. The problem was it didn't matter what she wants because others would be after her because of a stupid prophecy. She didn't see it but Xander was behind the bookshelves listening to the whole thing. I'd wait to see how he reacts before I take action. Should it be poorly I'll just obliviate him.

I put a charm on Buffy to let me know when she leaves her house and allows me to track her. I kept an eye on her as she left that night. I floated nearby just over to her side under my cloak on my firebolt. I watched her first meeting with a vampire who had his soul. It was a tricky bit of necromancy and soul magic. He was still pretty creepy and not necessarily good though.

When we got to the club called the Bronze I followed her in shortly after. I walked over to the bar to see her talking to Willow.

"Hey ladies…how are you two doing this evening?"

"Harry," Buffy says in surprise and delight if I read her tone right.

"Pretty well Harry," Willow answers.

"Yeah I'm doing fine," Buffy answers as well.

"So what exactly do you do for fun while you're here?"

"Well I mostly sit around and moan about my lack of skills with the opposite sex," Willow stated.

"I understand...I used to have the same problem with women," I commiserated.

"You," Buffy asked with obvious surprise.

"Yeah," I confirmed with a slight nod.

"What happened," Willow asked curiously.

"I learned life's too short to not seize the moment."

"That's exactly what I was just telling Willow," Buffy stated.

"Speaking of which could I talk to you for a second Buffy?"


Once we were out of earshot from Willow I decided to get right to it.

"Would you like to go out with me? I'm pretty attracted to you."

"Really? I feel the same way," Buffy replied.

"So is that a yes?"

"Yes," she replied with a big smile.

"Great," I returned with a matching smile.

"So how about I pick you up tomorrow night at 8?"

"Sure that would be great," Buffy answered happily. "Let me get something to write down my address."

"I don't know if you had a chance to notice yet or not but I moved into the house down the street from you a few days before you moved in," I informed her.

"Oh well then you already know where I live then. Tell Willow I'll be back in a second would you," she asked as she obviously saw somebody behind me.

Turning I saw it was Giles so replied, "Sure."

I cast a listening charm on her and went and told Willow I had to use the restroom. It was an interesting conversation between Buffy and Giles. I couldn't yet consciously control some of my powers gained from the Hallows but I'm sure I will.

One of those powers that I haven't fully mastered is the ability to see souls. If I do master it then I'll be able to tell who is a vampire and who isn't by the absence or presence of a soul. Their conversation ended when they realized Willow was moving off with somebody Buffy thought was a vampire. The Slayer went looking for her read haired friend and the suspected vamp, coming out of the back rooms just as I left the bathroom.

"Hey do you know where Willow went," she asked me in obvious distress.

"No but I'll help you look. She probably went outside."

"Right…Let's go."

We ran into Xander out front and he picked a bad time to confront Buffy.

"Have you seen Willow? She left with a guy."

"Why is he a vampire," Xander demanded without preamble.

Xander's statement caused Buffy to vent her stress at everybody knowing she was a slayer.

When she looked at me as she awaited my reaction I simply replied, "I already figured it out but it doesn't bug me."

"It's official everybody knew," Buffy stated.

"I have a lot more knowledge on the supernatural than most people," I replied.

"Are you a vampire?"

"Buffy you've seen me in the daylight," I responded simply.

"Right…Well let's go look for Willow."

"Let's go towards the graveyard. It's usually where vamps hang out," was my suggestion.

"How do you know that," Xander asked.

"A book," I replied simply.

"What book," Buffy asked curiously.

"I don't remember the exact title but there are plenty of books on the supernatural if you know where to look."

Our conversation ended as we arrived in the graveyard and more specifically at one of the tombs where we could hear voices. Buffy confronted the vampires that were about to attack Willow and that Jessie guy. I watched her move as she staked one and then started beating the other.

"Xander, Harry take Willow and Jessie and go," ordered Buffy as she fought.

Not bloody likely was my only thought. I watched as the others left and then when it seemed like Buffy was about to stop playing with the vamp another one walked in. This one was older because he threw the other one around and told her to leave.

I watched the verbal exchange between Buffy and the vamp named Luke from my concealment charms. When it looked like he was too strong for Buffy I dispelled the charms and summoned Godric's Sword to my hand. Luke didn't even know what hit him as my sword sliced through his neck. He turned to dust quickly.

"Harry?! What are you doing here? I told you to leave. And where did you get that sword," Buffy asked as I helped her up.

"You'll find that I don't listen to directions very well and I'll tell you about it over dinner tomorrow night."

"Ok," she replied in a suddenly shy voice after she remembered our date tomorrow.

"Now let's go help the others," I stated.

"Right," replied Buffy as she took off running beside me.

It didn't take us long to find the others surrounded by a whole group of vamps. I decided to hold off on revealing more of my powers unless I had to so just used the sword. I conjured a couple more when the others weren't looking and passed them to Buffy, Xander, and Willow. The Jessie bloke looked rather weak from blood loss.

"You're going to have to tell me where you keep these swords," Buffy bantered as she started cutting the vamps down.

It didn't take us long between her and I to cut them down. While I don't have Slayer strength I know some muscle augmentation charms that helped out. I also was using discrete wandless magic to trip up the vamps. The others mostly just used the swords to fight them back.

"So who's up for a nightcap at my place," I asked.

"Sure," Xander replied.

"I'm in," Willow agreed.

"Why not," Buffy answered while trying not to look too happy about getting to see my place.

Jessie just nodded. I led them to my house. It was a nice five bedroom number with three bathrooms; a large fenced in back yard, and a hot tub that Buffy loved.

"Drink this," I ordered Jessie while handing him a vial.

The others already had a drink.

"What is it," Willow asked.

"Blood replenishing potion," I answered.

I got the expected weird looks from the others at my statement. Knowledge of the mystical arts doesn't necessarily mean I have powers.

"So I assume you'll also explain how you took out that Luke vamp over dinner tomorrow night. Cuz it sure as hell wasn't you taking him by surprise. He was stronger than any vamp I've faced," said Buffy.

"Of course…and that was because he was far older. He was probably at least a couple of hundred years old."

"So vampires are real and they get stronger as they age," Willow confirmed.

"Yes," I responded, letting Buffy decide how much to explain since it was more her secret than mine.

Buffy elaborated on my simple answer and we spent the next hour going over things about vampires and the mystical world as Giles called it. I drove the others home before dropping Buffy off. Before she got out of the car she gave me a nice kiss on the lips.

"Night Harry…I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night Buffy," I replied with a smile as I watched her lovely bum make its way to her front door.

All in all it wasn't a bad start to my time in Sunnydale.

Author's Note (read because it will answer many questions that might not be answered on my profile):

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Chapter 2 Buffy Verse P2 - BaNP Arc by stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Buffy, Harry Potter, or Stargate, or any other recognized characters.

Chapter 2

The next day at school we spent our free time in the library trying to figure out what was going on. The vamp I'd dusted, Luke, had talked about the harvest and his master being released. Giles eventually figured out that the master referred to one of the first vampires or a demon. Either way it was bad because he would try to bring hell on earth if he was released.

Giles explained how the master will enable a vessel to absorb the soul energies of humans to strengthen the master. I decided I would need to study vampire magic because it sounded a lot to me like the way a Horcrux empowers itself enough to create a new body by absorbing a soul.

In either case there was nothing to do but wait. We figured the vessel would head to the Bronze where he could get lots of young fresh souls.

Later that night...

When we got to the Bronze it was already sealed up. Buffy and I were going to find another way in while she sent the rest of the group around back. When they were out of sight I wrapped my arms around her.

"Umm...Harry I don't think this is the appropriate time for that," Buffy told me.

I just smirked before taking flight with her. My battle suit made of Basilisk hide that I'm wearing under my clothes is enchanted with the same charms as a broom. It wasn't fast by any means but it got me where I want to go. It took a bloody long time and Hermione's help through our long distance communications to figure out how to enchant the clothing.

"Harry we are definitely going to have a nice long discussion on why exactly you can fly," Buffy said as I set her down on the roof.

"Love to babe," I replied.

Before Buffy broke the window in I stopped her and simply vanished the glass.

"You know you are very handy to have around. I think I'll keep you," she said as she favored me with a smile.

We were soon inside and arrived just in time to witness the vamp we could tell was the vessel by the mark on his forehead get ready to take his first victim. To draw his attention Buffy kicked a minion vamp off the balcony we are on while I take another with an overpowered incendio. I then stand back and let Buffy take the vessel while I take out his lackey vamps.

While I don't particularly like seeing Buffy in danger it's her job. I will just be there to comfort her and make sure nothing goes wrong. The vessel vamp was probably the second oldest next to that Luke I dusted so he was pretty strong. I wouldn't be surprised if he gained some strength during the harvest ritual as well. As such when it looked like Buffy was going to get her ass kicked I decided to try out a spell that I'm not sure has ever been used on a vamp.

The patronus charm works on anything that doesn't have a soul of its own. It makes them feel agonizing pain. Vamps don't tend to have that soul (well except that Angel guy that stalks Buffy). I actually used the Elder wand for this because a patronus done wandlessly would have taken enough concentration that I wouldn't be able to watch for vamps around me. The muggles couldn't see the patronus but I'm sure they could tell when it hit. The vessel dropped to the ground and started writhing in agony. Buffy wasted no time in staking him.

"What did you do," she asked me with curiosity instead of anger that I butted in on her kill.

"I'll explain most of it tomorrow at dinner since we'll have to postpone but basically I'd imagine the master vamp is in a whole world of hurt right now and pretty damn weak."

"Nice," she replied with a smile.

I decided to do one more trick while I had my special wand out. I modified the memories of everybody who didn't know about the vamps to think up some plausible explanation that made sense in their minds. The next day at school everybody was acting normal. We told the rest of our little group that I have mystical connections and left it at that. They didn't ask as long as they knew I am not a demon.

The next night was a Saturday. This was the night for our date since we had to postpone it one night to divert the apocalypse. I picked Buffy up in the Ferrari I'd just bought that day. My other car had been a rental until I decided what car I wanted. I'm rich enough that I could buy a Ferrari from my interest alone on a monthly basis. Buffy wore a nice tight red dress that showed off her rapidly developing womanly figure. I took her to a restaurant where the explanation began. A wandless muffliato charm ensured our privacy. I gave her a heavily abbreviated version of my life.

I only said that the Dursleys didn't like me at all. I then explained the highlights of my time at Hogwarts. I didn't tell her exactly how much money I had just that my parents had left me enough to survive comfortably for a while.

"So let me get this straight. You're an uber powerful wizard who came to Sunnydale to help me."


"So you've been following me around to make sure I can handle myself."

I was relieved that she wasn't freaking out.

"I suppose I'll take your stalking as flattery."

"You're not upset?"

"Would you be upset if an uber hot girl chose to stalk you? Besides it's not even full blown stalking. If that were the case I should have known you were there."

I couldn't exactly argue with her strange logic.

"So what happens now," Buffy asks.

"Well I'd like to try dating. I mean I like you a lot."

"I think I'd like that boyfriend," Buffy said with a smile.

When we left the restaurant I took Buffy to a movie and then we went back to my place for a bit at her request. Once there we engaged in a quite heated snog. I knew Buffy is a virgin. I can tell that about her. So I walked her home soon after that wondering if a Slayer's libido is more heightened than a normal female's.

Buffy Summers couldn't be more happy than she was right now. Her life had been looking pretty crappy with the knowledge that the vamps and demons weren't going to leave her alone. Fate hated her and wanted to crap on her life. Then Harry had shown up and started comforting her. It was oddly comforting to know that she wasn't the only one fate chose to crap on. At least she had her mother and wasn't abused. She'd picked up on that when he talked about the Dursleys.

Buffy honestly couldn't understand how anybody could hate somebody as cute as Harry. He is absolutely gorgeous. She knew he wasn't telling her all of his secrets but her senses were telling her it wasn't anything evil that he kept from her. With time she would hopefully get him to open up. She decided to trust this new slayer sense that Giles was encouraging her to develop. It was telling the slayer that her new boyfriend was powerful. Just how powerful she wasn't sure. All she did know in that area is that her slayer sense told her he is more powerful than any demon or vamp she had met so far. For gods sake the man had killed a sixty foot snake that could kill you with a stare at the age of twelve with nothing but a sword. Buffy was sure magic must have been involved when she heard that even if it wasn't consciously done. Buffy went to sleep that night with thoughts of a certain green eyed wizard and wondering if her libido was heightened due to her emerging slayer powers.

The next day I picked Buffy up and took her to school with me. I loved the cheer leading outfit she wore because tryouts are today. When tryout time came around Buffy got to chatting with this Amy girl. I got this weird feeling when around Amy but I couldn't seem to pinpoint it. During the tryouts one of the girls seemed to spontaneously combust in the area of her hands. I hit her with a flame freezing charm while Buffy tackled her to the ground with a flag to smother the flames. It wasn't smart to try a finite on an unknown spell. I knew it was a spell because people don't just spontaneously combust.

Later on in the library the group was discussing the incident and Giles brought up that it could be a witch. I found it interesting to listen to Giles descriptions of witches from the books he had access to. It was interesting that the watchers council knew about voodoo and magics of that type. I'd never learned that much about that type of magic in school so I was a bit out of my depth.

On the list of suspects was Amy. She seemed to be the most likely suspect. Buffy thought it was a subconscious thing for Amy to be doing it. I didn't think that was likely because she would have figured out what she was doing by that age but I could have been wrong because I am out of my depth with voodoo. Giles had a test to confirm if she is a witch. We tried it the next day in chemistry class and it came up positive.

Overnight I had contacted Sirius with the mirror we use to keep in touch and had him pick me up some books on voodoo since he is much closer. They arrived by portkey in the middle of the night. My quick study skills allowed me to learn some enchantments to block most voodoo curses and attacks. That day the positions for cheerleading were announced and Buffy made first alternate. I was very wary of whether Amy was doing the magic subconsciously or with full knowledge. I couldn't get a read on her with my legilimency without her knowing what I am. I don't want to tip my hand too early.

When Cordelia got knocked off the team by an accident and Buffy got put on I figured it was only a matter of time until whoever was doing the Voodoo went after my girlfriend. I was proven right when the enchantments protecting her alerted me that they were blocking a deadly attack. I told Giles what was happening and he, Buffy, and I decided to raid Amy's house to destroy her magic supplies.

When we got there Buffy didn't take long to figure out that Amy's mom wasn't who she appeared to be. Amy's mother had taken her daughter's body and put Amy in her own older one. That kind of soul magic was unheard of in Britain but that is because most refused to hear of any type of soul modification magic. Of course one of the only types known in Britain is the Horcrux which is some really nasty magic. So I guess I don't completely blame them for not wanting to mess in that area. That definitely didn't hold true for the rest of the world though.

When we entered the room where Amy's mom had all of her magical equipment I felt a pulse in the magic background but didn't realize what it was until a few minutes later. The thing that made me realize what the pulse was happened to be Amy's mom showing up in Amy's body. The pulse was some type of alert ward. She was pissed and started trying to use her powers against us. We didn't have time to do the ritual to break the curses that Giles found. I was busy shielding against some very nasty curses so I did what I do best, improvised.

Giles and I had figured out that a Voodoo witches powers are tied in a spell book on which they do rituals to store and increase that power in. Seeing her spell book I hit it with a killing curse. I could tell right away when they switched bodies back because now her mother's body started attacking me. I'd had enough so I hit her with a heart attack curse and she died soon after. This way Amy would get insurance money to help her take care of herself. Later on she told Buffy she was going to live with her dad.

"So you're a wizard," Giles asked me later that night when he, Buffy, and I were cooling down after the fight at my place.

"You know about wizards," I asked him a little surprised.

"Only hints and rumors…I'm curious as to why no other wizards fight vampires and demons," answered Giles.

"Oh we have our share of demons but for the most part we take care of them," I explained thinking of the dementors. "Vamps know not to mess with my kind because even the least wizard can usually cast an incendio. Most of the wizards and witches I know are weak and lazy. They wouldn't lift a finger to kill a vamp or demon unless they were directly threatened and sometimes not even then."

"What is the Hellmouth in your peoples view," Giles then asked me.

"The Hellmouth is where most of the major ley lines of the world converge. It's where the interdimensional energy in this world is the strongest. There are other weaker spots but they are no where near as easy for the demons to break through. I don't know this for sure but I'd imagine that should something ever happen to breach dimensions and it threatened the world to the extent Buffy couldn't contain it then the American Mages would intervene. They tend to be more progressive than the wizards of Britain."

"Well I suppose it's good you're on our side then," Giles said, ending the discussion on that topic.

A pattern began to form in Buffy and my own routine. I would pick Buffy up and take her to school with me in the morning. Then we would get through school and either hang out at the library or my house to do our homework. I help Buffy with her homework because her mind is too distracted with thoughts of fighting demons or vamps. I think it's just part of being a slayer. I don't have any trouble in school because I can read a book in a matter of minutes and completely commit it to memory.

When it comes to homework all I have to do is think of the answers to the problems and can then permanently conjure a sheet with the answers neatly written on it. It wasn't used at Hogwarts because students aren't taught occlumency which is required to achieve the necessary focus. I help Buffy out by looking into her mind and getting her answers, tweaking them a bit to make them adequate, and then conjuring them for her. It really makes me happy that she trusts me enough to allow me access to her mind like that.

After school work we either go on some type of date, patrol together, or we have dinner at her house. The first time Mrs. Summers tasted my cooking she said she wanted to keep me. I guess the Dursleys were good for something because they forced me to learn to cook so well.

A few days after we dealt with the witch Xander, Buffy, Willow, and I were sitting in front of the school. The biology teacher, Mr. Gregory, had given my girlfriend a talking to last night to encourage her to do her best in his class. He really was a good teacher. Xander's attention was drawn to somebody walking up. When I turned around I was hit with a veela like attraction when I saw the woman Xander was staring at.

I turned up my occlumency and had to take it up another notch in order to not do a double take. Buffy was getting more perceptive of my feelings.

"What's wrong honey," she whispered into my ear.

In response I looked into her eyes and sent her the image of what I'd just observed. I no longer had to look inside a person's mind to see in but I do in this case because I suppressed my girlfriend's physical reaction as well.

"Oh," was all she could say.

The woman was in fact not a woman at all but a giant bug using pheromones to mask its true nature. While we were busy adjusting to this revelation the creature had come up to Xander and asked him to direct her to biology. His currently not very strong will easily gave into the pheromones and began losing articulation and higher brain functions quickly. Another weak willed guy, a jock, came over and showed her the way. I decided it was time to fix a little problem I'd recently been noticing with my friends.

Xander's reaction to the creature reminded me a little too strongly of Ron Weasley's reaction to Fleur Delacour in my fourth year.

"Xander, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure Harry," he replied as we walked just out of sight of the girls.

I immediately smacked him upside the head.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?"

"For the way you've been treating Willow."

"What does Willow have to do with anything?"

"Willow has a major crush on you."

"Ha, ha…that's a good one Harry…Willow, liking a guy."

This earned him another smack.

"Xander I'm going to do you a huge favor…something that any guy here would kill for. You have a girl that would practically do anything for you. You now have the advantage of knowing that for sure. Second I'm going to show you what Willow will look like in a few years when she becomes a real woman."

"And how could you possibly know that...," he trailed off as I handed him several pictures I'd just conjured behind my back.

"Willow...," he asked in shock as he examined the nude photos of Willow showing all angles.

"How did you get these?"

"Call it curiosity but what else are you going to do when you have access to a potion that allows you to assume anyone's form you choose and a temporary aging potion."

"Who took the potion for you?"

I just stared at him with a blank expression.

"You took the potion?!"

He was answered with another blank expression.

"Did you play with yourself...them...I mean. Right another blank stare. So what do I do because Willow is hot?"

"I'll tell you exactly what you're going to do. You're going to take her out on a nice date, dinner and dancing or whatever she wants to do. Treat her right or I'll hurt you."

Willow had become a good friend in the last couple of weeks. She was showing me how to hack computer systems and I've been showing her about magic. She seems particularly interested in it since the voodoo witch incident. In fact both Buffy and Willow have. Buffy told me magic is so cool when it's not being used to try to attack you.

I allow both girls access to my private library. It's stored inside of a shrinking trunk with heavy security. It contains some of the darkest, rarest, and most informative magical tombs in the magical world. The books include those duplicated from the Black, Potter, Dumbledore, Slytherin, and other libraries. I even copied the entire Hogwarts library. With Hermione's help we were able to craft a charm that bypassed copyright charms. As payment I gave the extremely happy witch a copy of all of the books in her own trunk.

Whenever Buffy or Willow would want to see something done they would come ask me and I would perform the magic. I was usually rewarded later in our snog sessions. They were getting increasingly heated. My experience with the opposite sex is quite a bit more extensive than Buffy's. My teacher was one Nymphadora Tonks. The bubbly metamorphagus and I had a hot relationship going during my seventh year of Hogwarts. She taught me many positions and things I love to do. Unfortunately it ended on good terms when we realized that I needed to get out of England. She let me go and we still keep in touch. I imagine if I'd stayed we would have developed something deeper. I'm glad to hear she and Sirius are now an item. They are cousins through Nym's mother but that's never stopped anybody in the wizarding world. I have no discrimination against incest as long as they are happy and they do sound like they are.

I've been expanding my library with magic from all around the world since the voodoo incident. Nym and Sirius have been gathering the new books for me. Nym has taken time off from being an auror to tour the world with her boyfriend, my godfather. Sirius deserves all the happiness she can bring him after his time spent in Azkaban.

"There is just one problem Harry. All of that requires money," Xander stated.

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."

My fortune has been seeing some really good times lately. I've been investing in the muggle world and had Sirius doing the same with me. We bought large shares of a particularly profitable company called Microsoft. Between that and various other investments what started out as twenty-five million pounds sterling is now thirty million and rising. It's rather easy to invest when you get inside information directly from the minds of the CEOs and worlds best investors. A little invisibility here, apparition there, and legilimency goes a long way into getting some inside information.

"You're all right Harry," Xander said with a smile.

We walked back to the girls and headed to class. Later on in the library we explained the situation with the giant bug to Giles.

"That sounds like a creature from myth that my colleague went hunting for."

"What happened," Willow asked.

"He went insane and now lives in a mental institution."

"Well how do we kill it," asked a very sad Buffy.

Mr. Gregory's body had been found headless and stuffed into a cooler in the cafeteria an hour ago. Buffy was quite saddened because she had actually liked the teacher.

"The damn thing practically taunted us by teaching about a preying mantis in class today and how they bite off their mates' heads," cried Buffy angrily at the evil bug.

I completely agreed with my girlfriend.

"Well I'm pretty sure cutting off its head and then burning the body should do the trick," I suggested.

"You're just eager to use that sword of yours," Willow told me.

"Well you got to admit it's a pretty cool sword," Xander answered for me.

"Oh that reminds me I have a present for you my dear," I say as I pull something out of a pocket for Buffy.

"A doll's coat," she asks in confusion before I enlarge the shrunken coat.

"Wow," everyone said at once in admiration.

"Basilisk skin coat tailored to your size," I told her as I slipped it on her.

I don't need to hide the existence of the basilisk from everyone since I've decided to open up with this small group.

"It doesn't feel hot or cold at all," Buffy stated.

"Temperature regulation charms. It will keep you nice and cozy in the worst of conditions."

I got a thorough kiss in thanks before Buffy discovered something in the pocket.

"What's this," she asked before pulling out what looked like a dagger.

"Think enlarge," I instructed.

She did so and a beautiful sword grew to full size in her hand. On the blade was an inscription which it was quickly obvious that Giles was the only other one who could read it.

"My god! How did you get that," he asked me.

"It seems Arthur's descendants married into my line," I replied with a smirk.

"I'm lost," Buffy said.

Giles sat down with a thump and speechless look before replying.

"Buffy what you're holding right now is the legendary Excalibur."

Buffy, Willow, and Xander were all staring at me open mouthed now.

"What," I said with a shrug while laughing on the inside.

I got a very big thank you session later that night for loaning Excalibur to my girlfriend.

"Now I just need to bind the enchantments to you," I said as I pricked her finger and directed the blood drops onto the sword.

It glowed and then became normal looking again. Taking the sword from her I directed her to try summoning it with a thought and raised hand. I was very pleased when it worked. None of the others realized just how pleased I am. It wouldn't have worked if the magic of the sword didn't consider Buffy my mate which meant she was already in love with me.

I'd already checked out the enchantments on the sword and found that Gryffindor's sword was superior. Merlin may have crafted the sword but it was wielded by a muggle. Gryffindor fed his magic into his sword for his entire life.

That night we followed the substitute biology teacher home and hacked her to bits. It wasn't hard with two extremely powerful enchanted swords. We burned the body and her eggs. The next day we did a sweep of her classroom for eggs and found some there as well. We destroyed them and then I performed some magical tracking to make sure there were no more. We were all relieved when there were none. Buffy and I did have a run in with an interesting vamp on one of our patrols. It had a metal claw on its hand. We made short work with it.

Our usual dating schedule was a bit interrupted a few days later when Giles informed us about a prophecy made concerning a certain brotherhood of vamps. It basically stated that the death of five shall give rise to the anointed one out of the ashes. This anointed one is supposed to have the ability to lead the slayer to hell because she won't know him. That prophecy can be loosely interpreted because that just means she never met him in person. I proved this loose interpretation when I figured out who the anointed one is.

We staked out the graveyard on the night he was supposed to rise but it turns out there was a crash on a bus where five people were killed and that constituted as the rising event. We destroyed the four bodies that were left but there was a sixth person that was on the bus. I managed to get this fact out of the memories of one of the vamps just before we staked him as he was rising. It is a little boy. It won't do much at the moment but it will allow Buffy and the rest of us to recognize him as soon as we see him.

When our class went on a visit to the zoo Buffy and I walked around together and Willow and Xander went together. My advice to Xander paid off and he and Willow had been on several dates now. They both seemed to be pretty happy. A group of four bullies decided it would be a fun idea to go around the zoo making fun of people and generally being assholes. When they insulted Buffy I hit them all with time delayed diarrhea curses. As soon as they leave the zoo they won't be getting off the toilet for a couple of hours minimum. Unfortunately it wasn't fast enough because they dragged another student into the closed down hyena exhibit.

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and I followed them in. Unfortunately none of us saw the principle following us either. As soon as we got in there I knew something was wrong. All four of the bullies were surrounding their intended victim but the aura the five were letting off was all wrong. They noticed the principle hiding in the shadows and made a move to attack him. I turned on my aura sight and saw that they were possessed. They were really strong, Buffy strong.

Buffy grabbed the intended victim and held him back. I hit the other four in the back with overpowered stunners. Unfortunately they got quite a few good hits in on the principle. He would recover but it looked like they were trying to knock him unconscious and then eat him. We could tell this by the bite marks. I've had some experience with possession so I quickly knocked what I'd come to realize were the hyena's spirits out of them. When the principal came to the first thing he did was to make sure all four of his attackers (he didn't see the intended victim originally drug in by the bullies) were expelled.

The rest of us never said anything. We aren't particularly those four bullies' favorite fans. The next thing the principal did was resign, stating that he'd had enough weirdness from Sunnydale. Buffy and I went back that night to the hyena exhibit because there was no such thing as an accidental possession. We found the maintenance guy wearing ritual garb from an African tribe trying to get himself the powers of the hyena. He knew everything that was going on and went with it. He had no problem with killing.

I didn't even bother letting him know we were there. I sent him over the fence into the hyena cage with my powers. He was ripped to pieces quickly. After that I hit each of the hyenas with a choking curse and they all quickly died. They were a very vicious breed that didn't need to be around. The paper the next day would say that the hyenas were poisoned from the ritual paint the worker was wearing. It would say that the maintenance guy was apparently fooling around near the enclosure and fell in.

It was just another strange incident in Sunnydale.


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There were a lot of comments about the speed of Harry's life before Sunnydale. That was because I was summarizing. This portion of the fic is more about the Buffy crossover. After 70,000 words it will be more about the Stargate crossover. Then it will start crossing with a lot of stuff. More detail is provided from here on out. It was interesting that some reviewers liked the lack of detail because we all know canon Harry's story and should be able to infer what happened from the details I gave while some didn't think there was enough. I guess you can't make everybody happy. More details will trickle out as we go along.

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Chapter 3 Buffy Verse P3 - BaNP Arc by stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Buffy, Harry Potter, or Stargate.

Chapter 3

A big change in my relationship with Buffy came a few days later. I decided that even though we'd only been together a couple of months that I needed to tell her how I felt about her. Life is too short for people in our line of work. To accomplish this task I apparated us to Paris. Being Harry Potter has its advantages, like getting a magical passport that allows me to go into any country with guests. It's not something that just any magic user can get. My fame is something I've learned to exploit when I need to instead of something to curse.

I took my beautiful girlfriend flying after dinner. Flying several hundred feet over the Eifel tower while under an invisibility spell was when I decided to tell Buffy I love her. It was pretty romantic.

"I love you so much Buffy," I whispered over the sound of the wind whipping around us from this height.

"I love you too Harry," Buffy replied with bright eyes that gleamed like jewels before leaning in and pressing her soft lips to mine.

After a while longer of passionate kissing I flew her to our hotel room that I booked at a very nice hotel. Joyce of course thinks her daughter is at Willow's house for a sleepover. As soon as we were in the room our clothes were flying off. Looking at a naked Buffy Summers is a breathtaking experience. I of course know how good she'll look in a few years thanks to Polyjuice and aging potions. Our hands roamed all over each other's bodies as we kissed with lots of tongue.

Begin Smut Scene

Buffy's small hand reached down and grasped my eight inch hard member. She started stroking my length which sent wonderful feelings into my groin. I decided Buffy deserved the same treatment. Slipping a finger slowly into her virgin pussy I found Buffy to be burning with heat and soaking. Her slayer snatch was even tight around my not so thick finger. Buffy began moaning into our kiss as I finger her tight hole. Buffy was rotating her slim teen hips to grind her mound on my finger as much as she can. Deciding not to waste anymore time I pick her up by her tight little ass and carry her over to the bed.

She lies on her back and spreads her smooth tan thighs for me, inviting me to explore her soft folds. I lean down until my head is between her legs and begin dining on her tasty pussy. Running my tongue up and down her folds while being careful not to touch her clit yet has Buffy moaning my name interspersed with soft gasps of delight. I lick everywhere in her pelvic area but her clit. She tastes deliciously wonderful with a fragrant but not too strong flavor. Buffy has her fingers threaded in my hair and is urging me towards her clit. I finally oblige when I start tonguing and sucking on her sensitive bud.

"Oh Harry…oh fuck…god Harry suck my clit baby…that feel so damn good," cried out my little minx.

What finally sent her over the edge was me activating my parseltongue abilities. The rapid vibrations of the simulated snake tongue directly on her clit causes her to have a screaming orgasm. I lap up her tasty juices as she pours them out of her convulsing cunt. I trail my lips and tongue up her firm young body and press my lips to hers in a tender kiss that Buffy seems to enjoy even more after an intense orgasm. I can tell Buffy gets more turned on by tasting her own fluids on my tongue and lips. Buffy reaches down and grasps me before pulling my member to her pussy and guiding me in. I feel my cock slip through her soft folds, pushing her extremely tight walls aside, until I felt my head rest against Buffy's maidenhead.

Before I can even pause to get ready Buffy grabs my butt and pulls me all the way in her with Slayer strength. It's amazing how tight her grasping pussy is. The entire length is rippling on my cock in protest at the violent expansion her inner muscles were forced to go through. We exchange a passionate kiss until she seems adjusted enough. I slowly pull back out with a short stroke before driving back into Buffy's welcoming snatch. My sexy lover's gasps fill my ear as I bury my face in her tender neck. This position is one so intimate for a Slayer because exposing her neck shows how much she trusts me.

"Harry…I'm so full…you feel so big and deep inside of me. Don't ever stop," Buffy pleaded softly as her hands slid up my back.

Buffy Anne Summers felt so deliciously full as her man's thick long shaft slid back and forth through her stretched cunny. The sensations coursing through her lower body were a direct result of her inner walls being rubbed again and again by Harry's wonderful meat. Her man's lips and tongue worked her neck tenderly while she ran her fingers along his sides and back. His hard body slid against her skin. She felt her nipples being rubbed by his hard chest as he worked hips back and forth to drill out her pussy. Waves of pleasure were building in Buffy's center as Harry made love to her for the first time.

I drew back to stare at my lover as she moaned beneath me. Buffy's sexy lips were parted slightly as she moaned and panted with the intensity of the feelings coursing through her nether parts. Her slick channel felt heavenly around my shaft as I slid back and forth between Buffy's tender pussy lips. I felt Buffy working her internal muscles to squeeze and massage my length as I stroked through her welcoming folds. I wanted to increase the pleasure I was seeing on Buffy's beautiful face so leaned down and captured her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked on her hard bud before trying to suck on more of her supple flesh, flicking my tongue rapidly along her sensitive tit.

"Harry…oh fuck…don't stop! Fuck me harder Harry…fill me with your hard dick," cried Buffy as my teeth grazed her breast flesh gently.

Wrapping her legs around her lover's waist Buffy starts to use her new grip to bring her mound up against Harry's groin with every deep stroke he takes into her body. Buffy tried to pull him deeper inside of her as she felt her lover's hot breath against her ear coming in pants from his exertion. Every stroke of his shaft into her pussy caused Harry's thick head to brush against her sensitive vaginal nerves. Those nerves sent out waves of energy all over her lower body that was adding to Buffy's continual enjoyment of her lover. Buffy had always heard that your first time wasn't really meant to be enjoyed. She assumed Harry was using some kind of magic because she was definitely enjoying Harry's magic meat stretching her cunny.

As Buffy drove her mound up to meet me thrust for thrust I could feel myself getting closer. My legilimency altered the pleasure centers of my lover's mind enough to increase her arousal further. My hips rocked back and forth with great speed as I drilled out Buffy's tight snatch. We were both gasping and letting out barely audible noises to announce our enjoyment of each other. My face hovered inches above Buffy's as I concentrated on absorbing every moment of pleasure that played across her features. It was the best damn patronus memory I had yet in my life as Buffy came around my thrusting cock.

As I felt my Slayer lover's muscles ripple around my length in ecstasy I buried myself to the hilt into her welcoming body. Rope after rope of my thick cum burst forth from my cock and sprayed against Buffy's slick cunt walls. I felt her juices flooding around my shaft as we came with an intensity that had both of us grinding our sex organs together with an addiction for more. I felt absolutely sure that without my strongest contraceptive magic in place Buffy would be one very pregnant Slayer at that moment. As it was I sensed my seed saturating Buffy's welcoming womb as her hot channel milked my shaft for everything I had to give. We ground together for some time with residual tremors.

"Still hard Harry," Buffy asked with some surprise and a slowly spreading grin.

I felt no need to reply as I began stroking in and out of her once more. With some enhancement and stamina magic I know combined with Buffy's Slayer stamina we went on for quite some time more.

End Smut Scene

"That was amazing Harry."

"I agree love."

"I think you're going to be doing that to me everyday," Buffy informed me with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Yes dear."

"It's not going to be hard to train you at all is it?"

"Nope," I agreed.

"Hmmm...I suppose vamp and demon slaying should provide enough of a challenge anyway."

"You could always take up knitting if you get too bored," I tell her with a teasing quality to my voice.

"Hmmm...no not knitting. I should probably just think up knew ways to kill those demons and vampires."

"Well you can help me then. You know how I've been studying engineering along with all of those different types of magic."

"Yes," Buffy confirmed.

"Well I've been working on making the two fields work together."

"But I thought magic and electronics don't mesh well," Buffy replied with a confused look.

"Well I found a nifty charm I can place on electronics to keep any magic fluctuations away from them. Magic is everywhere. It's the fluctuating magic that spells send through the magical background that kills electronics. Think of it as a wave in a pond. Besides I've found it's usually only the sensitive equipment that has difficulty unless the magic is exceptionally powerful."

"Like anything you cast," she teased me.

"Hey I'm learning control," I stated in mock indignation.

Ever since I've been adjusting to the Hallow powers my magic has been slightly harder to control.

"Well I'll help you but we can talk about this later," Buffy replied as she slid down my body to return the oral favor I paid her earlier.

I woke up the next morning to feeling Buffy's mouth on my shaft. She couldn't seem to get enough of my taste and demanded her tasty morning treat, not that I mind in the least. It isn't wise to deprive a Slayer of her favorite creamer.

From that night on our relationship has changed for the better. We are closer than ever. A few weeks later we were patrolling when we were set upon by three vamps wearing medieval armor. I could tell they were old by their power and I finally got tired of fighting with them. I directed a wandless lumos solarem at them and they disappeared in clouds of dust. The sunlight charm just took out all of the fun in vamp slaying.

"You're a wizard," someone gasped in surprise behind us.

"Hello Angel. I guess you would be old enough to have heard of us," I mused aloud as I turned to face the ensouled vamp who has been somewhat stalking the much younger Buffy.

"Old enough to know why not to fuck with you," the vamp replied with a nod of his head. "But I thought your kind don't interact with vamps and demons that often. Only the bad ones do and only when they want vamp warriors, not that we are that useful in a fight against other magic users."

"I've taken a vested interest when my girlfriend is involved. So who restored your soul," I asked curiously.

"Gypsies…I fed on a young girl they cared a great deal about," Angel replied.

Thinking about the gypsy spells I've read about in my recent studies I recall a spell that would do that. It would have taken a good number of the gypsies to cast that spell due to power requirements.

"Hmmm...There is a condition on the spell isn't there," I stated more than asked.

"You can tell," Angel asked me in surprise.

"Yes I've read about the spell they used. Would you like me to anchor your soul in you better so that condition doesn't apply anymore?"

"You can do that?!"

"Yes. After they've done all of the hard work of getting your soul back in you it won't be hard for me to anchor it more firmly to override that condition."

"Then yes please," Angel answered with some excitement.

Pulling out the Elder wand I begin chanting a spell that is similar to the enchantments that bind a soul fragment to an object to make a Horcrux. Thanks to my occlumency I remember every spell I have ever learned so it is only three minutes of chanting until I'm finished.

"It's done," I say after taking a tired breath.

I'm no more magically depleted than I was before the chant. It just takes a lot of mental focus for that spell. A very nice property of the Elder wand is that it seems to channel magic from the surrounding magical background instead of from the wielder's core, unless directed. This means I still have my entire magical core replenished. It's a very nice thing to have if you get in a fight.

After that we left Angel go on his less gloomy way. He was a lot happier after that. The condition on the gypsy spell was one that would release his soul if he ever felt true happiness. That meant no sex or any very happy thoughts for the last century less he risk losing his soul. He could do all of that now.

"Hmmm...I bet the Master is running out of old vamps now don't you think," Buffy asked me.

"I suppose so. We've sure been dusting a lot lately. So what do you want to do tonight?"

"Harry you even have to ask. More sex," Buffy pouted.

"Ok then the only question is your place or mine."

"Hmmm...You've got the bigger and comfier bed but it turns me on to do it with my mom next door. Decisions, decisions…my place," Buffy finally answered.