Noah Of The Activated
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Noah Of The Activated


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What is Noah Of The Activated

Read Noah Of The Activated novel written by the author LittolSol on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, modern, magic, supernatural. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Five years ago, a Diablo-Level Catastrophe hit Luzon of the Philippines without any warnings. Mana beasts swarmed as people died one after another. Noah and his sister Mel were left behind by their mother in hopes to find her husband, yet, five years later, they never came back. Noah and his sister now live without any parents. Noah became an Activated and decides to become a Blacksmith in hopes to make some money and not risk his life to complete his sister's education. However, in Quezon, where the catastrophe started, a mysterious group of anonymous people appeared. One that will shake the world upside-down.


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Shameless Author here! This story will be about a boy that wants to protect his sister's future after losing their parents in the Worst Catastrophe of Luzon, Manila five years ago. People with superpowers is called the Activated and their enemies are Mana Beast, which can be intellectual depending on their levels. There will be 3 types of Activated Human, though that will be described in the story but those are: Control, Transformation, and Hybrid. There are two sub-types of Control and Transformation Types and the Hybrid is a combination of the two types. Further explanation is in the story.


I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review webnovel is my body exp is my blood i have created over a thousand useless reviews yet these hands will never hold anything so as i pray unlimited exp works.


wow that is all I can say I usually just read Romance novels and comics here. I got hooked and forgot to write my own story 😊. I love this story and would love to read more 😊💖


Woah.....this is lit!!!...will definitely make a famous webcomic one day.love the storyline..................the opening was great indeed...makes me hooked up on the story.


Currently, the story is still as its infancy but the details of the power system is really unique. It is really promising and I hope the author won't mess it up on future chapters. 8/10 for now. Depending on the progression, it might go down or go up. Good luck Author!


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