39 Enlightenment Method, Cultivation

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"Little Junior Brother!"

A clear and crisp voice sounded.

Ye Ping snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look at her.

It was his Senior Sister Chen Lingrou.

There were a total of seven disciples in the Qingyun Dao Sect.

They were his Eldest Senior Brother Su Changyu, Second Senior Brother Xu Luochen, Third Senior Brother Wang Zhuoyu, Fourth Senior Brother Zhang Xuezhuan, Fifth Senior Brother Lin Bei, Senior Sister Xiao Muxue, and lastly, little Senior Sister Chen Lingrou.

They were basically rarely seen in the sect. Apart from mealtimes, Ye Ping would never interact with them most of the time.

In particular, Ye Ping had never seen Xiao Muxue and Lin Bei before. He had only heard about them from Su Changyu.

However, he had to admit that Chen Lingrou was extremely beautiful.

She looked younger than him, but since she entered the sect earlier than he did, he had to address her as Senior Sister because of the seniority.

Chen Lingrou was 17 years old, so she was considered a young teenager. She was about 6'3 tall and had skin that was as fair as snow. Her hands were soft and tender, her eyes were shaped like peach blossoms, and she had a marvelous figure. She could be considered a beauty.

However, she was still a little young, so she was rather puerile and gave off a childlike vibe. Once she grew older, she would definitely blossom into a ravishing beauty.

She was stunningly gorgeous, and Ye Ping felt like he had returned to his youth.

"Greetings, Senior Sister."

Ye Ping did not harbor any designs on her as cultivators ought to stay clear-minded and abstain from lust.

He stayed firm to that principle even though Chen Lingrou was indeed very pretty.

"Little Junior Brother, why aren't you comprehending the Sword Dao at the rear cliff?"

Chen Lingrou walked over with a smile on her face and stood in front of Ye Ping.

Chen Lingrou was very simple and pure, and had always been living in the Qingyun Dao Sect. Even when she was away from the sect, she would rarely interact with strangers. Thus, she was the one who was the most excited about the arrival of a new member in the sect.

"Senior Sister, Senior Brother Luochen wanted me to come to the Sutra Pavilion to read some books, so that I'll know how to answer questions that involve common sense."

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Ye Ping retreated a little. It was not that he disliked Chen Lingrou, but rather, she was leaning too close towards him, so much that he could smell her bodily scent.

Who could resist such a gorgeous beauty?

"He wants you to come to the Sutra Pavilion? Senior Brother Luochen really knows how to save himself trouble."

Chen Lingrou muttered, and then she noticed that Ye Ping silently retreated a little. She couldn't help but be curious. "Little Junior Brother, why are you retreating?"

She did not know much about the world and barely knew much about the differences between the genders. After all, she spent most of her time with Xiao Muxue.

"No. My legs are just a little numb."

Ye Ping answered with some embarrassment. Chen Lingrou looked much younger than him, but he had to address her as Senior Sister. After all, age didn't matter when it came to cultivation. Some would go into seclusion for hundreds of years, so age was considered nothing.

He mainly felt that it wasn't appropriate to be too physically close to her, lest his Senior Brother saw it and thought that he was behaving indecently.

"Oh. Little Junior Brother, you have to work hard. In a few more days, I'll impart the Supreme Great Dao to you."

Chen Lingrou did not notice anything. Instead, she walked towards Ye Ping and patted his shoulder solemnly.

Supreme Great Dao?

Ye Ping chuckled bitterly. He believed that everyone in the sect was a peerless expert, but he felt that Chen Lingrou didn't seem too reliable. Perhaps, she might have a better aptitude than him, but she was definitely not a peerless expert.

However, he did not look down on Chen Lingrou in the slightest. Instead, he had a good impression of her.

After all, Chen Lingrou was extremely polite and friendly to him. Besides, she was too pretty for anyone to dislike her.

"Senior Sister, may I ask if I can learn the contents in this secret manual?"

All of a sudden, Ye Ping pointed at the '3,600 Immortal Aperture Techniques' on the bookshelf.

"Yes, you can learn it if you'd like to."

Chen Lingrou glanced at him and gave him a casual answer.

"Can I? I'm worried that I might become obsessed with it and develop hallucinations."

Ye Ping was a little surprised, he did not expect that he could really cultivate it.

"No, no. This is an extremely basic secret manual. How can you become obsessed?"

Chen Lingrou waved her hand straightforwardly, appearing rather casual.

The secret manuals in the Sutra Pavilion were all very ordinary and did not have any tendency to make the reader slip into delirium.

However, Ye Ping deciphered it differently.

'This secret manual is considered basic?'

'What's considered non-basic then?'

"Thank you for your guidance, Senior Sister."

Ye Ping said gratefully.

"It's okay, it's okay. Little Junior Brother, you have to cultivate well and faith in yourself. By the way, you can just address me as Senior Sister Lingrou from now on."

Chen Lingrou said joyously, making her look even more beautiful.

"Yes, thank you Senior Sister Lingrou."

After Ye Ping thanked her, Chen Lingrou left the Sutra Pavilion. Although she really wanted to chat with Ye Ping, she still understood that she could not reveal any clues. Hence, she just greeted him simply.

Chen Lingrou left.

Ye Ping then immediately took the secret manual '3,600 Immortal Aperture Technique'.

Soon, he opened it.

A line of small words immediately appeared in front of him.

"Humans are the leader of all beings, their bodies contain gold and treasures. There are 3,600 Immortal Apertures."


Half an hour later, Ye Ping finished reading the secret manual.

After reading the secret manual, Ye Ping was astonished.

The content of the '3,600 Immortal Aperture Technique' was actually very simple.

In the introduction of the secret manual, it was stated that there were plenty of gold and treasures hidden in the bodies of humans, which were sealed in the 'apertures'.

Once the apertures were opened, one would be able to absorb the spiritual energy of the world, nourish their body and thus speed up their cultivation.

At the same time, after activating 36, 72, 108, 365, 720, and 3,600 Immortal Apertures, one would be able to awaken their physical talents, each of which had extremely powerful effects.

In other words, every time an Immortal Aperture was activated, the cultivation speed would be multiplied. If 3,600 Immortal Apertures were activated, the cultivation speed would be 3,600 times that of a normal person.

That was the reason for Ye Ping's astonishment.

His greatest flaw was his extremely poor aptitude in cultivation.

However, if he could cultivate the 3,600 Immortal Apertures Technique, wouldn't it make up for that flaw?

Not to mention 3,600 Immortal Apertures, even if he could activate 10, it would be impressive.

At the thought of this, Ye Ping carefully and seriously read the cultivation techniques once more before scurrying to the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

He arrived at the cliff.

Ye Ping looked a little impatient.

He wanted to activate the apertures, firstly because he wanted to make up for his lack of aptitude, and secondly because he wanted to cultivate the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique.

Since he had already comprehended the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique, he would feel uneasy about not cultivating it. Ye Ping naturally wanted to condense the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique sooner.

On the cliff at the back, Ye Ping closed his eyes.

It was stated in the 3,600 Immortal Apertures Technique secret manual that he would first have to meditate and find the Immortal Aperture in his body.

Once he found it, he would be able to guide the spiritual energy into his body, and once it came to fruition, he would be able to activate the Immortal Apertures.

However, Ye Ping was unsure if it would take him a long time to activate the apertures since he had a poor aptitude.

However, those were not major problems.

Ye Ping sat cross-legged, his mind turning blank.

After calming down, he began to meditate and find the Immortal Apertures.

Time passed bit by bit.

An hour later, a breeze blew past.

All of a sudden, in Ye Ping's mind…

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