10 Displaying The Sword Techniques, Su Changyu's Astonishment

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Su Changyu was confused.

'I casually drew a random sword mark, and you really comprehended some sword moves?'

'Are you lying to me?'

'Do you think you can bluff me because I've never practiced swordsmanship before?'

Su Changyu didn't know what to say.

It wasn't that he didn't believe Ye Ping, but he couldn't believe what he had done.

He had just drawn a random sword mark.

Yet, it gave Ye Ping an epiphany.

If he could comprehend sword moves just like that, was there a need for secret manuals?

However, despite his bewilderment, Su Changyu nevertheless tried to maintain his image.

"How many sword moves have you comprehended from this sword mark?"

Su Changyu asked calmly.

"Senior Brother, including the ones just now, I've comprehended a total of 400 sword moves."

Ye Ping answered seriously.

However, Su Changyu burst into laughter after hearing what he said.

He didn't follow the procedure at all and simply started laughing.

In the past, he would believe Ye Ping and think that perhaps, Ye Ping really had a talent in the Sword Dao and could identify some moves.

However, after hearing that Ye Ping had comprehended 400 sword moves, Su Changyu did not believe it at all.

He was completely unconvinced.

He was proficient in the Four Thunder Sword Techniques and the sword mark that he drew could only give rise to the epiphany of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques.

It was not completely impossible that Ye Ping could comprehend the Four Thunder Sword Technique.

However, he didn't believe that Ye Ping could comprehend 400 moves.

Four Thunder Sword Technique?

Daoist Siji, the best swordsman of Qingzhou, and the creator of the Four Seasons Thunder Sword Technique, only had a total of 1,460 sword moves.

Su Changyu, who had cultivated for ten years, had only comprehended 18 sword moves.

Yet, Ye Ping managed to comprehend 400 sword moves in just a day?

'Who do you think you are?'

'Do you think you're the ordinary Eldest Senior Brother?'

'Or do you think you're a Sword Dao prodigy?'

Su Changyu did not believe him at all.

However, Su Changyu soon frowned and felt that things were definitely not that simple. He thought, 'Could it be that this little Junior Brother wants to compete with me for the throne of being the best boaster in Qingyun Dao Sect?'

Ye Ping panicked a little.

He realized that Su Changyu kept looking at him without saying anything, and there was even a sneering look in his eyes.

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"Senior Brother, do you think I'm a good-for-nothing because I comprehended too little?"

"400 sword moves in a day is a lot."

"Oh, I get it. Eldest Senior Brother must have mastered at least tens of thousands of sword techniques, and theoretically speaking, even those with a low aptitude should be able to comprehend a significant number of sword moves from one sword mark."

"Ah, I'm too much of a greenhorn."

Ye Ping was rather dejected.

"Eldest Senior Brother, am I very incompetent?"

Ye Ping's voice sounded again.

Su Changyu who had been complaining finally snapped back to his senses.


'You took one day to comprehend the Four Thunder Sword Technique to the Greater Mastery realm and you're saying that you're incompetent?'

'After ten years, I still haven't completely reached the Beginner realm, shouldn't I be ashamed then?'

'Ah, Little Junior Brother, you're the one who started being pretentious first.'

'Don't blame me for shaming you then.'

Su Changyu was a little dejected as he felt that Ye Ping was being too pretentious.

After thinking about it, Su Changyu tossed a long sword.

He said, "Little Junior Brother, show me the sword moves that you have comprehended and let me see if you're talented in the Sword Dao or not."

He just did not believe it.

He did not believe that Ye Ping had really had an epiphany of 400 sword moves.

'If Ye Ping has really comprehended 400 sword moves, I'll swallow the sword on the spot, together with the scabbard.'

Ye Ping took the sword.

He felt a little embarrassed.

It felt a little awkward.

If he didn't know that Su Changyu was a peerless Sword Immortal, or so he thought, he might have dared, but after guessing that Su Changyu might be an extraordinary expert, he was too scared to show his sword moves.

Wouldn't he be making a fool out of himself?

However, after thinking about it, Ye Ping felt that it was nothing much since he had to try it sooner or later. He couldn't spend the rest of his life just having epiphanies.

Thinking about this, Ye Ping couldn't help but take a deep breath.

On the other hand, Su Changyu quietly took 20 steps back, afraid that he might be stabbed by the sword.

"Please give me your guidance, Senior Brother."

Ye Ping took a deep breath, and then drew his sword.


The sword was pulled out of its sheath.

At the next moment, Ye Ping's aura changed abruptly.

In an instant, Ye Ping collected all his thoughts, and the 400 sword moves appeared in his mind.

Not far away, Su Changyu was a little surprised. After all, Ye Ping's aura had indeed changed.

However, he still didn't believe that Ye Ping had comprehended 400 sword moves.


His sword moves appeared.

Ye Ping thrust the sword forward before beginning to practice the sword techniques that were appearing in his mind.

"Four Thunder Sword Technique?"

Su Changyu's eyes widened and he looked at Ye Ping in surprise.

After just seeing his move, Su Changyu knew that it was the Four Thunder Sword Technique.

He had been practicing the sword technique for ten years, how could he not know it?

Not far away, Ye Ping completely got into the zone after performing the first move.

He was extremely fast and skillful, at least ten times the speed of Su Changyu.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Ping had performed up to the 36th move.

Su Changyu was completely stunned.

After ten years of cultivation and training, he had only comprehended till the eighteenth move, which was the Beginner realm of the Spring Thunder Swordsmanship.

However, in the blink of an eye, Ye Ping comprehended up to the 36th move, which was an incredible feat.

However, something even more incredible happened afterwards.

Not far away, Ye Ping became faster and faster at performing his sword moves and he became increasingly ferocious too, so much that it was dazzling.

When Ye Ping performed the 108th move, the sound of thunder rose in that instant.


It was the sound of thunder.

In an instant, Su Changyu was completely astonished.

He was dumbfounded.

He stood rooted to the ground, shocked breathless.




It was thunder.

After each set of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques was practiced, the sound of thunder would follow.

If one had spiritual energy, one would be able to control thunder and make it kill the enemies. However, if one did not have Dharmic powers, they could produce the sound of thunder to enhance the might of their sword.

In order to produce thunder, one would have to at least reach the Greater Mastery realm.

Su Changyu's lifelong dream was to reach the Greater Mastery realm of the Four Thunder Sword Technique.

However, he didn't expect his little Junior Brother to achieve that in just a day.

'This is impossible!'

'This is impossible!'

'Impossible! Ah!!'

On the surface, Su Changyu seemed extremely calm but deep down, he was extremely agitated and his heart was in turmoil.

However, in just five breaths, which was a minute's time, thunder sounded again.

Su Changyu was astonished again.

It was a sign of the Greater Mastery realm of the Summer Thunder Swordsmanship.

Another five breaths later.

Thunder sounded again.

It was a sign of the Greater Mastery realm of the Autumn Thunder Swordsmanship.

At this moment, Ye Ping became much faster.

His sword techniques were like a storm, and it was the last set of the Four Thunder Sword Technique.

Winter Thunder Swordsmanship.

It was the strongest killer move.

Winter was round the corner and everything was withering.

Ye Ping had previously had an epiphany of 400 sword moves.

However, Su Changyu's sword mark now appeared in Ye Ping's mind again.

All of a sudden, 32 more sword moves appeared in his mind.

There were a total of 432 sword moves.

Ye Ping closed his eyes.

At this moment, he was moving with the sword.

The sword was ferocious.

He was incredibly fast.

He executed the last 32 strokes.


Thunder immediately sounded again.

It was deafening.

Ten meters away, a boulder that was several meters in height was directly split into four.

Su Changyu was in a daze.

He was completely shocked speechless.

It was because Ye Ping had not only reached the Greater Mastery realm but also comprehended the Four Thunder Sword Technique in an epiphany.

'He's… such a freak.'

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