4 Acknowledging A Master

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Ye Ping had already determined it.

He reckoned that he should have encountered one of those hidden sects whose members seemed ordinary and mediocre on the surface but were actually extraordinary experts.

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Those people were tired of the world as they were already at the pinnacle and there was truly nothing else that was interesting to them. Hence, their purpose of pretending to be ordinary people was all for thrill-seeking.

That was just one of his guesses and he had to carefully test if it was really the case.

However, he was certain that his Eldest Senior Brother was definitely an expert.

'If he still isn't an expert, who else would be one?'

Sensing Ye Ping's gaze, which was full of excitement that he could not hide, Su Changyu had already understood that he had succeeded in fooling him.

"Enough, Ye Ping, come to the sect with me. Don't disturb your Senior Brother when he's cultivating."

Daoist Tai Hua interjected.

Ye Ping immediately nodded and then saluted Su Changyu respectfully.

He then followed Daoist Tai Hua to the sect.

After Ye Ping left, Su Changyu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He calmed down and felt much less nervous too.

He proceeded to mutter to himself.

"There are three million Sword Immortals in the sky but they all have to bow down to you. Hehe, sounds impressive."

Su Changyu laughed, and his immortal Dao aura immediately emanated.

Ye Ping followed Daoist Tai Hua into the Qingyun Dao Sect.

The shabby door and the single joss stick in the incense emphasized how poor they were.

After seeing that, Daoist Tai Hua couldn't help but seem embarrassed.

However, when Ye Ping saw the environment in Qingyun Dao Sect, he did not show any revulsion and instead seemed delighted.

That made Daoist Tai Hua feel confused.

'How can you be happy in such a place?'

'Have you never experienced immortal cultivation before?'

Daoist Tai Hua was a bit puzzled, and he was even prepared to see Ye Ping leave immediately. However, he did not expect Ye Ping to be delighted. In this day and age, there's actually such a pure and simple-minded young immortal cultivator?

'This chap has a bright future.'

Daoist Tai Hua secretly thought to himself.

The reason for Ye Ping's joy was simple.

That was exactly the style of hidden sects that were secretly experts.

As a transmigrator, Ye Ping had read numerous online novels and he only had one word to describe sects that were secretly extraordinary.


Indeed, they were unusual.

Other sects had gilded venues and were all wishing to flaunt their wealth as much as possible. However, the hidden sects that were truly incredible preferred to keep a low profile.

The more low-key, the better; the simpler, the better, thus making others have the illusion that it was a lousy sect.

In fact, it was actually a test that the hidden sects had for their newly advanced disciples.

It was just like how in mythological stories, those immortals would use such tricks to deceive the mortals. For example, when the Goddess of Mercy brought a tattered robe in exchange for Tang Sanzang's wealth and glory. Such stories were rampant.

At this point, how could Ye Ping be unaware of that?

Hence, Ye Ping was even more certain that it was a hidden sect.

"Ye Ping, come with me."

Daoist Tai Hua instructed.

Ye Ping immediately nodded.

Immediately afterwards, he followed Daoist Tai Hua to the middle of the main hall.

Although the Qingyun Dao Sect seemed rather shabby, Ye Ping had acutely discovered the difference between it and other sects: it was clean and tidy.

Indeed, they were clean and tidy.

If it was a fallen sect, how could it be so clean?

Although it seemed to be an insignificant sect that was of a lowly status on the surface, Ye Ping could tell from that point alone that the Qingyun Dao Sect was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

Indeed, there was still something that gave it away even though they were being very secretive.

'They may be hiding it well, but it can't escape my eye.'

Ye Ping couldn't help but praise himself for his intelligence and wit.

As they stepped into the main hall, Daoist Tai Hua spoke up.

"Ye Ping, now that you have come to the Dao Sect, I have to say a few words. Don't be eager to answer. Hear what I have to say first."

Daoist Tai Hua did not call himself Ye Ping's teacher yet, in order to seem more stern.

Ye Ping looked at Daoist Tai Hua solemnly too.

"The so-called cultivation of immortality is difficult. The path of cultivation may seem to be a path of prosperity, but in fact, it is full of obstacles. Putting aside the various dangers, cultivation alone would require decades. So, if you really want to embark on this path, you have to be determined."

"Don't be overly ambitious, and you can't give up halfway because of delayed results. Without determination and perseverance, it's hard to achieve great goals. You must bear that in mind."

Daoist Tai Hua sounded inexplicably austere.

However, he said that for the sake of preparing Ye Ping mentally in advance. After all, Ye Ping's aptitude seemed insignificant. What if he could not gather the slightest amount of spiritual energy after cultivating for three to five months and decided to leave?

Hence, he had to frighten him first.

"I understand that the path of immortal cultivation is destined to be a path of loneliness. Perhaps, immortal cultivators going into seclusion is the vicissitude of life, but since I've chosen this path, I will definitely put my mind to it and not let my imagination run wild or let myself be led astray."

Ye Ping agreed with those words.

Having read so many novels, he definitely knew a thing or two about it despite lacking actual experience in immortal cultivation.

If immortal cultivation was really that easy, everyone would just become immortal cultivators.


Daoist Tai Hua nodded in satisfaction. Although Ye Ping did not have excellent aptitude, he had a good attitude and mentality.

He was unlike the previous few new disciples who wished their Qi cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds after just cultivating for a few months.

They were simply delusional.

"Since you can endure loneliness, I have nothing else to say. However, Ye Ping, I emphasize for the last time, you will not be given any salary during the cultivation internship period. You will only be given a salary after you become an official member, can you accept this?"

Daoist Tai Hua asked more seriously.

At the same time, there was a trace of nervousness in his eyes.

It was hard not to notice it but Ye Ping did not pay much attention.

"Sect Leader, rest assured, money is just a material possession. The sect is showing utmost kindness by taking me in as a disciple and teaching me about immortal cultivation. How can I have the audacity to ask for money? There's a saying that goes 'don't keep thinking about what benefits the sect can give you, instead, think about what benefits you can bring to the sect.'"

Ye Ping said passionately.

For a transmigrator, being taught immortal cultivation by someone was considered a huge favor. Money was too superficial.


Daoist Tai Hua was immediately energized after hearing those words.

Ye Ping's words had struck a chord within his heart.

'Don't keep thinking about what benefits the sect can give you, instead, think about what benefits you can bring to the sect.'

'Good, good.'

'Who said that? We're truly the same. We should have tea together when we're free.'

Daoist Tai Hua was filled with joy.

'I've found a treasure.'

However, Daoist Tai Hua soon calmed himself down and looked at Ye Ping.

He said, "In this case, I will accept you as a disciple, but for now, you are still an in-name disciple. Once you've become an official disciple, we will hold a grand ceremony where you will acknowledge me as your master."

"Thank you, Master. I will live up to your expectations."

Ye Ping excitedly bowed as soon as he heard that he had been accepted into the sect.

"In this case, I will take you to your residence. For the next few days, familiarize yourself with the environment in the sect. In a couple of days, I will ask your Eldest Senior Brother to teach you about immortal cultivation. Remember, things will backfire if you're overly eager. In cultivation, you have to take things one step at a time. Don't be too impatient, do you understand?"

Daoist Tai Hua said seriously.

"Yes! I understand."

Ye Ping nodded solemnly.

He was full of expectations for the future.

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