No Villain? No Problem! (BL) Book

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No Villain? No Problem! (BL)


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Chen Yihai is an ordinary university student: he’s deep in student debt, lives on cup ramen, and yet he still manages to spend his pitiful savings on his favorite webnovels. After tripping over his own feet one night, he wakes up to an unfamiliar world… ...Wait a minute. Isn't this—?! Male Protagonist: “You filthy villain, how dare you attempt to harm our Sect!” Chen Yihai: “Woooah, you’re just as handsome as I imagined you to be! As expected of the OP male protagonist!” [Ding!] [System 707: Welcome, host! You have been selected to become the villain of the popular stallion novel, 'Touch of Immortals'! All of your destruction flags have already been raised, so you have no choice but to continue down the BAD END route—the path of death!] Chen Yihai: “...” Chen Yihai: “...So cool!! I’m going to become the best villain ever! Death? Who cares about death? As long as I die in the protagonist’s embrace, it's like dying in the arms of an angel!” [System 707: …Host, are you okay?] --- Like what I do? Buy me a Ko-fi! I write for free, and won't be making this novel a pay-to-read. But any kind of donation would be super appreciated: ko-fi.com/xyerose Warning: This is a BL novel, meaning it will contain male x male. There will also be explicit scenes in the future. If you are not comfortable with it, please do not read. Updates: 1 chapter a week. Currently prioritizing my other BL novel, "A Touch of Irony". Once I finish that novel, I will begin to update this one more frequently. --- Cover Art: Ibuki Satsuki