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<Xia Jiayi's Pov>

With a confession, there had to be a reply, right?

The next morning, I stayed in my bed all day.

It was the weekend.

I had not gotten any sleep.

My eyes hurt from playing on my phone the whole night.

I didn't want to go see Shui Yu downstairs.


I was hungry.

'No! You can't go meet him right now! You have to hold it off for now!'

Telling this to myself didn't help because the fragrance of whatever dishes were being made permeated into my room.

Urgh, curse him for being such a good cook!

No, I had to think it over, over, and over.

I didn't know how to face Shui Yu.

If he was waiting for me to come down there, he wouldn't get his results.

No matter what, before I had a definite answer, I wouldn't see him.

I should have at least stored some snacks here.

Anyways, I was getting fat, so I should take this chance to lose some weight.

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