95 Confession

<Shui Yu's Pov>

While everyone seemed to be going through trials in their life, my life was calm.

There were no big happenings.

I would hear about the so-called "Butler Academy" that sounded like it came out from a manga, or teacher and students banding up to become a close group, or a romance with eloping included.

They sounded like stories, fantasies, not realistic.

But they still happened.

I suppose the apocalypse would also sound like a fantasy to all not in it.

Today, though, might be different.

I was to visit the children I saved from the cannibalistic group outside the base.

According to reports, they were treated well and went to school normally. Some of them even getting jobs.

But reports didn't tell everything, so I scheduled to go see them.

It did make me feel bad, how I had forgotten about them for several months.

So, I brought gifts and food.

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