No System? No Problem! (Rebellion Against the Heavenly Fate)
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No System? No Problem! (Rebellion Against the Heavenly Fate)


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What is No System? No Problem! (Rebellion Against the Heavenly Fate)

No System? No Problem! (Rebellion Against the Heavenly Fate) is a popular web novel written by the author Ierrech, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 783.2K readers with an average rating of 4.39/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 73 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Systems? Transmigrators? Gods? No problem! All will crumble under my fists! Smashing dragons, devils and heros into meat patties! Still, she has a dream - "When will I have a boyfriend...?" "If the wretched heavens are against me..." "...Then I shall BREAK the heavens!" Sam is an orphan with a dream: a simple life and happy family. Nearly talent-less (and ahem, a little slow witted...), she has only her two (overpowered) fists to rely on in a world that seems determined to make her forever-alone. Follow her story as she falls in love and learns what it means to experience loss; Shares thick and thin with the most unexpected companions; Faces betrayal by the ones she thought were the closest; And learns to open her heart again to trust. ANNOUNCEMENTS NEVER DROPPED UNTIL COMPLETED. ...but major slow down as I am focusing on Desolate Mage. Note: Romance will take time - and chapters :) Join the Discord Chat Channel! https://discord.gg/sT3TG3f BONUS CHAPTERS Updated 29/11/18 Top 100 = 1 ADDITIONAL bonus chapters! Top 50 = 5 ADDITIONAL bonus chapters!

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My shameless self plug :) Hope you enjoy my first work!! I'll be sharing more backstory and explanations of why things happen. I hope you stick around to find out more about Sam, Lucius, Pari and why they struggle and Rebel Against Fate! Comments and feedback are welcomed!


This definitely is a story worth checking out. First of all, there are almost no grammar mistakes, which for an original seems to be a hard hurdle to pass. Now, as the title suggest, the story is about an OP Main Character. Such stories can be interesting, but can also end up as only wish fulfillment. It’s really a thin thread between those two. The most important thing is to not make the mainfocus be the action, rather something different like politics or philosophy I believe though, that this will turn into one of the better OP stories, as the world is well defined, and I can see that the story has a layout and knows where to go. I personally find that the POV Changes are good, and sometimes even essential if you make a story with your own world, but as others have noted, if they are switched too often, it can be difficult to follow the story, and in the worst case make you forget who the MC actually is. A POV Change should always revolve around the MC, and should be used to further the plot in which MC is the focus. I can see it is well done here though. Lastly, we have the characters. I don’t know if that was planned or not, but the Main Character scares me. It’s good though. It’s very good, I find that interesting. However, if that is not the plan, I’d recommend to tone i think down a bit when it comes to her actions and responses. What I mean is that we have a character that is full of innocence, killing many different things and beings. It is scary for me, because it’s a character who has a lot of power, but doesn’t understand what can be done with it. To summarize, it’s a 5 star for me. It’s definetly one of the better novels around here. Anyone interested in OP Characters in a fantasy setting should check this story out. I will also continue reading it to see where it will go.


Overall, it’s quite an interesting story. At the start it might be quite confusing but as you read on you will start to straighten up the storyline by yourself. - If you switch p.o.v. could you state so. This can be quite confusing at times - Power levels are not really mentioned. - How powerful are gods? How powerful are the countries?


Here are some of my impressions of your work. * I find the writing flow quite well. There were a few spelling/grammar errors here and there, but nothing too distracting. * The POV shifts were a bit disorienting. I know that the side characters' actions will eventually affect the MC, but you should restrain yourself, don't let other characters take too much screen time. And try to limit the shifts to at most 3 per chapter. * The tone is rather inconsistent. It was somewhat serious one moment, then shifted to comedy the next, then shifted back to seriousness. The battle between the two old masters in chapter 6 and 7 is an example. Having comedy is okay, but don't overdo it. It might make the scene feel redundant and unimportant. OR, if you've aimed at comedy from the start, then it will be very hard to put in a serious scene.


I would skip the Prologue, very confusing, other than that good story. While I wish the characters were older, so I could immediately be like, "Ohhh mayor's son is hot stuff!" I don't mind. I enjoy the MC who I know will grow in power and come out of her shell.


Note: I give 5 stars despite whatever I write below. This review is given as of 7 chapters. Writing Quality 5/5: Excellent grammar, sentence structure, etc. I think this may be the first time I gave a 5/5 for writing quality on a review. Updates: Don't know. New reader. Story Development 3/5: It's not that the story isn't good. Because it is. It's just that I'm 7 chapters in and I still don't really know much of what's going on. What's the big goal?. The fight and backstory took 6 long chapters. There's just too much going on with little development. We're watching Sam. Just when I start to like her and develop a connection to the character, BAM! Now we're watching grandpa. Okay, let's follow that for a bit... oh. Now we're in a backstory. So much happening but so little being explained to the reader within that time. Character Design 4.5/5: Characters are interesting and I like them. Especially Sam and grandpa. Could be a bit more descriptive on looks. Author is really good at describing fight scenes between characters. World Background. Both 5/5 and 2.5/5: here's why. The world is interesting right from the beginning. Woah! We got magic, knights, and junk. Cool. Oh, we also have electronics such as cellphones. Oh, okay. Is it an Earth-like world? Oh, we've also got Gods and the characters are saying things that sound like Buddhist attacks to me... Yeah, I'm lost. I feel like the world has 5/5 potential. It reminds me a bit of Naruto because of the mix of tech and magic. But there's just too much going on too soon for me to absorb and process it all. Advice for author. Note: These are my biased thoughts and may not necessarily be correct. 1. Drop the multiple perspectives at least in the beginning. We need time to get acquainted with MC and her world-view first. This has an extra benefit as well. If MC watches the beginning fight, then when Gramps and the bad guy are yelling out their weird Buddhist-sounding attacks then the MC can express confusion on having no idea what the hell is happening. Then the reader isn't lost. The reader is connecting with the MC because neither MC or reader knows what's happening. Also, now there's a reason for all or at least some of whats going on to be explained to her by grandpa after the fight is over. 2. Too much introduced too soon. Magic, Buddhist sounding attacks, knights, electricity, etc. This might get resolved by just getting rid of the multiple perspectives as mentioned earlier though.


The story development is spectacular and the writing seems mature.The intro baffled me a bit but the overall description and the character development made up for that little glitch-Kudos to your first work,keep writing! -LOVE MISHAL.


You obviously have a strong sense of grammar and sentence structure. The first chapter reads like a really smart person narrating, while being as verbose as possible. I will keep in on my list, because I can see that you have quite a bit of talent. There is a fine balance between being creative with the story and being creative with the description of every detail of the setting.


Really good, I look forward to the continuation! He falls into my library without hesitation your story really deserves to be in the top 100, to all the next readers >>>>>>>>> do not stop at the prologue, it is confusing but the following is worth the detour 140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...


Cleverly written, a nice dose of comedy, an interesting cultivation System, and it's well written! The backstory is quite intriguing as well!


Not bad to give a try. Story is refreshing and original. Prologue might be confusing, but is just the prologue. Creative character build, especially the main character, Sam, not one you would expect. The plot also seems promising, hope for a good story.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


So I personally love this story although it's a bit confusing at times I think it's really well written, which is it's strong point because it feels so professional that I actually think that I'm reading a published novel. The world building is intricate and your main character is both a blend of unique and clichè! Your characters are well fleshed out and while sometimes the change of tone is slightly jarring over all it's a great novel which I will definitely follow!


Interesting story. also, use ****** names, I felt little difficulty reading/pronouncing the name dhrthrastra? or something. I like the story, keep it up and goodluck.


I always like op mc, op mc for the win; it's just that it just jumped right into action and fighting without developing the characters(but i like how you fight scenes so I'm kinda neutral on this) you need to establish more into mc and her grandfather (and why he's afraid of her) other than that it's good.I llike it.


- I like Sam as a character (She reminded me a lot of Ava in my novel.) She's unique, and distinct in her own way. Has a natural curiosity a kid her age would've thought. - The Point of Views in each chapters can be confusing. I think you need to decrease the POVs at least one per chapter. Maximum two POVs. And also, the early chapters have too many POVs, which can be a bit overwhelming. - A rule I always tell myself is that, if there are at least two important characters in one place (including MC), I will make the MC has the POV. So that, the readers would not be confused. - Other than that, A GREAT STORY! I can see where you're heading with this novel. A slow-paced flow with a fleshed-out MC, where I can connect with her. I just hope that the terms and names unique to that world is explained later on. Still, a great story worth reading. The readers may have not realized that they have grew on Sam as she becomes older, and eventually loves her as a character.


Um the first chapter Is really confusing. It's a bit hard to follow, but the flow improved as I read. The world background is good. updates is fast. Story development becomes better as you continue. The characters are cute. Lucius being my fave lol (weird?) Sam, you're too strong. Avoid hugging anyone, they might die! Lol 🤣🤣


I love the title. It's really interesting. I am not good at reviewing. So, please don't mind. At first, I found the story a bit slow....but it starts getting interesting later. The scenes are cool. The heroine is developing well. writing style is nice. I am going to read more :)


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