345 Chapter 327: Wife's Company

I started chatting with Ichika about her dreams, the talent company, and the projects she would like to do in the future.

Due to the competitiveness in the entertainment market, the scandal of her relationship with me is a death sentence for her acting career, so now we must look for options.

While we were talking, Umaru, Ina, and Medaka arrived at the building, so they met up with us.

(Author's Note: Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan)

(Author's Note: Medaka Kurokami of Medaka Box)

(Author's Note: Ina'Nis Ninomae of Hololive)

Initially, I wanted to travel calmly to reach the city at night, but Monika tipped me off about the media chaos affecting Ichika, so I tracked down my wife's location and used a spatial movement skill to appear in the office before Ichika entered.

Umaru usually doesn't want to leave the house and prefers to stay locked in her room, but she said that she doesn't want to go home for a few days since she doesn't want to be in the same place where an orgy happened, besides, a drama will likely start when I meet the orgy women and she prefers to play video games in peace.

Umaru and her two friends arrived quickly and so we met to have a quiet conversation.

"Then the quintuplets took the Terasu MC route?!" – Ina screamed with a mixture of horror and emotion when she heard about my relationship with Ichika and her sisters.

"Who?" - Ichika raised an eyebrow.

"An NTR doujin author, he has a doujin of the quintuplets with a guy who is the stereotype of an NTR villain" – Ina spoke energetically.

She is excessively shy, but she becomes overly enthusiastic when she talks about the things she likes with people she likes.

"Do you like the NTR?" – Umaru smiled mockingly.

"N-No!" – Ina blushed and waved her hands in front of her face. – "I j-just liked the drawing style of that author!"

"Yes, of course" – Umaru's smile grew.

"Hey Listen! The art of NTR doujins is superior to vanilla because sincere love is predictable shit, but the corruption of pleasure is superior! NTRgod>>Vanillazzzz!" – Navi started saying stupid things that even my dementia can't understand.

By the way, I already talked to Shiki about the phenomenon of attraction that hurts normal people who discover the supernatural world.

That phenomenon is a self-defense mechanism designed by Mumei during the War of Gods. It's to protect humans from the attacks of supernatural beings, the problem is that the current Mumei forgot how that defense system works, so I can't nullify that phenomenon.

Although the attraction phenomenon is still active, I can use [Anti-Rasen] to negate the effects, so my wives from the human society can get involved with the supernatural world without their lives being in danger.

Just in case, I prepared several defense mechanisms that will keep them safe.

Ichika smiled softly as she rested her head on my shoulder. – "Do you think our future daughters will be that energetic?"

…. Shit.

I sighed. – "Ichika, your imagination is terrifying"

If one of my daughters turns out to be as loud as Umaru, then I'll have nightmares.

But if one of my daughters is like Navi….. Oh god, my suicidal thoughts are coming back.

I sighed wearily. Life is troublesome.

Ichika smiled at my reaction.

Medaka frowned. – "You are still a student, you should not think about that kind of thing and you should just focus on enjoying your school life"

Ichika sat up straighter and smiled kindly at Medaka, though her smile held a subtle trace of mockery. – "Love is part of enjoying youth, besides, my school has no rules that prevent romance as long as it is not a teacher-student relationship"

Actually, the school used to have rules that prevented relationships between students, but the principal changed that rule when I started going to classes. A smart man.

Medaka shook her head. – "It is important to enjoy life, but everything has its time and place, it is not correct to talk about children when you are just starting your life, also, you have to carefully consider your actions, courtships during adolescence are not necessarily permanent, always you can meet new people and things like family planning at a young age can cause big emotional problems if the relationship ends"

Oh, she's matured quite a bit. How cute.

"Hey, you can't say that! You are ruining the essence of totally predictable school rom-coms!" – Umaru yelled indignantly.

Ina nodded. – "The school romance is ruined if you say it can end"

"Hey Listen! Love can go to hell, all that matters is the size of the wallet!" – Navi being the example of everything that is wrong with society…

Medaka ignored the three fools and gave Ichika a serious look.

To tell the truth, Medaka is stubborn, somewhat conceited, proud and often forces others to follow her own beliefs, but she is not a nasty idiot who seeks to indoctrinate others, it is just that she is too perfect and does not know how to deal with people.

In a certain way, she is similar to Miyu, people so perfect that they feel lonely…. Come to think of it, the two of them became friends while I was in the hot springs. I think it would have been good to leave Medaka at the inn to take care of Miyu, though Medaka insisted on staying by my side to make sure I don't do villainous things.

She's grown up, but she's still adorably innocent.

Ichika sighed softly as her smile grew kinder. She was looking at Medaka as if she was a naive girl who doesn't know the real world.

"Everything you said is true, in fact, it's excellent advice, but there are several problems with what you said" – Ichika wasn't faking her kind expression and voice, she actually felt tenderness for Medaka's perspective. – "Is there a more attractive man than Luis?"

Yes, Ichika is going to play with poor Medaka.

Medaka raised an eyebrow, then smiled cynically. – "There are many much more handsome men, there is even an unpleasant brat who is much more handsome"

Yeah, well, that brat is now in a test tube in Leylin's lab.

"I said a more attractive man, not more handsome" – Ichika shook her head and looked at Medaka with more tenderness. – "Physical appearance is important since humans are superficial creatures, but the true attractiveness of people involves personality, hobbies, tastes, knowledge, habits, beliefs and way of expressing oneself, appearance is not everything"

Medaka put her hand on her chin and began to think.

"Luis is not the most handsome man, but he has an attractive face and an athletic body… Luis is not the smartest man, but he can talk about almost any topic… Luis doesn't have the best personality, but the way he does things makes me love him every day more… I don't know if Luis is the strongest man, but I feel safe with him" – Ichika grabbed my hand happily. – "Maybe you know a more attractive man than Luis, but for me, Luis is the best man there is"

Ichika is an exceptional actress, but right now, she's being totally honest.

I am lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Medaka frowned as she thought deeply. She thought of the men from her homeworld, her classmates, her friends, she even thought of the actors and celebrities.

To tell the truth, there are countless men more handsome and charismatic than me.

Most system users tend to be disgustingly handsome since the system modifies their appearance, but my system didn't change my appearance, so I'm a bit more handsome than the average person, but I'm not a supermodel.

On the other hand, there are people like Leylin who have achieved aesthetic perfection due to continuous evolution. In this same aspect are beings like Sanguinius, a man who was born to be perfect.

There are indeed many better men than me and honestly, I do not care. I don't have an inferiority complex that makes me hate people better than me, I have more important things to do instead of hating men with better genes than me.

In the end, it doesn't matter if I'm not the most handsome, the important thing is that I know how to satisfy women, whether it's sexually or emotionally.

Medaka sighed, unable to think of a better man than me.

In general, I am as flawed as the child of a woman exposed to radiation would be, but Medaka has begun to develop feelings for me, and love clouds rationality and objectivity.

I smirked. – "So I am the best man you know?"

"..." – Medaka looked at me angrily. - "Shut up"

"I'll take it as a yes" – I shrugged.

Medaka is angrier, but she was also a bit embarrassed, although her stubborn attitude prevents her from acting like a shy girl.

She has started to develop real feelings and no longer imitates other people's behavior. It's nice to see her personal growth.

We kept joking until a nuisance came.

"Hey Listen! Dog, attack before they NTR you!" - Navi began to laugh.

The women showed confusion, only Ina could understand why Navi said that. Her abilities and her presence are being suppressed to hide her identity, but she is a Great Old One and her ability to perceive other people is good.

Ina is a kind girl, but Ghatanothoa's power allows her to sense people's evil intentions. She's not as strong a perception as Lucifer's Blessing or Auriel's Blessing, but she's useful for identifying assholes.

On the other hand, [Reader's Perspective] is still running passively so I can guess what's about to happen based on the current context.

I sighed. – "Ichika, an idiot has just arrived to cause you trouble"

Ichika raised an eyebrow but then sighed in annoyance. – "That idiot is here again…"

"Is someone bothering you?" – Medaka asked kindly, she already treats Ichika as her friend.

"That's impossible" – Umaru shook her head. – "Onii-chan would never let her waifu be harassed by another person, even if she is a beautiful lesbian"

Well, that's true. If a woman tries to harass my wives then I will kill her.

"Hey Listen! The only good lesbian is the one who moans in my partner's bed!" – Navi, by God…

The stupid conversation was interrupted when Ichika received a message on her cell phone.

Publicly, this talent company is managed by a middle-aged man whose name I already forgot, but the truth is that Ichika controls this company while that man is obedient since he is too afraid of me.

The message said that an influential person wanted to talk about a possible business relationship.

Technically Ichika didn't need to participate in that meeting, but this deal may determine the future of the company, so Ichika needs to be present to make a decision.

Hmm, something bothers me, but I don't know what it is.

I can identify the whole problem if I use the full power of [Reader's Perspective], but I'm on vacation and I don't plan to work, although I won't let someone cause trouble for my wife.

Let's see… I have an idea.

I stood up and changed my appearance to Seiji's. – "I will accompany you to the meeting, it is known that you are Luis's girlfriend and he is the right hand of the heir of the Ichijo family, so it would not be impossible to be I am here, besides, there are many harmful rumors that Seiji is an imbecile who sleeps with the wives of his subordinates"

There are too many rumors trying to damage my reputation, but I'm thankful for those rumors. Not only do they help me maintain my sadistic gangster appearance, but they also make it easier for me to approach certain women.

Ichika thought about it for a moment and frowned. – "Do you want me to pretend that I am having an affair with the Ichijo heir?"

"Auto-NTR?!" – Ina screamed in horror.

"Well, they can't make you NTR if you make yourself NTR" – Umaru had a wry smile.

"The only one who can fuck with the dog is the dog himself!" – Navi was having fun.

"..." – Medaka looked at me with disgust.

I rolled my eyes. – "No, we will make it look like Seiji is trying to seduce you, but you show discomfort since you are faithful to Luis"

Ichika held her chin. – "I see, publicly you want to make a possible enmity between Luis and Seiji"

I smiled with genuine appreciation. This intelligent woman is beautiful.

"There is a problem, Onii-chan" – Umaru frowned. – "People involved with the supernatural world know that both men are the same person so they will see your actions as something absurd, although thinking about it another way, they might think that Onii-chan's waifus do not know about the double identity so that Onii-chan's enemies will try to use this information to make the waifus hate Onii-chan for hiding the truth from them, this can be used by Onii-chan to have a justification to kill his enemies... Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?"

I smiled proudly, the brat is growing.

On the other hand, Medaka, Ichika, and Ina were looking at Umaru strangely.

"I didn't know you are a criminal mind like Ligh00, now you need to say that you are justice" – Ina had a small smile.

Medaka sighed. – "Your brother has contaminated your mind"

Umaru frowned but smiled when I stroked her head, even though her gaze was mocking. – "Sir, please don't touch me or my Onii-chan could kill you, he loves me too much~"

"Brat..." - I sighed. – "Whatever, I'm glad you're able to use your almost rotten brain"

Umaru pouted angrily.

"Anyway, that's the general idea" – I removed my hand from Umaru's head and looked at Ichika. – "This is not just to eliminate the flies that bother me, I can see that some idiots have caused you problems so I will take care of them"

Ichika smiled tenderly. – "My psychopathic husband is so cute, although I like your real appearance more"

Objectively, Luis is more handsome than Seiji, but Seiji is more attractive due to his slightly seductive but cruel attitude.

In the end, a woman in love sees her beloved as the most handsome man.

"Umaru, Ina, Medaka, you stay here" – I took out several snacks so they don't complain. – "Ichika, let's go see your guests"

"Okay" – Umaru lay down on the sofa as if it were her house and took out a video game from her inventory.

I've told her not to use the chat room skills, but the brat is still rebellious…

After I will punish her, now I am on vacation.

Ichika and I went to the meeting room where three people were.

My wife is the most important talent in this agency and the owner treats her like his own daughter, so it is not uncommon for her to participate in some important meetings as many think that she will inherit the company. Even with her reputation destroyed, she is still relevant in show business.

The two idiots who came to cause trouble were a middle-aged man and a seventeen-year-old boy.

The man owns a television station in Japan and has a great reputation in the world of entertainment. He's not an idiot who uses his power to abuse women or exploit his employees, but he's been pushing this talent company to absorb the company to get the up-and-coming talent.

That man is a nuisance to Ichika, but it's something she can fix without my help. The real problem is the boy.

There's no reaction from [Hero's Fate], I can't see any kind of special energy in his body, and I can even see all the records of him without a problem, but that just makes me annoyed.

That idiot is a returner from the future who died full of regrets and loneliness, so now he seeks to be the protagonist of his life.

Actually, he doesn't come from the future, but from an alternate timeline, so his future is not the future of the current world.

By the way, it's no use for me to go to that alternate world since alternate futures are constantly being removed to save the Energy of Destiny. Basically, the guy is the only survivor of his timeline and he doesn't know it himself.

In that sense, that boy is completely irrelevant, but several things bother me.

First, he's a good actor, but I can see his possessive lust for my wife.

That's enough for Ortro to chew the soul out of him, but there's something else.

I don't know why, but the scent of him makes me angry.

Where have I felt this aroma?

It's strange that I can't remember something...

what a nuisance

Both men smiled as Ichika entered the room, but their expressions turned stiff when they saw me.

In addition to the two idiots, the owner of the company turned pale when he saw me arrive.

A year ago, I warned that idiot that I'll rip the skin off his face if he dared to betray Ichika, but it seems the idiot wants to get plastic surgery.

This meeting is just a bluff. Secretly, he has started making deals with the businessman to transfer the contracts of the girls who have been recruited by Ichika.

Objectively, this is stupid since Luis has declared that this agency has the protection of the Ichijo family, but that is the real reason for these bad decisions. The people who support the man and the boy want to slap the prestige of the Ichijo family.

Because of this, the three men were worried.

It didn't make sense for Seiji Ichijo to be here since he's usually apathetic to things that don't involve violence or women. Even if this agency has pretty girls, they are not the type of women that would attract Seiji's attention.

I smiled while narrowing my eyes. – "Don't worry about me, I just came to see the adorable girlfriend of my assistant, you can keep talking without paying attention to me"

I patted Ichika on the shoulder. My actions weren't excessive, but Ichika showed discomfort as if she wanted to get away from me.

The businessman did not fully believe my words and now he is alert since it is possible that I know that he and his allies want to humiliate the Ichijo family.

On the other hand, the boy has the same suspicion, but he is more focused on Ichika's reaction. He wants to bring Ichika to his side, either as a helper or as a lover.

Mmmmm…ah shit, now I'm in a bad mood.

Having a normal life will be difficult...

I sat on a chair and took out my cell phone to pretend to play some stupid thing.

The agency owner, the businessman, and the boy kept talking about business, though they were careful with their words to avoid accidentally leaking information. They don't belong to the supernatural world, so they don't know the magnitude of the Ichijo family's power, they only see that family as a criminal group that only has power in this city.

Ichika pretended to be a simple girl with no experience in life, she seemed like a girl who barely understood what they were talking about.

The boy could be considered a handsome boy, besides, he was shown to be very intelligent for his age. Constantly, he was trying to look cool to get Ichika's attention.

The boy comes from a normal and irrelevant family, but the businessman values his opinion since the boy helped him form new businesses that were very successful.

The businessman thinks that the boy is a prodigy, so he is supporting him to create a business empire. On the other hand, the boy is using the businesses that succeeded in his timeline.

Even if this is an alternate world, several businesses are useful in this version of the past.

Honestly, I don't care about any of that. If I have food and shelter, I don't need more money, although some of his "ideas" may be of use to Lin Ruoxi.

As the boy plagiarized ideas to show off, Ichika made a subtle gesture with his hand under the table. She was asking me if she should be indifferent or show interest in the boy's stupidity.

On the back of the chair, I gave two light taps with my finger as if I were concentrating on the cell phone. It was the way of telling Ichika that she should feign interest.

We can use the telepathic link to talk, but using the usual tricks feels nice. I missed using mundane methods to deal with mundane problems.

While they were talking, I focused on the boy's scent.

Sweet as honey, seductive as roses, addictive as cocaine, intoxicating as tequila, with a subtle hint of innocent evil. The scent of a rookie succubus who has her first job.

On Gaia, there are several types of succubi. In general, they are not an evil species and have helped lower the rate of depression in single men, which has been very helpful in Japan, however, many groups have branded sex demons as disgusting and degenerate creatures that must be exterminated.

Some succubi and incubi devour too much vitality from people, causing death by fatigue, but most of them only absorb small portions of energy while giving happiness to lonely people.

In Japan, most cities have banned succubi and persecuted them like the plague, but for several years now, the Ichijo family's territory has declared that non-human entities are welcome as long as they sign some Contracts.

It's not uncommon to see a fledgling succubus in this town, but something is bothering me too much.

It seems that the boy was with a succubus last night, although he doesn't know that she was a succubus.

Shit, I can't recognize this smell, I just know it annoys me.

The only succubus I've met on Gaia has been the demon girl from China, Rosy.

After the Lostbelt, I lost contact with her as she was taken back to Hell (Gaia's version, not the Higher Entities organization).

I put trackers and defensive artifacts on her, so I can monitor her actions. She is fine and some stupid infidelity hasn't happened, but her father has her locked up since he is furious that she had related to humans even though she will be the tribute to the Harem Emperor.

Then I will visit the Western Hell, for now I am on vacation.

The point is that the succubus doesn't have Rosy's scent.

Ah, whatever, I'll have a Spiral Puppet follow the boy to track down and capture the succubus. I'm going to extract information from that woman's records.

The conversation concluded with the fact that the talent agency will not sell its shares to the television station, so the businessman had to leave empty-handed, at least it seems so on the surface. It's all an act to deceive the Ichijo family.

The businessman and the boy left quickly. The boy will look for a way to save Ichika to win her affection, while the businessman will alert his allies about my sudden appearance.

When they were away, I sighed and looked at the owner of the company.

"I-I'm glad to see you, Ichijo-sama" – The man forced himself not to stutter.

He is afraid of Luis because he knows that the boy is a psychopath and he is capable of murdering him without hesitation, on the other hand, Seiji is an infamous gangster in the city.

He doesn't know that Luis and Seiji are the same person, so he is more afraid of Seiji than Luis. To him, Luis is a mad dog and Seiji is a hungry white shark.

I reached out and was about to devour the man's head, but I remembered that I'm on vacation and I'm supposed to have a normal life.

I sighed. – "This idiot is preparing an agreement to sell the contracts of the women you recruited, the agreements are not complete yet, so you can fix it"

The man blanched. – "I didn't do any of that! I would never betray the Ichijo family!"

I rolled my eyes. – "But you betrayed Ichika, that's worse"

The man was shaking, but it's not my problem.

I sighed and looked at Ichika. – "Talk to Lin Ruoxi to fix this, I am on vacation"

Ichika was staring at the idiot. My pretty wife's look was not something a normal teenager should have, that murderous intent was something only a true psychopath could possess. Adorable.

"I'll take care of it, I don't need help" – Ichika was furious.

I sighed and stroked her hair. – "Mistakes help to improve, do not feel so upset because you can learn from this, also, you already have many things to do, so try to trust others a little"

"…" – Ichika sighed and closed her eyes. – "It is strange that you talk about trust"

"I know, I still can't get used to it" - I smiled slightly.

"Can we go to my house?" – Ichika sighed to calm down and headed for the door. – "Yotsuba is depressed and I want you to talk to her"

"Sure" - I smiled.

We were about to leave the meeting room, but Ichika stopped suddenly.

"You're right, I can't do it all on my own" – Ichika sighed and fingered the ring on her ring finger. – "But I can clean my trash"

I put my hand on the door and covered the room with [Anti-Rasen]. Now the sound will not leak.

The wedding ring has a small space pocket.

Most of my wives keep clothes and food, but Ichika usually keeps documents, money, jewelry, and other things that can be used in an emergency. In this case, she pulled out a gun and pointed it at the idiot.

The idiot quickly knelt. - "I'm sorry! They threatened me to help them! I swear I never wanted to betray Nakano-sama!…"

Five shots and the apologies stopped.

Ichika kept firing until the gun was empty. She even kept pulling the trigger when there were no more bullets left.

Ichika may be a manipulative sociopath, but this is the first time she's murdered someone with her own hands.

Ichika dropped the gun, fell to his knees, and vomited. For most people, committing murder is psychologically devastating, only people with mental health problems or who have received specialized training could kill for the first time without feeling disgust and regret.

Ichika finished vomiting while she looked at her own hands that wouldn't stop shaking. – "When you talk about killing, you make it sound easy…"

She was enduring the urge to cry.

I took out a tissue and bent down to wipe her mouth. – "Well, I was never normal, in fact, in my first murder I felt nothing, not even satisfaction, it was as simple as cutting a slice of ham"

"..." – Ichika took a deep breath to hold back the tears. – "I do not envy your childhood… I want to go home"

"Fine, let's go" – I smiled softly and carefully picked up Ichika like a princess.

Below me, a pool of black blood spread. Blood spread to devour the corpse and all traces of evidence.

I didn't kill the idiot so I'm still leading a normal life, I'm just cleaning up my wife's trash while she rests. Something normal.

First I sent a telepathic message to Ina to take Umaru and Medaka to the parking lot. They will accompany me to Ichika's house. Then I talked to my artificial wife. – "Monika, prepares an alibi for the disappearance of the idiot, besides, looking for a replacement…"

"No need" – Ichika was happy in my arms. – "I already have a list of producers and managers to expand the company, I can make one of the candidates take the role of director of the company"

Hmm, that could bring up other issues regarding loyalty and professionalism, but Ichika seems to have some ideas. This experience will help her be more cautious in the future.

"In any case, try to talk to Lin Ruoxi, she has experience with traitors and spies in her company" – I spoke warmly so that she would feel calmer.

For now, it's best to distract Ichika from the murder.

She knows that she doesn't need to kill to be by my side, but she doesn't want to feel distant from me.

In many things, we are too different, almost from opposite worlds.

She was born into a rich family, her mother passed away but she loved her, her father is an idiot but loves her too, her sisters are troublesome but they take care of each other, she is even lucky to have talent, beauty, wealth, and love. In every sense, she has a good life, but she is the one who makes things difficult for herself.

On the other hand, calling me homeless would be flattering. I'm not disgusted by vomit because I've eaten nastier things since childhood.

This difference in status and perspective worries Ichika, as she is a princess while I am an outcast.

Personally, I don't care about social or economic status, but she cares about the most insignificant details, although, well, that's part of her charm.

So, we all headed to Ichika's house.

Oh, I almost forgot because of how insignificant he is. I summoned a Spiral Puppet and sent it to watch over the idiot boy who wanted to seduce my wife.

Anyway, now I have to deal with the drama of the quintuplets.

Ah well, mundane and predictable problems are relaxing.

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