191 Chapter 189: Hypocrites' Mind Game

I tried my best not to yawn from boredom...

"Bastard!" – An idiot tried to hit me with a steel sword so I took a step to the right and then hit his stomach with a wooden sword making him fall to the ground from lack of air.

I don't understand strong people who enjoy bullying weak people, I'm already tired of beating up these losers for three hours...

Around me were heroes with abilities related to close combat, each and every one of them squirming on the ground like slugs that were covered with salt.

My belief is that pain helps people improve and because of that ideology is that not even my wives want to train with me with some slightly masochistic exceptions like Saeko, Sayo, or Setsuna.

Three days have passed since I became Ryou Shiramine.

During this time I have done many secret investigations regarding the resources and technology of the Northern Kingdom and the results have been satisfactory.

Although the Northern Kingdom excels in military technology such as combat robots, energy weapons, and armored vehicles, they made a huge mistake by blindly relying on magic, neglecting the development of artificial intelligence.

To protect the secrets of this nation, magical barriers and guardian spirits were used to oversee the heroes, but Paradise and the natives of this world underestimated the potential of scientific technology without magical intervention.

From the first day I arrived here Monika was able to infiltrate the computer security systems that comprise 60% of this nation's intelligence and logistics.

Although the effects of the magic prevent Monika from having control of the main weaponry, she managed to access the classified files of the Northern Kingdom with which I obtained the future military movements, the designs of the weapons offered by Paradise, and the list of heroes along with a description of their personalities, weaknesses, and skills.

Another important aspect is that when Monika came into contact with the information provided by Paraíso, she began an evolution process to abandon her structure as an artificial entity and thus become a living entity for which she has begun to generate spiritual seeds.

Now it's only a matter of time before she develops a soul naturally, though this has the problem that by having a soul, she will be able to have offspring... I don't want to think about it.

With the information obtained by Monika, I have been contacting my wives to carry out attacks on human nations through guerrilla tactics ranging from the interruption of supply chains, assassination of human generals, and stealing heavy weapons.

A pleasant surprise was that Yuriko had a great idea that she started yesterday.

In this world, there is no pyrite so my beautiful wife's idea was to make coins with the 'fool's gold'.

Since there is no method of checking the authenticity of coins in this world, coins will be exchanged for real coins, and when fake gold covers 20% of the human economy, the news that there are worthless fake coins will be spread which will severely damage the economy and cause unrest.

To make things better, the gold of this world is different from the gold of my worlds or even the gold on Gaia.

In this world, there are only 4 minerals that serve as conductors of magic and although gold is the weakest of those four minerals, it is also the most widespread mineral since even bronze swords need at least a gram of pure gold to be able to conduct magic.

I'm basically exchanging a common ore that I have two world reserves of for a magical ore that can be sold for a high price on Gaia.

God, I love that woman.

Thus, while this world is plunged into the anguish and chaos of war, I am boring myself with basic combat training.

Although it is troublesome to show my supernatural abilities, I can show my mastery in martial arts since techniques based on years of training will not raise suspicions, it will only show that I have a high talent as a hero since most heroes are totally dependent on their skills while I can fight even if I lose my skills.

The disappointing thing is that despite all my efforts I haven't had a chance to chat alone with the female puppet as she is always by the side of the idiot goddess.

"An excellent performance as always" – Diedhauser applauded admiringly as he approached me with a friendly smile.

In these three days, this idiot became my 'best friend'.

I must say that the first time I said this out loud I had to use [Anti-Rasen] to seal Ortro since she went berserk and tried to leave my body to destroy this world.

Diedhauser is a manipulative hypocrite who wears a sheep costume to trick his prey.

If it weren't for the fact that he belongs to the enemy side, we could have been friends...

In these three days my performance has been exceptional which made the goddess Vysis favor me over the other heroes, she even cheekily commented that if I can capture Fleonell, she would give me the honor of letting me accompany her one night.

Navi and BB had a fit of laughter saying that I became a cheap prostitute...

To all this, it is already known that, although I am the hero with the greatest potential and combat abilities, I have a great defect, I am a pervert.

Although this has made most of the female students avoid approaching me, some girls have started to study my behavior for opportunities to seduce me to get a strong guard dog.

So far there are only three girls who talk to me, only one of whom has no hidden agenda.

The girl I protected on the first day, Ayaka Sogou, seems to have developed a crush on me, but it's an innocent feeling that she mistakes for admiration so she hasn't declared her feelings.

She and the protagonist Touka Mimori are the only two students who speak to me normally since most of the male students have hatred and jealousy towards me.


Well, apart from the goddess Vysis making it clear that she will sleep with me if I fulfill my mission and adding the fact that Ayaka is popular with boys since she is beautiful, there are two other problems, or well, four depending on the perspective.

"Ryou-kun let's train!" – A beautiful girl with brown hair and huge breasts approached me with a cheerful attitude like a child who goes to the candy store.

I sighed internally, if only this girl didn't approach me on Diedhauser's orders then it wouldn't be a headache...

Behind the cheerful girl was a beautiful but monotonous girl with light blue hair whose breasts were also natural wonders.

Both girls are Emilia and Amelia, the disciples of Diedhauser and although they appear human, they are actually chimeras created by Paradise to be weapons that can fight alongside the heroes.

(Author's Note: Emilia and Amelia from Maou to Ore no Hangyakuki manga)

While these two girls have enormous combat potential comparable to Kaito, the price of power is that they both have short lifespans and only have four years left to live.

Sure, I can fix those genetic mistakes with my black blood, but the problem is that they both have a blind love for Diedhauser on the level of obsession.

Emilia, the blue-haired girl, is romantically in love with Diedhauser while Amelia loves him like a father.

Both of them will become my enemies when my plans are complete, but honestly, I like both girls a bit so I'm not sure about killing them yet...

I smiled wryly. – "Yesterday you broke my arm, are you going to break my legs today?"

Amalia blushed with embarrassment like a girl being scolded by a teacher.

Yesterday we had a training fight to thoroughly analyze my talent in martial arts.

Since I'm limiting my strength Amelia is much stronger than my current body, and even though I managed to overwhelm her with Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu that take advantage of the opponent's strength, Amelia got excited by the match and with body enhancement magic she broke my arm in one kick.

Emilia sighed as she patted Amelia's shoulder. – "You need to learn to control your strength, by losing control is that a rookie could easily beat you"

"I don't think I'm a rookie" - I smiled wryly.

Emilia looked at me blankly. – "A rookie who cannot use magic is a rookie"

I sighed sadly. – "It is not my fault, my skill limits me to the use of swords and I cannot use magic without a magic sword…"

This is some nonsense I made up to fool Diedhauser.

Emily sighed. – "Okay, for now, we better leave the training aside, you need a break"

Even though Emilia has a good impression of me and sees me as an ally and friend, Diedhauser instructed her to become 'close' to me, so deep down she resents me for something that is not my fault.

Diedhauser's tactics are so basic it's disappointing, but well, he sees humans as inferior and stupid creatures so it's normal to underestimate human intelligence.

In fact, Monika found evidence that the Northern Kingdom nobility is dissatisfied with the goddess Vysis and the agents of Paradise and they are developing weapons to eliminate these powerful entities, which is a complete waste of time since the body Diedhauser's current state is a puppet connected to the consciousness of an immortal entity.

I showed happiness since it is rewarding for a teenager to walk next to two beautiful women with big breasts.

So we went for a walk while the rest of the heroes continued training. This does not count as avoiding training since among all the heroes I am the only one who does training that is borderline torture which has earned me the admiration of the soldiers and the fear of the students, there are even rumors that I am secretly a masochist...

Now Navi won't stop bugging me about it.

Although it is good that I am so dedicated to training as it represents my obsession with fulfilling my role as a hero, a broken sword is useless so Diedhauser encourages me to take breaks.

As we walked, both girls asked me questions about Japan showing great interest in my words.

Amelia was genuinely interested in chatting with me since even though she is on a mission to seduce me, she has no problem with this as she accepts the idea of being my lover in order to fulfill Diedhauser's plans.

On the other hand, Emilia is a bit interested in chatting with me since I am a good conversationalist, but she remains in a state of discomfort from my subtle glances at her breasts.

If I continue to show great potential and dedication it will only be a matter of time before Diedhauser orders both girls to give me their virginities which will be a problem.

If I sleep with both girls I will have only two options, save their lives and make them part of my harem, or destroy their souls without the possibility of reincarnation...

"Wow, senpai, I can feel how sinister your thoughts are, are you going to devour the two busty girls?" – BB asked curiously.

"How do you know what I think?" I tried not to frown.

With the evolution of [Reader's Madness], my mind is a shapeless abyss so if someone tries to see my thoughts the said person's mind will be totally destroyed and become my food.

"I don't know what you think, but I can guess, remember that all Outer Gods are users of Madness and Madness is the energy most related to thoughts and emotions" - BB shrugged in my mind. – "Although your Madness is focused on the mind, reality, and corruption, my own path of Madness has its tricks~"

There are still many things I must learn from the Outer Gods...

Out of curiosity, I covered my mind with [Anti-Rasen].

"That's not fair senpai!" - BB pouted. – "I was getting excited with your depravity!"

[Anti-Rasen] can block Outer Gods, good to know.

"You and I will have a long talk about the Outer Gods" - I sighed internally, this girl will not tell me important things unless I ask her specific questions.

"Senpai wants to have a private talk with his innocent and cute kouhai?" – BB spoke with feigned shyness. – "Senpai can't wait for his kouhai to get a physical body? Oh poor me, my senpai is a pervert with #BlackMail #**** #MindBreak fetishes and other depraved genres of Hitomi.la…"


Something just rotted in my brain.

"Hey Listen! My partner doesn't need something as stupid as doujins!" – Navi joined the conversation. – "My partner is the doujin! Now go! Add loli and wincest tag to your description!"


Maybe dying at Diedhauser's hands isn't such a bad idea...

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