1 Act I

I was just your typical normal girl. I went to school, studied, had friends, and my grades were average. I wasn't a valedictorian but I was someone who tried which is the best thing I could ever wish for. Everything was fine and ordinary but I never expected to die from "The Reincarnation Truck". It never strike me that I would die young by a truck that ominously tailed me as I was walking home. I've only ever read it in a manga that explained the daily life of a Reincarnation Truck Driver but I never knew it was real. Then again, no one would ever know if something was real until there was evidence or they happened to experience it themselves. Now here I was. Everywhere around me-bright and white, a voice spoke to me. "Ey, girl. Since you died young I'll give you something nice," then there was a snap.

My eyes opened and air filled my lungs. The light was bright and my eyes stung from it. My heart, I could feel it. It's beating was real but somehow this still felt so lucid. Am I not dreaming or am I dreaming and I'm actually in a coma? A mumbling sound interrupts my jumbling thoughts and so I turn my head towards the sound but the blurring in my eyes made it so hard to see. Black and white, brown and red. "You-young lad-y," it becomes clearer I can hear it. A voice that was so soft and frantic and a different voice that was exhaling and gasping as I regained my hearing. "Call the lord and Miss!" and the red color left. Gaining consciousness I began to see that the person in front of me at this moment was no one other than a very, very beautiful lady. Is she my angel in the afterlife? I've been a totally normal and good girl when I lived so she must be an angle. "Angel, could you tell me where I'll go after I die?" I asked her, clinging to her sleeve and giving a wry smile. I probably look like a total drunkard right now but I am just so blissful that I get to go to heaven. "Miss, what are you saying you're not dead. You're alive, you're alive!" I feel her hands brush through my hair and more noises fills my surrounding.

"Oh my dear, thank you Goddess! Oh my goodness, oh." It was the voice of a woman and my consciousness was starting to get better but my heart still beats and my stomach starts to feel tingly. A bit of dread washes over me. " Why was that? My eyes are become more clear and I can see four people in a room. My room? "Madonna, how are you feeling? Are you okay?" A lady asks me. Her hair black and riddled with gray strands. Next to her was a man, perhaps her husband. His hair was also gray but it had streaks of blonde. They were both wrinkly but their face and figure was surprisingly beautiful for old people. When old people are still looking healthy is very sexy. "Madonna?" The lady repeats. My name is Madonna? My hand raises to show I was in need of a moment and my other hand comes in front of my face, index finger pointing up and touching my nose to my lips. Madonna, Madonna? Five seconds to ten seconds. Time is passing by and I am still in thought. The name was familiar and it sounded like that Otome-game I played. It was called something like uh- 'Oh! My Lady', I think. Yeah it was! So, it's those reincarnation tropes and it's real so now I'm here as the villainess who's doomed to die. My lips stretch into a smile and I stared at my father and mother who had a worried expression on their faces. "I think I'm all better now, please be at ease." I snicker to myself internally as I start to feel my calming heart starting to beat crazily again. I am excited.

"May I ask for some paper and a quill?" Denied, my body was led back onto the soft bed. "Please rest, you maids are excused. Let us leave so the lady can rest." My mom said. As I lay in bed I start to think about the game. The setting is just like the medieval times of our world with king, queens, and knights. There are five main love interest dudes for the female lead( or anyone for that matter since the twenty-first century is very inclusive nowadays) but the gender for the villainess who is the rich-arrogant daughter of the House of the Medici family doesn't change. The Medici's wealth stems from their trade business and their banks which they own. The trading business often sells silver, spices, fur, and gold to the neighboring kingdoms Aspham, Gishmund, Aralabingon, and the Great Kisan Empire. Our country of Haracley has no rulers but is governed by a few selected nobles forming an Oligarchy. My family was part of that very same group which gave us a lot of good reputation due to how we suggest our ideas. Also, we were the main money drivers for the country. No one could go against us since we were the richest and most powerful nobles of Haracley and since Madonna was the only child of this rich and powerful family it would only make sense that her family had spoiled her rotten. When she met the prince of the neighboring kingdom of Aspham it was too late for her redemption. Jealous of the poor noble lady Hena and her close relationship with prince Arham she plotted a lot of psychotic ideas such as putting needles into Hena's dress and trying to slip poison into her drink. Luckily everytime the plan was going on a male lead was there to ruin it. There was literally five of them so how would she even shake them off. Madonna was super confident that she would be able to stay innocent but in the end every single one of the princes were able to state evidence to prove her guilty of treason and sentenced her to death by multiple stabbing from the royal knights of the Great Kisan Empire. That was the true ending path and there were many, many more deaths that awaited her. Since I am Madonna Medici now I must make sure it doesn't happen to me.

'What would happen to me if I died here?'

Since I would just be in the way it would be beneficial for me and for this world if I use my past life's memory to change this place for the better. Well, lets go fake Madonna. You shall rise and become a great inheritor of the Medici family and change this world while the love interests go and kiss each other's booties! Just like the phoenix, rise! Rise and reborn!

'Hue, heh, hue!'

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